BeBe Mignon – “Doo Be Doo Ba” MV

BEBE MIGNON, I LOVE YOU. ♥ Omgah it’s been so long since we’ve heard from them! I want a comeback. ]: I STILL love every single song from their debut single and I also loved their OST track for Secret Garden. ^^ And this song is no exception! It’s so different from everything they’ve done so far as this song is lively and cute rather than an emotional ballad. They’re adorable *w*

Honestly though I feel like I only hear Ben. Lol. But then, their songs are ALWAYS like that and then some parts turn out to be Hae Geum ^^ and it turns out that they have REAAAALLY similar voices. But Ga Eul, omg… I’ve yet to hear a solo from her from ANYTHING so I don’t even know what she sounds like. ]:

I’m wondering if maybe the solo line at 1:05 is Ga Eul? :D Because at the start of the line, only Ga Eul opens her mouth and I feel like the tone of voice at that line is sliiiiightly different from Ben’s/Hae Geum’s. There’s no vibrato there either so for sure it’s not Ben. xD


August 14, 2011. BeBe Mignon.

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