120131 Strong Heart – Siwan (ZE:A) cut

I have this really gross crush on Siwan after seeing his acting in Moon that Embraces the Sun, and THE FACT THAT HE’S APPARENTLY A MODEL STUDENT AND REALLY GOOD AT STUDYING ISN’T HELPING.

I wish somebody had subbed the whole episode though. :c I wanted to see more of Lee Minho (the one in Moon/Sun; not the more well-known one of the same name) and his talk about Kim Yoojung.

Ugh. So much love for the younger cast of Moon/Sun.


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Running Man – Ep 138


C.N.Blue’s Jonghyun
Kim Woobin
Lee Jongsuk
Min Hyorin
Kim Sooro

Pretty great episode! Some intense action and competition, laughs all around, and adorable people.

Wow that they invited both Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk LOL. They’re pretty popular nowadays for starring in the drama School 2013 together and having ~*bromance*~ which they display a lot in this episode too haha. They seem like really cool people though :’D

I can see why people like their friendship so much, and I can see why they have that bromance going for them too tbh. Jongsuk is quite touchy; it was cute how he kept holding Hyorin’s hand and grabbing her arm. SO MUCH SKINSHIP.

I really liked all of the guests! All of them gave their all. Even if Jonghyun is known for being kind of weak, and Woobin was a bit of a wimp at first… in the end, they showed their strength, agility, wit, and perseverance. Jongsuk and Woobin were SO INCREDIBLE in the last flag stealing game. *A*

Kim Sooro really lives up to his title of Game Devil. I love that man.

And Min Hyorin! I honestly didn’t expect all of that out of her. I always considered her a pretty high-up well-known actress, and she looks kind of cold too.. But she ended up being so naturally cute without even trying to be cute. Unlike many other female guests that’ve been on this show, she puts herself out there. She’s chatty, she fights back, and doesn’t need rescuing. Plus, she seems down to earth. ;u;

Not to mention, I loved the comic book/high school/activity clubs concept of the episode. Really cutee.

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Dramas Update


Flower Boy Next Door wrapped up recently and I only have the last episode left, but MAN this was one good drama that I really recommend. It’s sweet and lighthearted, yet mature and sincere. There were some doubts surrounding the series at first but it really turned out to be one wonderful and well-developed drama (unless the last episode kills it idk).

Park Shinhye plays Go Dokmi, who—due to bullying and isolation in her school days—chooses to avoid social interaction and enjoys the comfort of her apartment. Bursting into her previously shut-off world is Enrique Geum, played by the adorable Yoon Siyoon, who is a bubbly game-creator. They seem to be an unlikely pair, but ultimately complete each other as they can understand each other well even if one hardly talks and the other doesn’t shut his trap.

It’s such a lovely drama and one of my favorite things about it is that you can really see the characters change before your eyes. And it’s not even a sudden “wait who is this person?” awkward kind of transition you find in most dramas; it’s very gradual and believable, and you don’t even notice how drastically they’ve changed until you think about it! With every episode, Go Dokmi comes more and more out of her shell and Enrique more true to himself.

The drama comes with a lot of side characters, and there have been complaints about them not being fleshed out or given enough spotlight.
But I think that that’s fine. There’s a lot to discover and rediscover with our main couple, as they’re discovering things about each other and themselves in the process, and the drama just wouldn’t mean as much if they didn’t spend that much time on just those two. Oh and also Jinrak. But to be honest, he wasn’t very strong competition in the love triangle.

Can I also say:
1) Donghoon is really nothing at first, but after we peel off the first layer, he becomes arguably the most endearing member of the ensemble so I’m really glad that we got to find more about him without it being too intrusive in the plot. The way they handled the unfolding of his character and his use in the story, in my opinion, was perfect.
2) Watanabe. Sigh, Watanabe. He’s so cute but he really doesn’t get ANYTHING in the story at all. It seems like he’s just there to complete the cast of “flower boys” and just decoration. But if you think about it, he’s also kind of a symbol.. of hospitality and togetherness. He’s an excuse to gather all of your characters to have happy times and conversations. Because of his cooking classes, Go Dokmi was finally really REALLY brought out of her apartment. I wish he had gotten a backstory of some sort, but that would’ve been quite a bit to process seeing as how we have so many things going on already.

In any case, I really recommend this drama. …I really should watch that last episode though. But I like the drama enough that the last episode can’t possibly ruin it for me.

That Winter the Wind Blows is a melodrama and I am surprisingly very invested in it. I’m actually liking it a lot despite the intensity of it, which is the polar opposite of what Flower Boy Next Door was.

The story tells of a blind woman Oh Young (played by Song Hye Gyo) who is the heiress to a large corporation. Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung) coincidentally has the same name as Oh Young’s brother from whom she was separated by their parents’ divorce. Oh Soo lives meaninglessly as a gambler, constantly getting into fights. On the search for Oh Young’s brother, they come across Oh Soo—who has no choice but to assume the role of Oh Young’s brother for ulterior motives. How does this new faux-sibling bond bloom into love?
(Okay I totally copied and pasted that synopsis from another blog post I wrote about this drama.)

Dayum. Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo are just smokin’. Both are attractive and strongheaded as hell, not to mention talented because they are nailing their parts. Also, I’m really loving the second leads Kim Bum and A Pink’s Eunji who are both some of my favorite celebrities (I would say actors/actresses, but Eunji needs a bit more time to really prove herself as an actress).

The acting is top notch, the cinematography is breathtaking, and the plot is engaging. Sounds like a winner to me. I’ll be in for this ride likely til the end, be it bitter or not.


The Moon that Embraces the Sun isn’t too recent a drama, but I’ve heard much about it and was in the mood for watching a sageuk (historical drama) one day. I may or may not drop it entirely after a few more episodes, depending on how frustrating it is. I heard that there’s a slight lack of plot development and that it’s really just about a king who can’t forget a girl of his past, and nothing more to it. I’m still at the point where the drama looks okay, so I don’t know yet.

I have to say though: I have never cried as hard for a drama as I did for episode 5 of Moon/Sun. I bawled like a baby because it just struck on a really bad emotional level.

So fyi if you’re not aware, the drama starts out in the past, with the main characters in their youth. The king, Lee Hwon (Kim Soohyun) was then the 15-year-old crown prince (Yeo Jingu). The shaman, Wol (Han Ga In) was then of the name Heo Yeonwoo (Kim Yoojung), the 13-year-old daughter of a noble.
Eight years later, the king and Wol reunite as adults.

CAN I ALSO SAY that watching the first 6 episodes of them in their youth was slightly painful, because even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE and prefer the younger cast (all of them. every one of them. including Yangmyeong, Yeom, and Woon).. I am really biased towards Kim Sohyun. Not to be confused with Kim Soohyun. She plays the young version of Bokyeong, and is basically the bratty villain. I feel bad for her because she was raised to be that way and her family is fucked up. BUT IT’S HARD WATCHING KIM SOHYUN PLAY THE VILLAIN when I like her so much, sob.

I have to really praise Yeo Jingu and Kim Yoojung though; they are so young yet so talented. (I would give the same praise to Kim Sohyun too if this were I Miss You because she was brilliant in that and had opportunities to show her skills -grumbles-) Especially Kim Yoojung. She was outstanding. ;u;

Also, it’s interesting how well they casted the younger and older counterparts. I was extremely impressed after the transition. Most of them FEEL LIKE THE EXACT SAME PERSON.. Older Heo Yeom gave off the exact same aura that Siwan did. (Fuck I think I have a crush on Siwan now thanks to this.) And Woon.. Are you sure Woon is a different person?! They act exactly the same! Han Ga In is also a believable older version of Kim Yoojung, which I was surprised to discover. The princess is like the same person but taller! Yangmyeong is a bit of stretch but I can defs see why they casted him.

Older Bokyeong looks nothing like Kim Sohyun lol. That’s a huge stretch. No resemblance at all, but at least their behavior is.. decently similar?? They both pull off awkward trying-too-hard-to-impress (WHICH BASICALLY SUMS UP BOKYEONG’S CHARACTER) kind of low-toned stiff voice.

But Yeo Jingu to Kim Soohyun just doesn’t work. Sorry. Really sorry.
And Yeo Jingu is such jailbait. I’m really sorry for that too.


You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin is what prompted me to start writing this post because as soon as I finished the first episode, I came and.. started this post!! :D

It’s a weekend family drama that just started airing last week, so I thought I’d check it out for its main protagonists who are played by Jo Jungseok (famous for being the endearing bodyguard in The King 2 Hearts) and the lovely idol singer IU, both of whom I really like. I don’t really have high expectations because it’s a weekend family drama which usually are more casual, not so focused on quality and cinematography, and geared towards, well.. families.

Basically, IU plays Lee Soon Shin, who has the same name as a famed admiral. She’s an aspiring actress and is TOTALLY NEGLECTED BY EVERYONE in the 1st episode, like what the FUCK. I almost teared up for her because everyone was so damn unfair. No matter what she did, she was at fault and nobody acknowledged her or her efforts and just UGH. Anyway… |D;; Jo Jungseok is Shin Junho, the president of a management agency.

I’m not so interested in the plot right now. But I read a synopsis and apparently Lee Soon Shin’s father dies and I’m just like NOOOOOO WHY DID I HAVE TO FIND THAT OUT so now you know about it too if you didn’t already and you are welcome.<3 In any case, I’m watching for the characters and just because the drama seems enjoyable/cute, and not demanding of your investment. I have a feeling I might end up dropping this if it fails to really grasp my interests.

Forgive me, but I love how much of an asshole Shin Junho is. What a jerk! .. It is fabulous and entertaining. I like seeing Jo Jungseok like this too because he surprisingly pulls off the cold and arrogant bachelor when I previously only ever saw him as the sweet, awkward, stiff, straight-laced, protective bodyguard.

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Running Man – Ep 135


Jackie Chan
Siwon (Super Junior)

Definitely a milestone episode for Running Man. Finally dreams have been fulfilled of having Jackie Chan guest on the show! And he’s absolutely perfect for the environment: genius, active, quickwitted, easygoing, strong, and hilarious. He’s seriously a living legend.

I’m not even disappointed that the actual premise of the episode was kind of boring/lacking. They basically just play games/missions and each team accumulates darts. At the end, they throw the darts and try to get it into the ~*golden*~ bullseye. If it were any other guest, it wouldn’t be too interesting an episode.

But Jackie Chan really sweeps the entire show off of its hypothetical feet, turns it upside down, and makes it fun.

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Gag Concert – Ep 660


Shin Suji, Yang Huigyeong, Nam Hyeonhui

I watched because I thought it’d be interesting to see an older lady as Junggeun’s new “girlfriend” on Discoveries in Life haha.

Overall a pretty well-rounded, good episode. None of the skits screamed DESPERATE or DRY, and I did laugh out loud several times.

Tbh, I like this line-up with Brave Guys, Four Men, Father & Son, Castle Gamsu, Best Friends, School of Mental Breakdown, Madam Jeong, Female Comedian, The Elder, [and admittedly even The Uncomfortable Truth because of Jimin and Giri’s cheesy part]. The Big Arrest I can do with or without. But if you took out Are You Afraid and put in Full House instead, it would be the perfect line-up for me!
I miss some of these segments. ;A; Come baaack!

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Movie: A Werewolf Boy

Song Joongki and Park Boyoung Wolf Boy

After seeing how perfectly matched Song Joongki and Park Boyoung were on a Running Man episode 2 years ago, I’d been wanting to see them act together—and finally A Werewolf Boy has fulfilled my wish.

Watch with English subtitles HERE or HERE.

Song Joongki – Cheolsu
Park Boyoung – Suni/Soonee (young)

The movie is framed as an elderly woman Suni returns to the cottage in which she lived during her youth, recalling her tender but painful memories from 47 years ago. The young Suni’s family had just moved into the countryside due to problems with the introverted and cold teenager’s lungs. One day, she discovers a strangely-behaving boy who seems to have been locked up for a while; he neither speaks nor shows comprehension of human language. The family decides to temporarily care for him and name him Cheolsu. Over time, Cheolsu and Suni’s presences in each other’s lives induce transformations in both of them, as Cheolsu’s manner becomes gentle and protective over his newfound “trainer” and companion Suni, whose warmth grows to replace her dissipating loneliness. However, with Cheolsu’s bestial instinct provoked by the arrogant Jitae, the son of Suni’s late father’s businesspartner, he is suddenly in danger from the town that deems him a threat and must separate from the girl with whom he’d just fallen in love.

(Note: Don’t worry about being spoiled a bit if you’ve yet to watch this movie, because seeing the visual execution and the characters before your eyes has a completely different impact. They drive the story—not a complex plotline that requires written explanation.)

This record-breaking movie was exceptionally well received, and although I was initially slightly skeptical, I now can see why.

To be honest, the storyline isn’t all that original or impressive. Most of the movie and its elements are somewhat predictable, and you can’t help but feel a slight throwback to Twilight. The cinematography especially had me doubting if the movie’s success was deserved. The beginning of the movie was where the cinematographic flaws were the most prominent: the unnecessarily unstable camera, the blinding lighting which should’ve been toned down, the white objects practically glowing and bouncing light everywhere. It really irked me. DIRECTOR, WHY…?

But the acting, character development and interactions, and work of pathos drove it all home and easily snatched all of our hearts only to crush them singlehandedly and mercilessly.

Because everyone put so much heart into their acting, you can really feel the world of the movie come alive as you develop attachments to the main couple; the innocent children; and the hardworking, open-minded, caring, sincere, understanding, and kind mother.

Song Joongki and Park Boyoung

Suni and Cheolsu’s interactions especially make the movie. So naturally did they open up to each other, learn from each other, and fall into an unspoken forbidden but pure love. And it doesn’t help that Song Joongki and Park Boyoung are so cute together, with chemistry that ropes you aboard before you even decide that you want to ship it. Joongki is handsome and charming, Park Boyoung gorgeous in her adorable way, both have great complexion and babyfaces with perfect smiles, both are sweet and intelligent people, I have crushes on both of them, and life continues to be fucking unfair.

Park Boyoung did a wonderful job as the hurt and borderline-depressed teenager turned spirited and strong, but I really must applaud Joongki the loudest. His performance in every scene and every form was OUTSTANDING, and it might’ve had a little to do with the fact that he basically had no verbal lines to memorize. You can tell he worked really hard to learn how to express his character and the movements and behaviors required. Whether like a wild wolf, a lost puppy, or lovestruck and gentle teenager—Joongki pulled it off believably. Amazing. :D

Song Joongki HOW Song Joongki

But maybe their acting is a little too good.

I was incredibly confused for the first 2/5ths of the movie BECAUSE I COULDN’T TELL THAT THE TWO PEOPLE THAT WE WERE SEEING WERE SONG JOONGKI AND PARK BOYOUNG. I have to partially blame the fact that Boyoung plays BOTH the young version of the grandmother Suni, AND the granddaughter Eunjoo. WHY, DIRECTOR . . . ?!?!

So it was like, “Wait is this Boyoung aka the main girl then? Where did the grandmother go then? Or is this the grandmother when she was young? So that means it’s not actually Boyoung?! Come to think of it, she doesn’t really look  or act like Boyoung but at times she does… They did a great job at casting a girl with great resemblance to Boyoung! Oh, so if this girl isn’t Boyoung then this boy probably isn’t Joongki. UNLESS IT IS? But then it completely doesn’t look like Joongki either… WHAT’S GOING ON?

Turns out it really was Boyoung and Joongki the entire time. =_= And Boyoung plays two roles, which is dumb.

Anyhow, it’s scary how they acted and looked differently to the point that they couldn’t be recognized. Somehow they’re both talented(?) at seeming like different people just with different angles or expressions.

It’s also the make-up, but I can’t exactly pinpoint why I think Joongki especially looks like an entirely different person for the first half of the film. His face looks so fundamentally different. Perhaps it’s also due the disappearance of his signature milky skin and eyesmile? I still don’t know!!

Song Joongki and Park Boyoung 2

At times, I was wincing and closing my eyes (ㅠㅠ.. the scary and violent parts), at times squealing enthusiastically over the adorable couple and their awkwardly sweet antics, but at the ending… tears just came out on their own. And kept flowing.

There’s something magical about this movie—and I’m not talking about the werewolf fantasy element—in the way that it invokes emotion. You will enjoy the movie, yet your inevitable hanging feeling of dissatisfaction is what makes the movie complete. And it all lingers. It’s a film that makes a strong impact.
I highly recommend A Werewolf Boy.<3

Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, this story of eternal love shows that the world does move on and change, but even so, some things don’t have to. Some things can endure and wait.

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Running Man – Ep 118


Park Boyoung
Choi Minsoo

This episode is bipolar as fuck.

Cute couple selection games with THE NATURALLY ADORABLE AND TALENTED Park Boyoung who recently starred in the movie A Werewolf Boy with Song Joongki.

And heart-stopping, horrifying Running Man hunting with hunter Choi Minsoo, who’s back for more revenge on Grasshopper Jaesuk. (Tip: don’t watch alone in the dark.)

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The Human Condition – Ep 4


Kim Junhyeon (4 Men’s fat man)
Yang Sangguk (4 Men’s unsophisticated man)
Kim Junho (King Gamsu)
Heo Gyeonghwan (4 Men’s short man; flower beggar)
Jeong Taeho (Madam Jeong; leader of Brave Guys)
Park Seongho (Gyaru-san)

Shin Bora (female vocalist from Brave Guys and Discoveries in Life)
Ailee (the PERFECT AMAZING ADORABLE idol solo vocalist)

I’m on a Gag Concert roll tonight!

This is the first time I’ve heard of this show, and the first episode I’ve watched, but it’s the last episode of the series LOL. You can basically figure everything out though:
6 comedians have been living analog lives together for a week—banned from cell phones, most technology, and the internet—and by the end of it all, they’ve become a family and have mended bonds.

I’ve been really interested lately in the comedians’ real personalities as I got to know them from their GagCon characters, so it’s nice to see them in an offstage environment—like real people, with conflicts and flaws, but it’s all still so sweet.

Aww, I love when they reference their characters though; it’s so cute. Especially Jeong Taeho’s “Hi, hello~ What’s the problem?” in his Madam Jeong voice. They’re all naturally hilarious and brilliant people.

I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be a really sentimental and heartwarming show.

Parts I was especially touched by:

  • “We have to be good to our parents. We don’t do that until they get sick.” – Kim Junho
  • When Kim Junhyeon developed his disposable camera’s pictures and ordered 6 copies of each, for each member.. ;_____; awwwwwwwww…
  • The entire ending<3

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Happy Together – Ep 280



Guests: Kim Junhyeon, Jeong Taeho, Park Seongho, Park Seonggwang, Kim Daehee
Regulars: Heo Gyeonghwan, Choi Hyojong, Kim Wonhyo, Kim Junho, Jeong Beomgyun

I really enjoy Gag Concert so it was great to see how the gagmen interact offstage and how they think up their characters and skits, etc. It’s nice to see that they get along well as friends and colleagues.

When Park Seongho (Gyaru-san) and Kim Daehee (the elderly man) traded wigs though, OH MY LORD… Also, I think it’s kind of adorable that they referred to Kim Daeseong as “Jeong Taeho’s daughter.”

Happy Together has traded a police substation for its previous sauna set, so the episode ended with each guest telling a story about someone that they want to find. One of these 5 people was actually searched out by the show’s producers and brought to the set as a surprise. It was quite a heartwarming scene. :]

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2013 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championship



  • great competitions—some more engaging/intense/interesting than others
  • it’s so great to see idols from different groups interacting :D
  • most of the participants really gave their all, which is admirable
  • pretty entertaining considering the show’s just sporting event after event
  • some parts are so unpredictable and intense that you’ll nearly want to jump out of your seat


  • it’s like 2 hours long. I don’t recommend you watch it all in 1 sitting because you’ll probably get bored even if it is decently entertaining. You’ll enjoy it more if you watch a couple parts at a time~ 8D
  • some select participants (..mostly female tbh) didn’t really try
  • in other words, the entire program is rushed and mostly abridged. Many of them don’t get the recognition/attention/screentime that they should get. A lot of parts and people are edited out.
  • they must all be tired as fuck, having to film this for 22 hours. ;n; poor bbys


  • Dongjun (ZE:A) being like a superhuman. No srsly, he’s ZE:A’s lead singer AND an incredible athlete in many events..
  • Women’s archery is EXTREEEEMLY intense and unpredictable in the final round.
  • Sohyun (4minute) pwning women’s archery.
  • Men’s archery is also pretty amazing and intense.
  • Suho (EXO-K) as Tao’s adorable proud motherly “translator”
  • Tao (EXO-M) being awkward, stiff, vampire-panda-like, but endearingly adorable…… yet becoming incredibly cool as he soars over the high jump bar.
  • Basically all of the guys’ amazing high jump performances. (some of the girls didn’t even try; I’m disappointed but Minah was great!)
  • Simon (DMTN) and Chundoong’s (MBLAQ) chicness.
  • Hyorin (SISTAR) “controlling her condition” during the relay HAHAHA!
  • Bora (SISTAR) acing everything she does and always giving her all even when she’s injured. (Her high jump method is also interesting)

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Gag Concert – Ep 680


Guest Cameos:
Lee Gwangsoo
Yoona (SNSD)

Certain parts were pretty funny (Father & Son, Dignity of a Beggar) but overall the episode was dry and confusing.. A lot of these segments were new to me—might I just mention that I really miss Brave Guys—and they obviously need a lot of work.

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Strong Heart – Ep 157

(It continues into episode 158 but I’ve yet to watch that!)

I watched this just for Kim Sohyun; she’s quickly become one of my favorite people as she’s so talented and sweet despite being only 13 years old. (She’s the child actress from I Miss You~)

Other guests include Lee Sang Yup (Secretary Park from Nice Guy) and Park Minha (6-year-old child actress).
Regulars + interns include Boom, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Rainbow’s Jisook, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, and Myname’s Insoo.

There’s a cuteness overload in this episode due to the presence of Kim Sohyun and Park Minha, who are different forms of cute, I suppose—seeing as how Kim Sohyun is twice the age of Park Minha.

This is my first time being exposed to Park Minha, and I already am loving her! ;u; Some people think she’s fake/shady, but COME ON. GIVE HER A BREAK. She’s 6 fucking years old. The things that she says might come off as fake because 1) she’s more mature than her actual age, 2) she says some pretty smart things that you might suspect to be scripted but who really knows, 3) she’s very careful about her words because SHE MIGHT BE 6 YEARS OLD BUT she has already gotten used to being a celebrity. She can already comprehend at this age that she has an audience and that she must watch her every action and word. She’s been on so many shows, has been acting, and has even been on the radio—so duh, she has experience and unexpectedly knows her stuff.
I personally think she’s brilliant. It’s surprising that she won 1000 Song Challenge because that requires having memorized the lyrics to a lot of songs, but furthermore, she sings an excerpt from Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” in this episode. OF ALL SONGS… she sings THAT song. In English. A 6-year-old Korean child actress. Wow.

Park Minha also shows her dancing (along with her two elder sisters who are also adorable, very smart and mature) and sings an old, sad Korean song to which she cries. .____. I can’t believe that she’s capable of expressing that much emotion when 6-year-olds shouldn’t even know of such deep emotions.

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I just. I’m sorry. This GIF kills me on the inside.

My bias for Henry Lau is coming back with full force.
his smile alksdfjlkjdsfljlkfewij

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[15& SOUND] I Didn’t Go to School (ft. San E)

I’ve found my new jam. I can’t explain why I love this so much but I just do—San E’s rapping and 15&’s singing are just so flawless.

For some reason, I don’t know how I feel about the fact that this is the only 15& SOUND video that’s not sung live, but instead done in a studio and then just lipsynced. It feels like it takes away from the initial premise of the 15& SOUND series which showed their flaring talent in the raw, but at the same time, it gives us a cleaner sound and something we could probably rip off the video to listen to as a mp3.

While it’s a bit awkward, I do like that both of the girls rapped a bit in this video! It’s cool to see that side of them too since they’re mostly ballad singers.

Poor Yerin though HAHAHAHA She’s so quiet, stiff, timid, and awkward. I feel like I would ttly be Yerin if I were a 15-year-old amazing and adorable vocalist. :c I FEEL YA GURL. I’m stanning this duo so hard now.

I really love the song choice though!<3 I just wish that JYP had subtitled the entire song because the lyrics are different from the original. It’s such a fun, hilarious, and easygoing song!!

English Translation:

Sch x9 I didn’t go to school! Why?

Now let me introduce myself, I’m teacher San.
I heard that one of the JYP kids didn’t go to school
I thought it was obviously the devils, JJ Project
But wait this was unexpected, it was them, 15&
Say it truthfully, if you lie you’re gonna get in trouble
Are you not going to tell Jinyoung hyung. I’m a scary rapper oppa
San E, 15& cosmic sound,
Should we start it now? If you feel it, put your hands in the

Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)
Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)
Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)
Eh Oh Eh Oh (What’s your excuse?)

What should we do, we didn’t go to school.
No, no it’s not because purposefully didn’t go. We accidentally didn’t go.
It’s true, please believe me, please just listen to me.
We didn’t do it purposefully, listen to what I have to say.

I actually did go to school
I wore my uniform and I was the first one there.
Proud of myself for coming early~ Yeah
I opened my notebook and danced~ Yeah
I actually did study
Like my singing, I was number 1 at studying, yes sir.
I was feeling good~ so I said
Yes, I’m Kpop Star’s Park Jimin.

I got praised by my teacher
So I was feeling so good, but
I heard my mom’s voice in my ears
Jimin, aren’t you going to school?
Ah~ What it was a dream?!

Sch Sch Sch Sch I didn’t go to school
Sch Sch Sch Sch I didn’t go to school
Sch Sch Sch Sch I didn’t go to school
Sch Sch Sch Sch I didn’t go to school

I have sweet Double K oppa as my morning alarm.
I’m a good kid, I was brushing my teeth and I went to go look at my face to wash my face but
Oh my god, You can see the ramen I ate last night.
The v-line is gone, my eyes are puffy, what should I do? I cry in frustration.

Yo teacher, I’ll tell you by rapping.
I have so many things to tell you that singing it won’t be enough.
I didn’t want to hear the guy that I like in my class
call me ugly so I’d rather not go!

So that’s why I didn’t go to school,
and the next day I made myself look pretty
then went to the guy but
ah~ he transferred schools!

That’s that’s that’s why you didn’t go to school? (Aigoo)
That’s that’s that’s why you didn’t go to school? (Seriously, ah~)
That’s that’s that’s why you didn’t go to school? (Wow)
That’s that’s that’s why you didn’t go to school? (Guys)

Hey guys, excuse you.
That’s an excuse? No no? Where’s good excuse?
*Lyanghyun and Lyangha’s reasons were better,
anyways I can’t just let this go
What should we do?
Uhh aegyo?
Ok well that won’t do, I better go tell Park Jinyoung-PD

Jinyoung hyung~ Yerin and Jimin~
No no no~ oppa look
1+1 is cutie,
2+2 is cutie

*Note: Lyanghyun and Lyangha is the original singers of this song

Translation: ahyeonnie

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The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 6


Finally, we’ve reached the final episode of season 2!

-takes a deep breath-

Sorry, there’s just so much to express, but I’ll keep the spoilers under the cut.

In this episode, they go on a free date (as in they can choose who to go with) and then is the Final Selection—plot twists aplenty. Prepare yourself.

I have to say though that Eunyoung is like a diamond in the rough; she has such an awesome spunky, but sincerely understanding personality that is more lovable than anything, and such a rare find. I’m really glad that she was discovered more through this show, and she really shines especially in this episode. She says and does THE MOST HILARIOUS THINGS LOL! And I may be a cynic, but I love love love love her “curses.” Eunyoung is perfect.

And so ends another season of crack/fangirl-food (whatever you wanna call it), The Romantic & Idol. Truthfully, the second season is a bit of a disaster and didn’t live up to its predecessor, season 1, at all. But hey, what’s important is that we got the chance to get to know 8 astounding people and watch their interactions as they made friendships they’re not likely to forget!


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