Strong Heart – Ep 158

This episode is a continuation of episode 157.

Guests include:
Kim Sohyun (13yo child actress from I Miss You, Moon that Embraces the Sun)
Park Minha (6yo child actress)
Lee Sangyup (Secretary Park from Nice Guy)
Hye Park (model)
+ surprise visit from Hwang Minwoo (“Little Psy” aka dancing boy in Gangnam Style)

Regulars and interns include Boom, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Rainbow’s Jisook, and ZE:A’s Kwanghee.

TOO MANY CUTE CHILDREN… SOB. AND ONE OF MY TOP GIRLCRUSHES, THE LOVELY AND TALENTED KIM SOHYUN. (In her talk, she mentions Kim Yoojung and the kiss scene with Yeo Jingu.)

It’s not too spectacular of an episode but they made it worth it for me!

There were some continuity issues with the editing though; for example, they’d show a reaction from Sohyun without the clothespin in her hair, and then right after, she’s in the background with the clothespin in her hair. =w=;; Nice try, SBS.


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120131 Strong Heart – Siwan (ZE:A) cut

I have this really gross crush on Siwan after seeing his acting in Moon that Embraces the Sun, and THE FACT THAT HE’S APPARENTLY A MODEL STUDENT AND REALLY GOOD AT STUDYING ISN’T HELPING.

I wish somebody had subbed the whole episode though. :c I wanted to see more of Lee Minho (the one in Moon/Sun; not the more well-known one of the same name) and his talk about Kim Yoojung.

Ugh. So much love for the younger cast of Moon/Sun.

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Strong Heart – Ep 157
(It continues into episode 158 but I’ve yet to watch that!)

I watched this just for Kim Sohyun; she’s quickly become one of my favorite people as she’s so talented and sweet despite being only 13 years old. (She’s the child actress from I Miss You~)

Other guests include Lee Sang Yup (Secretary Park from Nice Guy) and Park Minha (6-year-old child actress).
Regulars + interns include Boom, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Rainbow’s Jisook, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, and Myname’s Insoo.

There’s a cuteness overload in this episode due to the presence of Kim Sohyun and Park Minha, who are different forms of cute, I suppose—seeing as how Kim Sohyun is twice the age of Park Minha.

This is my first time being exposed to Park Minha, and I already am loving her! ;u; Some people think she’s fake/shady, but COME ON. GIVE HER A BREAK. She’s 6 fucking years old. The things that she says might come off as fake because 1) she’s more mature than her actual age, 2) she says some pretty smart things that you might suspect to be scripted but who really knows, 3) she’s very careful about her words because SHE MIGHT BE 6 YEARS OLD BUT she has already gotten used to being a celebrity. She can already comprehend at this age that she has an audience and that she must watch her every action and word. She’s been on so many shows, has been acting, and has even been on the radio—so duh, she has experience and unexpectedly knows her stuff.
I personally think she’s brilliant. It’s surprising that she won 1000 Song Challenge because that requires having memorized the lyrics to a lot of songs, but furthermore, she sings an excerpt from Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” in this episode. OF ALL SONGS… she sings THAT song. In English. A 6-year-old Korean child actress. Wow.

Park Minha also shows her dancing (along with her two elder sisters who are also adorable, very smart and mature) and sings an old, sad Korean song to which she cries. .____. I can’t believe that she’s capable of expressing that much emotion when 6-year-olds shouldn’t even know of such deep emotions.

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The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 6

Finally, we’ve reached the final episode of season 2!

-takes a deep breath-

Sorry, there’s just so much to express, but I’ll keep the spoilers under the cut.

In this episode, they go on a free date (as in they can choose who to go with) and then is the Final Selection—plot twists aplenty. Prepare yourself.

I have to say though that Eunyoung is like a diamond in the rough; she has such an awesome spunky, but sincerely understanding personality that is more lovable than anything, and such a rare find. I’m really glad that she was discovered more through this show, and she really shines especially in this episode. She says and does THE MOST HILARIOUS THINGS LOL! And I may be a cynic, but I love love love love her “curses.” Eunyoung is perfect.

And so ends another season of crack/fangirl-food (whatever you wanna call it), The Romantic & Idol. Truthfully, the second season is a bit of a disaster and didn’t live up to its predecessor, season 1, at all. But hey, what’s important is that we got the chance to get to know 8 astounding people and watch their interactions as they made friendships they’re not likely to forget!


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The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 5

Sorry, I was misinformed before and thought that episode 5 would be the last one, but it’s not! I’m trying to find out how many eps there are total but no results.. :c The next one is most likely the last one though.

ANYWAY, THANK YOU EPISODE 5. You are by far the best episode, in my opinion, of season 2. :D
Things in this season have been continually frustrating, disappointing, confusing, awkward or otherwise kind of boring in the negative way.

But finally this episode gives a bit more closure and truths come out!

Basically, they all go on their song shuffle dates (filming themselves and thus without any staff around) and complete another mission. Then, it’s the Midnight Truth Room where they each choose one person with whom to talk, in an isolated room for 3 minutes: they ask questions, apologize, reveal their feelings, confirm what the other person is thinking.

(The rest of this post has spoilers.)

(Stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled, silly)

DAMMIT JONGHOON FINALLY. FINALLY!!!! There’s a little hope because he FINALLY has a 2nd preference! Yeah, he’s a good guy for being committed to Yewon and not wanting to lead on other girls at first, but it’s still a dating show. You only have 4 days, hearts and minds change easily, things will shift around, and to be fair, you should open your mind a little to others too because that’s how a program like this works.

And I think Yewon fails to understand this as well—even if she’s been struggling in deciding between 2 people—because she keeps expressing her disappointment that Minhyuk isn’t committed to her. BUT THAT’S KIND OF HOW IT WORKS..?

Anyway, I’m glad that Minhyuk and Jiwon finally get time to get to know each other because I honestly found their truth room talks REALLY cute. They were tense and awkward, but that’s because you can tell they’re very wary of each other and there’s a spark of attraction that neither of them can define or deny, although they’re both still uncertain about each other. They were really sweet, and Jiwon’s totally understanding about him being confused. ;u;
(Can I just say that YESSSS FINALLY they’re going to have a date, and I’m so excited! That last bit they showed in the preview of their date, with them posing together is tooooo too too tooo too cute.)

I also have to give a hand to G.NA for being incredibly understanding, caring, and considerate (well other than her little “I wanna throw up” when her song shuffle partner was revealed HAHA THAT WAS THE BEST because she finally stood up for herself a little).

My heart goes out to Eunyoung though. I wish she could’ve gotten more chances to show her true self because she’s so dorky, hilarious, hyperactive, and cute. But in front of others, she becomes timid. Thankfully, her personality does leak out enough for the rest of the cast TO ALL TALK ABOUT HER AND IMITATE HER DURING THEIR INTERVIEWS LMAO. Definitely daebak. I love that girl.

Unfortunately, the same could go for Kevin because he didn’t get to show much of himself on this show… He has charms, but is too softspoken and timid, and in the end just became the nice best guy friend.. ;n; I’m skeptical of him having a happy ending on this show, but he seems great so I’m sure he’ll find someone just fine in his life. :)

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ZE:A5 – “She’s Gone” PV

The song didn’t capture me at once, but it’s very nice!

I now like the idea of this sub-unit because it’s easier to appreciate all of their vocals. I’m not so big on ZE:A songs, but I noticed that many of them have extremely unfair line distribution because Dongjun (0:36) gets, like 60% of the lines. SO WE ALL KNOW DONGJUN CAN SING.
Hyungsik (0:40) usually gets a pretty significant amount of singing time too but it’s still nice that he gets to shine more! Siwan (0:50) I’ve only ever known as the pretty boy actor but he sounds pretty nice too! Could work on his Japanese though. Minwoo’s (1:39) rapping part was small but good.

The one that really impressed me was Kevin (1:01) though. DAMN. I’ve never heard him sing, and I’m really pleasantly surprised by both his voice and the fact that HE GOT SO MANY LINES. Good for him!! He sounds great!

Now I understand that the PV is half behind-the-scenes…but it’s all in all very drably done LOL. Nothing special about the cinematography.. Nothing interesting done, worn, used, or shown.

As for the execution by the members themselves, some of the dramatic parts suffered from “I’M TRYING REALLY HARD TO LOOK EMOTIONAL BUT BY DOING THAT I’M GOING OVERBOARD OMG LOOK AT ME I’M IN SO MUCH PAIN.”

Also, maybe it’s just my speakers but the mix could’ve been improved too because the background vocals/harmonies sometimes were slightly distracting. ;x;

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The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 4

Jewelry – Yewon
SPICA – Jiwon
TWO X – Eunyoung
FT Island – Jonghoon
BTOB – Minhyuk
ZE:A – Kevin

How to feel about this season. It’s really more bitter than sweet.
I can see why they decided to end this one after 5 episodes rather than extending to 8 like the last season did, and now I see why it feels like everything’s being rushed. There’s so much omitted because they just don’t have time to air scenes that don’t contribute too much to the concluding suspense.

(Edit: Sorry, I was misinformed and it doesn’t end after 5 episodes after all~)

After watching this, I feel like dipping my head into water and running around screaming with a bucket over my face. WHERE IS THIS ALL GOING………. IS ANYBODY GOING TO HAVE A HAPPY ENDING AT ALL?!

I feel really bad for Eunyoung, G.NA, and Kevin though…
I think things can still look up for Eunyoung but the way she was crying but still laughing and pretending to be fine and strong is kind of heartbreaking.

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The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 3

Jewelry – Yewon
SPICA – Jiwon
TWO X – Eunyoung
FT Island – Jonghoon
BTOB – Minhyuk
ZE:A – Kevin

And this season continually proves to be frustrating.

Jonghoon’s obsession and lack of a second preference is admirable because he’s so committed, but it’s really.. unfair because the only girls aren’t getting a chance. And if things don’t work out, then game over. It makes for a boring dating show.

This episode shows the rest of the mid-round selections. It’s weird because while this season is perpetually unpredictable, it also is somewhat predictable, because EVERYONE’s got their eye on just 1 or 2 people, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to be willing to leave that circle any time soon.


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Running Man – Ep 129

CNBlue – Yonghwa + Jonghyun
Infinite – L
MBLAQ – Lee Joon
SHINee – Minho
ZE:A – Kwanghee
f(x) – Sulli

Really enjoyed this episode! I just watched the other Olympics episode from last year recently, and it’s nice to see the changes, good and bad. When the PDs called this year’s cast an “upgrade,” I was worried because of Kwanghee’s addition–and my skepticism was right: he slowed down the idol team. Jonghyun is also worrisome but idk, because of that, he’s so cute LOL. I feel like he’s similar to EXO’s Suho in that he’s like a cheery little old man HAHA! But I still loved him for how sweet and nurturing he was.

However, the rest of the idol team was incredible. Yonghwa is THE ace guest of Running Man–he kills it every single time he comes on the show.<3 Joon was a black hole last year, but he improved tremendously and did quite well in Hide & Seek! Minho is competitive and competent as ever; he’s really one of the few that pose a challenge on Jongkook. And it was such a pleasure to see L, who’s not only perfect eyecandy, but really tried his best (other than that fatal mistake) and had great reflexes.

Mostly, I’m impressed with Sulli. :D I love Eunjung but last year, she was completely useless as the team’s female member. Especially in hide & seek, she did /NOTHING/.
Sulli, on the other hand, was absolutely fearless and amazing during hide & seek! Not to mention, she’s adorable, dorky, gorgeous, perfect, etc.

  • L is REALLY unbelievably cute. ;//A//;
  • Jongkook and Minho’s intense, unpredictable sleigh race
  • Sulli’s adorable “DON’T MESS WITH ME D:<“
  • Kwanghee being scolded by Sulli in the hockey game
  • Monday Couple (Gary taking care of Jihyo really well during hockey)
  • Jonghyun’s sweet gesture in helping Sulli sit
  • Kwanghee’s walrus swimming
  • “We’re doing Running Man, but you’re doing Dream Team right now”
  • Antholes of hell in hide & seek
  • Sulli’s awesome bravery in the last round of hide & seek ;u;

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The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 2

Jewelry – Yewon
SPICA – Jiwon
TWO X – Eunyoung
FT Island – Jonghoon
BTOB – Minhyuk
ZE:A – Kevin

There is nothing about this season that isn’t awkward.
Every single one of them except for, like, Jonghoon is awkward.
But Jonghoon’s intentions and actions make things awkward.
Every coupling is awkward.
It’s hard to see any of them as an actual romantic “couple.”
Why are most of them so timid?

But all this aside, ugh I feel so bad for G.NA… and everyone else who got ditched by their dates at the aquarium.

No seriously, watch the aquarium scene—N O B O D Y was hanging out with their designated date.

I feel more chemistry between Minhyuk and N (okay gotta admit their friendship is super cute, and they individually are super cute as well) than between the couples.

Anyway, in this episode, they do a necklace shuffle and get to go on a date, with a mission that I personally think came too fast because you can tell none of them are ready for that kind of thing romantically. Which is why every pair revolved THEIR ENTIRE DATE around fulfilling this mission, and chose to make it like “acting” and “filming a pretty scene” instead of a real show of affection—except for maybe one whose hug looked surprisingly real.

Then, they go to an aquarium which was kind of pointless, because none of them stuck with “bus seat shuffle” date.
Finally, they enter the mid-round selections where each person had to film the one that they had interest in, and it’s broadcasted in front of everyone. It’s cruel LOL but Jiwon was so embarrassed it was cute.

Season 2, please please please pick it up! I cringe watching this while thinking about how nice its predecessor, season 1, was.

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Running Man – Ep 104 (registration required)

Super Junior – Eunhyuk (this boy is amazingly nimble)
MBLAQ – Lee Joon (he’s so hilarious LOL although smh at the volleyball part, aiyah)
BEAST – Doojoon (defs lives up to his name of former soccer player)
ZE:A – Siwan (he’s adorable. those dives though wtf.)
T-ara – Eunjung (seeing as how she was Jihyo’s counterpart, there were some expectations but I feel let down..)

Basically, Running Man Team and Idol Team compete against each other in faux-Olympics.
Honestly, I thought there was no way the Running Man team could fare well against the fresh-blooded, athletic, young idols. BUT OH BOY did we underestimate the Running Man cast… It’s an intense episode in the sense that the two teams are constantly at each other’s necks and the result is unpredictable.

I looove how chatty, comfortable, and active the idol team was! I felt like for a team that was thrown together for the first time (unlike RM who have been together for 2 years), they have pretty good coordination and teamwork.


  • the French introductions
  • Gwangsoo’s entrance with piano
  • Jongkook’s face during the relay
  • Joon and Siwan on the trampoline (OMGGGGGG)
  • Gwangsoo in the hurdle game
  • Siwan’s “death”
  • Joon in the box
  • Joon’s face of true fear
  • “Let me borrow 200 million won”

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We Got Married – Julien Kang, Kwanghee, and Lee Joon speaking French

(Basically Julien Kang teaches Kwanghee and Lee Joon how to say sweet, romantic nothings in French… except he really is feeding them phrases of the opposite meaning, WHICH Kwanghee then decides to use on a very confused Sunhwa.)

Alright, I haven’t been keeping up with recent We Got Married couples, and I especially knew nothing about Julien’s personality–but I am loving this troublemaking side he’s showing. Not to mention, I can speak basic French which made this all the more hilarious for me.

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The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 1

And so starts our journey with the fresh new cast! I’m glad that we’re starting to get to know all of their personalities; I’m worried because of how much I loved all of the season 1 participants, but they’re growing on me.

They go on their first dates, which are really.. really awkward. Honestly, I think they’re more awkward than the first dates of season 1. It’s interesting because while I find that S2’s cast generally has more reserved people? Yet there’s also Yewon who’s on the other end of the spectrum and is more straightforward and hyperactive than most of S1’s cast. It’s like there’s a general lacking of personality, and then there’s Yewon who’s full of personality (kind of an overdose of it). I’m feeling a little uncomfortable with the fact that S2’s participants don’t seem like people that would take the lead. IT’S ALL SO AWKWARD……

I don’t want to spoil the pairings for the first date so I can’t talk too much about the episode. Q__Q (rookiecoupleIkindoflikesofar although they’re timid and awkward)

G.NA – I REALLY hope she doesn’t end up like Seungah from S1 who was seen as the comfortable noona that isn’t considered a love interest. She has so much more aegyo than expected ahaha.
Yewon (Jewelry) – omgah qurl plz chill LOL. Although I know it’s her personality..
Jiwon (SPICA) – Some people don’t like her so far, and I’m guessing it’s because she’s kind of boring and mature/quiet. BUT I’M BIASED TOWARDS HER because I love SPICA, and I understand she’s not used to variety.
Eunyoung (TWO X) – She has a fierce image but she seems kind of cute so far ;v; Hopefully she’ll break out of that nervous newbie mold and show more of herself later.
Jonghoon (FT Island) – As expected, he’s very charming.
Kevin (ZE:A) – I expected him to be like the comic relief among the boys but there hasn’t been much of him so far.
Minhyuk (BTOB) – I.. DIDN’T KNOW HIM BEFORE but I’m starting to kind of like him. He’s such a klutz; it’s kind of cute.

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The Romantic & Idol – Ep 8

And so ends a lovely season 1 of the show that grabbed me by the heart and strapped me down for a roller coaster ride for 8 weeks. Thank you for being entertainment worth gold that kept me anticipating each week’s episode. ;v;

BUT LUCKILY, season 2 has kicked off immediately with the end of season 1, so the ride continues! Admittedly, I’m not nearly as interested in the new participants (not to mention it feels a lot more dry now that we’ve ran through all these procedures once already) but I hope I end up liking it as much as the first season.

This is definitely not the most interesting episode, because nothing develops. Almost everything has been set somewhat in stone and at this point, all of the couples and everything are predictable EXCEPT FOR THE FATE OF TWO CERTAIN PEOPLE: Seungah and JB. Is there a twist? Is there a change of heart? Is it a tragedy?

But this doesn’t mean that it’s not still an enjoyable and sweet episode. They’re now at the end of the 4-day trip to Jeju Island and must make their “final choice.” Feelings are confirmed, couples are formed, and they get to be super lovey-dovey and adorable with each other. Picturesque pairs in a picturesque setting. ^^

I really fell in love with every member of The Romantic & Idol season 1. Even Mir, who I first thought to be a thoughtless douche, turned out to be a sweet and sincere person. The entire cast got along so well and was comprised of such genuinely good-hearted, adorable, pretty-inside-and-out people.<3 I’ll miss them~

The episode ends with the introduction of the season 2 participants. I REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE THAT SOME OF THE SEASON 1 COUPLES ARE ACTUALLY GOING OUT, or at least still keep in contact. I mean, look at what Kevin says about Hyungshik LOL. Also I have a feeling maybe Mir too, since those two were adamant about keeping connected when they get back to Seoul. =u=

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The Romantic & Idol – Ep 7

DID YOU HEAR THAT? That was the sound of my heart breaking for Seungah, who’s shown that she’s the most understanding, selfless, mature, strong girl with many appeals but no guys around fitting to see this. But you really can’t expect everything to work out or magically click together perfectly, so I guess this was inevitable. I just feel terrible for her despite how strong she acts.

I must say that I love how they talk to each other about staying in contact after getting back to Seoul, or gossiping about who might date for real after the show–it just makes it all seem so real. Like we’ve been watching real friendships, bonds, and budding romances form right in front of our eyes that actually mean something to these people, rather than just something fabricated for a show. The entire cast seems to have gotten pretty tightknit through these 4 days spent together, so I hope they stay in touch afterwards. (Jihyun and Hyungshik can go get married, justsaying–)


Also, special bonus:

Hyungshik’s Christmas present ///A/// HE’S SO ADORABLE AND PERFECT. This is incredibly sweet, just like his voice. That vibrato and those runs <3

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