Strong Heart – Ep 159

Guests include:
Park Shinhye
Yoon Siyoon
Kim Jihoon
Go Kyungpyo

Woooooo, it’s the Christmas special with the Flower Boy Next Door cast! I couldn’t resist watching this one after seeing its preview at the end of episode 158 and since I loved the drama. I highly recommend the drama if you haven’t seen it already. :’D

Overall a very lighthearted episode. Kim Jihoon is teased by everyone on set, Park Shinhye shows off even more of her perfection and prowess in sports, Yoon Siyoon demonstrates that his natural personality is surprisingly very different from the talkative and jumpy Enrique, and Shinhye and Jihoon’s offscreen chemistry is awesome.


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Dramas Update


Flower Boy Next Door wrapped up recently and I only have the last episode left, but MAN this was one good drama that I really recommend. It’s sweet and lighthearted, yet mature and sincere. There were some doubts surrounding the series at first but it really turned out to be one wonderful and well-developed drama (unless the last episode kills it idk).

Park Shinhye plays Go Dokmi, who—due to bullying and isolation in her school days—chooses to avoid social interaction and enjoys the comfort of her apartment. Bursting into her previously shut-off world is Enrique Geum, played by the adorable Yoon Siyoon, who is a bubbly game-creator. They seem to be an unlikely pair, but ultimately complete each other as they can understand each other well even if one hardly talks and the other doesn’t shut his trap.

It’s such a lovely drama and one of my favorite things about it is that you can really see the characters change before your eyes. And it’s not even a sudden “wait who is this person?” awkward kind of transition you find in most dramas; it’s very gradual and believable, and you don’t even notice how drastically they’ve changed until you think about it! With every episode, Go Dokmi comes more and more out of her shell and Enrique more true to himself.

The drama comes with a lot of side characters, and there have been complaints about them not being fleshed out or given enough spotlight.
But I think that that’s fine. There’s a lot to discover and rediscover with our main couple, as they’re discovering things about each other and themselves in the process, and the drama just wouldn’t mean as much if they didn’t spend that much time on just those two. Oh and also Jinrak. But to be honest, he wasn’t very strong competition in the love triangle.

Can I also say:
1) Donghoon is really nothing at first, but after we peel off the first layer, he becomes arguably the most endearing member of the ensemble so I’m really glad that we got to find more about him without it being too intrusive in the plot. The way they handled the unfolding of his character and his use in the story, in my opinion, was perfect.
2) Watanabe. Sigh, Watanabe. He’s so cute but he really doesn’t get ANYTHING in the story at all. It seems like he’s just there to complete the cast of “flower boys” and just decoration. But if you think about it, he’s also kind of a symbol.. of hospitality and togetherness. He’s an excuse to gather all of your characters to have happy times and conversations. Because of his cooking classes, Go Dokmi was finally really REALLY brought out of her apartment. I wish he had gotten a backstory of some sort, but that would’ve been quite a bit to process seeing as how we have so many things going on already.

In any case, I really recommend this drama. …I really should watch that last episode though. But I like the drama enough that the last episode can’t possibly ruin it for me.

That Winter the Wind Blows is a melodrama and I am surprisingly very invested in it. I’m actually liking it a lot despite the intensity of it, which is the polar opposite of what Flower Boy Next Door was.

The story tells of a blind woman Oh Young (played by Song Hye Gyo) who is the heiress to a large corporation. Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung) coincidentally has the same name as Oh Young’s brother from whom she was separated by their parents’ divorce. Oh Soo lives meaninglessly as a gambler, constantly getting into fights. On the search for Oh Young’s brother, they come across Oh Soo—who has no choice but to assume the role of Oh Young’s brother for ulterior motives. How does this new faux-sibling bond bloom into love?
(Okay I totally copied and pasted that synopsis from another blog post I wrote about this drama.)

Dayum. Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo are just smokin’. Both are attractive and strongheaded as hell, not to mention talented because they are nailing their parts. Also, I’m really loving the second leads Kim Bum and A Pink’s Eunji who are both some of my favorite celebrities (I would say actors/actresses, but Eunji needs a bit more time to really prove herself as an actress).

The acting is top notch, the cinematography is breathtaking, and the plot is engaging. Sounds like a winner to me. I’ll be in for this ride likely til the end, be it bitter or not.


The Moon that Embraces the Sun isn’t too recent a drama, but I’ve heard much about it and was in the mood for watching a sageuk (historical drama) one day. I may or may not drop it entirely after a few more episodes, depending on how frustrating it is. I heard that there’s a slight lack of plot development and that it’s really just about a king who can’t forget a girl of his past, and nothing more to it. I’m still at the point where the drama looks okay, so I don’t know yet.

I have to say though: I have never cried as hard for a drama as I did for episode 5 of Moon/Sun. I bawled like a baby because it just struck on a really bad emotional level.

So fyi if you’re not aware, the drama starts out in the past, with the main characters in their youth. The king, Lee Hwon (Kim Soohyun) was then the 15-year-old crown prince (Yeo Jingu). The shaman, Wol (Han Ga In) was then of the name Heo Yeonwoo (Kim Yoojung), the 13-year-old daughter of a noble.
Eight years later, the king and Wol reunite as adults.

CAN I ALSO SAY that watching the first 6 episodes of them in their youth was slightly painful, because even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE and prefer the younger cast (all of them. every one of them. including Yangmyeong, Yeom, and Woon).. I am really biased towards Kim Sohyun. Not to be confused with Kim Soohyun. She plays the young version of Bokyeong, and is basically the bratty villain. I feel bad for her because she was raised to be that way and her family is fucked up. BUT IT’S HARD WATCHING KIM SOHYUN PLAY THE VILLAIN when I like her so much, sob.

I have to really praise Yeo Jingu and Kim Yoojung though; they are so young yet so talented. (I would give the same praise to Kim Sohyun too if this were I Miss You because she was brilliant in that and had opportunities to show her skills -grumbles-) Especially Kim Yoojung. She was outstanding. ;u;

Also, it’s interesting how well they casted the younger and older counterparts. I was extremely impressed after the transition. Most of them FEEL LIKE THE EXACT SAME PERSON.. Older Heo Yeom gave off the exact same aura that Siwan did. (Fuck I think I have a crush on Siwan now thanks to this.) And Woon.. Are you sure Woon is a different person?! They act exactly the same! Han Ga In is also a believable older version of Kim Yoojung, which I was surprised to discover. The princess is like the same person but taller! Yangmyeong is a bit of stretch but I can defs see why they casted him.

Older Bokyeong looks nothing like Kim Sohyun lol. That’s a huge stretch. No resemblance at all, but at least their behavior is.. decently similar?? They both pull off awkward trying-too-hard-to-impress (WHICH BASICALLY SUMS UP BOKYEONG’S CHARACTER) kind of low-toned stiff voice.

But Yeo Jingu to Kim Soohyun just doesn’t work. Sorry. Really sorry.
And Yeo Jingu is such jailbait. I’m really sorry for that too.


You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin is what prompted me to start writing this post because as soon as I finished the first episode, I came and.. started this post!! :D

It’s a weekend family drama that just started airing last week, so I thought I’d check it out for its main protagonists who are played by Jo Jungseok (famous for being the endearing bodyguard in The King 2 Hearts) and the lovely idol singer IU, both of whom I really like. I don’t really have high expectations because it’s a weekend family drama which usually are more casual, not so focused on quality and cinematography, and geared towards, well.. families.

Basically, IU plays Lee Soon Shin, who has the same name as a famed admiral. She’s an aspiring actress and is TOTALLY NEGLECTED BY EVERYONE in the 1st episode, like what the FUCK. I almost teared up for her because everyone was so damn unfair. No matter what she did, she was at fault and nobody acknowledged her or her efforts and just UGH. Anyway… |D;; Jo Jungseok is Shin Junho, the president of a management agency.

I’m not so interested in the plot right now. But I read a synopsis and apparently Lee Soon Shin’s father dies and I’m just like NOOOOOO WHY DID I HAVE TO FIND THAT OUT so now you know about it too if you didn’t already and you are welcome.<3 In any case, I’m watching for the characters and just because the drama seems enjoyable/cute, and not demanding of your investment. I have a feeling I might end up dropping this if it fails to really grasp my interests.

Forgive me, but I love how much of an asshole Shin Junho is. What a jerk! .. It is fabulous and entertaining. I like seeing Jo Jungseok like this too because he surprisingly pulls off the cold and arrogant bachelor when I previously only ever saw him as the sweet, awkward, stiff, straight-laced, protective bodyguard.

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Baker King Takgu

I started receiving KBS World on TV after I moved and last week, I discovered that the popular drama Baker King Takgu airs on it every Wed + Thurs, with subtitles. *_____* But even though I started on who knows what episode and I’m missing a bunch of knowledge of what’s going on, I became a big fan of the drama after the first episode I saw of it.

Today’s episode made me cry. ;w; It was so moving. <3
Takgu is the most wonderful character… ;w;

Yoon Siyoon is SUCH an amazing actor! He’s not just an adorable face. :] I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!


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T-ara & Yoon Siyoon – Mongeul Mongeul MV


The song = ADORABLE
The animals = ADORABLE
Yoon Siyoon = ADORABLEE [!! I just found out Baker King airs on my TV–and with subs–so YESSS I shall be watching that every Wed+Thurs now! :D Except I have no idea what episode I started on ^^; but anyway, Yoon Siyoon is reaallyyy cute in the drama~]
Yoon Siyoon x Jiyeon = ADORABLEEEEEEE

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100720/27 Strong Heart Ep 35 & 36

YAY! I’ve been wanting to watch this episode and I had no idea there was a team on Viikii subbing SH! :DDDDDD I’ve hit a jackpot~

Big Bang – Seungri, Taeyang
T-ara – Jiyeon [her acting relay <3 she’s sooo cute!]
Yoon Siyoon
Kan Miyeon

[;_; kinda disappointing that with every part of an episode, there are less and less subs… the last parts of each ep are essentially raw D:]

Ep 35

Part 1

Part 2 [I totally am all for Jiyeon & Yoon Siyoon LOL]

Part 3

Part 4 [where Taeyang starts talking about Yuri :3]

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Ep 36

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

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100727 Strong Heart – Mir

& Big Bang’s Seungri and Taeyang, Kan Mi Yeon [and T-ara Jiyeon and Yoon Siyoon]

Lol Mir’s reaction at Seungri and the skinship thing xD Fanboy, much?

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