Lovelyz on Knowing Bros (Ask Us Anything) Ep 34

It’s an hour and a half long, but EEEEEEEEE THIS IS MY FAVORITE EVER LOVELYZ VARIETY APPEARANCE. ♥ It’s so much fun and everyone is hilarious!

The concept is that everyone there is classmates and can speak informally to each other, regardless of age/seniority. Lovelyz and the guys go on a retreat!

I love how much freedom the informal speech gives Lovelyz to be themselves and be more fearless than ever without worrying about repercussions ;u; Everybody is merciless with each other and extremely comfortable, so there’s plenty of teasing and shameless image-ruining all around AND IT’S GREAT. Silly and feisty Lovelyz is best!

Baby Soul is usually the most stiff (debatably most boring on variety?) but she’s let go of herself a bit here and showed off some really unexpected charms LOL! She was hilarioussss. She and Soogeun made such a fantastic pair.

Tbh I was squealing with laughter over and over during this episode. So much goodness!!! I wish that they were regulars ;A; I’ll probably rewatch this sometime.

Some highlights:

  • Sujeong plays guitar and sings Super Junior’s Bonamana while Heechul dances to it!!!! My two favorite groups aaaaa
  • Yein’s touching moment reading the letter to her parents
  • Kei’s epic aegyo
  • “HA!”

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Happy Together – “Good Doctor” Handsome Guy Special

Joo Sangwook
Kim Youngkwang
Jung Manshik

Eep, had to watch this since I’ve been really into the drama Good Doctor these days.

It’s pretty entertaining, though some parts have a tint of awkward/forced behavior. Jung Manshik says some hilarious things at times haha.

It’s nice to see actors as themselves and out of character! Joo Sangwook’s real personality is so much friendlier than his character’s, and he has a great laugh that you can’t help but be attracted to. Joowon is always great, though I wish he’d been able to show more of his manly charm since that’s been shoved under the rug since Good Doctor. He’s so much more charming than a lot of people think!

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Running Man – Ep 87

Guest: Han Ga In

Okay, had to watch this episode since the guest was Han Ga In and the theme was the drama Moon that Embraces the Sun, which I’m currently loving despite its many flaws.

The premise of the game is to find the first loves!
And I kind of don’t understand.. how you can win the game if you’re not in the “first love” couple? Because if the purpose was to attain 5 nametags, then there’s no point in finding out who the first loves are. I DON’T GET IT.

But either way, I loved this episode. :D It was hilariously entertaining and really sweet and touching at parts. You don’t have to know the drama to enjoy this.

ALSO, they got kids to act as the “young version” of the RM cast and Han Ga In, which was TOOOOO TOO TOO ADORABLE. There were so many references. Mini!Gary’s “STRESS” was too cute.

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Strong Heart – Ep 159

Guests include:
Park Shinhye
Yoon Siyoon
Kim Jihoon
Go Kyungpyo

Woooooo, it’s the Christmas special with the Flower Boy Next Door cast! I couldn’t resist watching this one after seeing its preview at the end of episode 158 and since I loved the drama. I highly recommend the drama if you haven’t seen it already. :’D

Overall a very lighthearted episode. Kim Jihoon is teased by everyone on set, Park Shinhye shows off even more of her perfection and prowess in sports, Yoon Siyoon demonstrates that his natural personality is surprisingly very different from the talkative and jumpy Enrique, and Shinhye and Jihoon’s offscreen chemistry is awesome.

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Strong Heart – Ep 158

This episode is a continuation of episode 157.

Guests include:
Kim Sohyun (13yo child actress from I Miss You, Moon that Embraces the Sun)
Park Minha (6yo child actress)
Lee Sangyup (Secretary Park from Nice Guy)
Hye Park (model)
+ surprise visit from Hwang Minwoo (“Little Psy” aka dancing boy in Gangnam Style)

Regulars and interns include Boom, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Rainbow’s Jisook, and ZE:A’s Kwanghee.

TOO MANY CUTE CHILDREN… SOB. AND ONE OF MY TOP GIRLCRUSHES, THE LOVELY AND TALENTED KIM SOHYUN. (In her talk, she mentions Kim Yoojung and the kiss scene with Yeo Jingu.)

It’s not too spectacular of an episode but they made it worth it for me!

There were some continuity issues with the editing though; for example, they’d show a reaction from Sohyun without the clothespin in her hair, and then right after, she’s in the background with the clothespin in her hair. =w=;; Nice try, SBS.

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Running Man – Ep 139

Lee Yeonhee
Go Ara

I REALLY like the guests. Yeonhee and Ara are both gorgeous girls who are decently-esteemed actresses and definitely satisfy what the RM guys look forward to when there are female guests on the show. But the big difference is that instead of being a pretty decoration, THEY ACTUALLY TRY TO HELP. They were still a bit reserved and shy and are still kind of watching their images, but they ended up being more proactive than I expected them to be. And they were naturally cute at the same time! What’s not to like? 8D

Yeonhee was so great in dodgeball, Ara wasn’t afraid to be noisy and let loose, and both were rather competitive. And I swear, I was just fawning over how pretty they were the entire episode OTL.. It’s not fair HAHAHA.

About the episode though. It’s essentially a parody (kind of) of the melodrama That Winter, the Wind Blows which just ended last week. Having watched the drama myself, I enjoyed that the parody LOL. Basically, the cast first plays some games in couples and for the finale, they have to find the 2 people who are secretly “long-lost siblings that are in line for the inheritance of a large company.”

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120131 Strong Heart – Siwan (ZE:A) cut

I have this really gross crush on Siwan after seeing his acting in Moon that Embraces the Sun, and THE FACT THAT HE’S APPARENTLY A MODEL STUDENT AND REALLY GOOD AT STUDYING ISN’T HELPING.

I wish somebody had subbed the whole episode though. :c I wanted to see more of Lee Minho (the one in Moon/Sun; not the more well-known one of the same name) and his talk about Kim Yoojung.

Ugh. So much love for the younger cast of Moon/Sun.

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Running Man – Ep 138

C.N.Blue’s Jonghyun
Kim Woobin
Lee Jongsuk
Min Hyorin
Kim Sooro

Pretty great episode! Some intense action and competition, laughs all around, and adorable people.

Wow that they invited both Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk LOL. They’re pretty popular nowadays for starring in the drama School 2013 together and having ~*bromance*~ which they display a lot in this episode too haha. They seem like really cool people though :’D

I can see why people like their friendship so much, and I can see why they have that bromance going for them too tbh. Jongsuk is quite touchy; it was cute how he kept holding Hyorin’s hand and grabbing her arm. SO MUCH SKINSHIP.

I really liked all of the guests! All of them gave their all. Even if Jonghyun is known for being kind of weak, and Woobin was a bit of a wimp at first… in the end, they showed their strength, agility, wit, and perseverance. Jongsuk and Woobin were SO INCREDIBLE in the last flag stealing game. *A*

Kim Sooro really lives up to his title of Game Devil. I love that man.

And Min Hyorin! I honestly didn’t expect all of that out of her. I always considered her a pretty high-up well-known actress, and she looks kind of cold too.. But she ended up being so naturally cute without even trying to be cute. Unlike many other female guests that’ve been on this show, she puts herself out there. She’s chatty, she fights back, and doesn’t need rescuing. Plus, she seems down to earth. ;u;

Not to mention, I loved the comic book/high school/activity clubs concept of the episode. Really cutee.

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Running Man – Ep 135

Jackie Chan
Siwon (Super Junior)

Definitely a milestone episode for Running Man. Finally dreams have been fulfilled of having Jackie Chan guest on the show! And he’s absolutely perfect for the environment: genius, active, quickwitted, easygoing, strong, and hilarious. He’s seriously a living legend.

I’m not even disappointed that the actual premise of the episode was kind of boring/lacking. They basically just play games/missions and each team accumulates darts. At the end, they throw the darts and try to get it into the ~*golden*~ bullseye. If it were any other guest, it wouldn’t be too interesting an episode.

But Jackie Chan really sweeps the entire show off of its hypothetical feet, turns it upside down, and makes it fun.

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Gag Concert – Ep 660

Shin Suji, Yang Huigyeong, Nam Hyeonhui

I watched because I thought it’d be interesting to see an older lady as Junggeun’s new “girlfriend” on Discoveries in Life haha.

Overall a pretty well-rounded, good episode. None of the skits screamed DESPERATE or DRY, and I did laugh out loud several times.

Tbh, I like this line-up with Brave Guys, Four Men, Father & Son, Castle Gamsu, Best Friends, School of Mental Breakdown, Madam Jeong, Female Comedian, The Elder, [and admittedly even The Uncomfortable Truth because of Jimin and Giri’s cheesy part]. The Big Arrest I can do with or without. But if you took out Are You Afraid and put in Full House instead, it would be the perfect line-up for me!
I miss some of these segments. ;A; Come baaack!

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Running Man – Ep 118

Park Boyoung
Choi Minsoo

This episode is bipolar as fuck.

Cute couple selection games with THE NATURALLY ADORABLE AND TALENTED Park Boyoung who recently starred in the movie A Werewolf Boy with Song Joongki.

And heart-stopping, horrifying Running Man hunting with hunter Choi Minsoo, who’s back for more revenge on Grasshopper Jaesuk. (Tip: don’t watch alone in the dark.)

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Happy Together – Ep 280


Guests: Kim Junhyeon, Jeong Taeho, Park Seongho, Park Seonggwang, Kim Daehee
Regulars: Heo Gyeonghwan, Choi Hyojong, Kim Wonhyo, Kim Junho, Jeong Beomgyun

I really enjoy Gag Concert so it was great to see how the gagmen interact offstage and how they think up their characters and skits, etc. It’s nice to see that they get along well as friends and colleagues.

When Park Seongho (Gyaru-san) and Kim Daehee (the elderly man) traded wigs though, OH MY LORD… Also, I think it’s kind of adorable that they referred to Kim Daeseong as “Jeong Taeho’s daughter.”

Happy Together has traded a police substation for its previous sauna set, so the episode ended with each guest telling a story about someone that they want to find. One of these 5 people was actually searched out by the show’s producers and brought to the set as a surprise. It was quite a heartwarming scene. :]

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2013 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championship


  • great competitions—some more engaging/intense/interesting than others
  • it’s so great to see idols from different groups interacting :D
  • most of the participants really gave their all, which is admirable
  • pretty entertaining considering the show’s just sporting event after event
  • some parts are so unpredictable and intense that you’ll nearly want to jump out of your seat


  • it’s like 2 hours long. I don’t recommend you watch it all in 1 sitting because you’ll probably get bored even if it is decently entertaining. You’ll enjoy it more if you watch a couple parts at a time~ 8D
  • some select participants (..mostly female tbh) didn’t really try
  • in other words, the entire program is rushed and mostly abridged. Many of them don’t get the recognition/attention/screentime that they should get. A lot of parts and people are edited out.
  • they must all be tired as fuck, having to film this for 22 hours. ;n; poor bbys


  • Dongjun (ZE:A) being like a superhuman. No srsly, he’s ZE:A’s lead singer AND an incredible athlete in many events..
  • Women’s archery is EXTREEEEMLY intense and unpredictable in the final round.
  • Sohyun (4minute) pwning women’s archery.
  • Men’s archery is also pretty amazing and intense.
  • Suho (EXO-K) as Tao’s adorable proud motherly “translator”
  • Tao (EXO-M) being awkward, stiff, vampire-panda-like, but endearingly adorable…… yet becoming incredibly cool as he soars over the high jump bar.
  • Basically all of the guys’ amazing high jump performances. (some of the girls didn’t even try; I’m disappointed but Minah was great!)
  • Simon (DMTN) and Chundoong’s (MBLAQ) chicness.
  • Hyorin (SISTAR) “controlling her condition” during the relay HAHAHA!
  • Bora (SISTAR) acing everything she does and always giving her all even when she’s injured. (Her high jump method is also interesting)

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Gag Concert – Ep 680

Guest Cameos:
Lee Gwangsoo
Yoona (SNSD)

Certain parts were pretty funny (Father & Son, Dignity of a Beggar) but overall the episode was dry and confusing.. A lot of these segments were new to me—might I just mention that I really miss Brave Guys—and they obviously need a lot of work.

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Strong Heart – Ep 157
(It continues into episode 158 but I’ve yet to watch that!)

I watched this just for Kim Sohyun; she’s quickly become one of my favorite people as she’s so talented and sweet despite being only 13 years old. (She’s the child actress from I Miss You~)

Other guests include Lee Sang Yup (Secretary Park from Nice Guy) and Park Minha (6-year-old child actress).
Regulars + interns include Boom, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Rainbow’s Jisook, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, and Myname’s Insoo.

There’s a cuteness overload in this episode due to the presence of Kim Sohyun and Park Minha, who are different forms of cute, I suppose—seeing as how Kim Sohyun is twice the age of Park Minha.

This is my first time being exposed to Park Minha, and I already am loving her! ;u; Some people think she’s fake/shady, but COME ON. GIVE HER A BREAK. She’s 6 fucking years old. The things that she says might come off as fake because 1) she’s more mature than her actual age, 2) she says some pretty smart things that you might suspect to be scripted but who really knows, 3) she’s very careful about her words because SHE MIGHT BE 6 YEARS OLD BUT she has already gotten used to being a celebrity. She can already comprehend at this age that she has an audience and that she must watch her every action and word. She’s been on so many shows, has been acting, and has even been on the radio—so duh, she has experience and unexpectedly knows her stuff.
I personally think she’s brilliant. It’s surprising that she won 1000 Song Challenge because that requires having memorized the lyrics to a lot of songs, but furthermore, she sings an excerpt from Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” in this episode. OF ALL SONGS… she sings THAT song. In English. A 6-year-old Korean child actress. Wow.

Park Minha also shows her dancing (along with her two elder sisters who are also adorable, very smart and mature) and sings an old, sad Korean song to which she cries. .____. I can’t believe that she’s capable of expressing that much emotion when 6-year-olds shouldn’t even know of such deep emotions.

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