Henry Lau performing “Trap” on piano (130608 Sukira)

This is why this guy is my ultimate bias.


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I just. I’m sorry. This GIF kills me on the inside.

My bias for Henry Lau is coming back with full force.
his smile alksdfjlkjdsfljlkfewij

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130201 Music Bank – Super Junior-M – “Break Down”

AAAAHHHHH It’s so nice seeing them perform on a Korean music show! Honestly, it’s a bit troublesome to follow Chinese groups because they don’t have regular music shows–it’s mostly either an interview/talk/variety show (where they usually have to lipsync) or a concert (shit audio quality).

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121123 Zhou Mi and Victoria perform at Generation Show

Singing “You are a song in my heart” & “Today I will marry you”

Aw, I love both of them. BUT OMG VICTORIA SINGING.. It’s such a rare sight.

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121026 SMTown – Hope (SMTown in Tokyo)

This makes me smile so much! SMTown truly seems like a family. <3

I love intermingling between groups hehe.

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Younique Unit – “MAXSTEP” MV

(SM’s dance unit in collaboration with Hyundai)

SNSD – Hyoyeon
Super Junior – Eunhyuk
Super Junior-M – Henry
SHINee – Taemin
EXO-K – Kai
EXO-M – Luhan


Other than Kai, all of them are really underrated imo so I’m REALLY happy for them that they get to participate in a group like this and have exposure. xD Especially glad for Henry (him being my ultimate bias aside, he really doesn’t get many activities). Taemin’s not exactly “underrated” but he’s often underestimated when it comes to his talent.

It’s interesting because when I listened to the mp3, I couldn’t tell who anyone was other than Hyoyeon. But now seeing faces with the audio, the voices are suddenly so obviously distinguishable and it’s like, “OH. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN IT WAS ___ SINGING/RAPPING.”

In general, this whole thing is pretty fierce. :>

I like that they kept Hyoyeon like their secret weapon. At the end, it was “Hyoyeon and her bitches” LOL. I felt as though her entrance could have been more impactful though.

I’m really pleasantly surprised that Henry got the one belt HAHA. GOOD FOR HIM!

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110222 Strong Heart – Henry cut (eng)

Rewatching this. :> This is seriously so precious.

Today, October 11th, happens to be Henry’s birthday too. Happy birthday, Henry!! You will probably forever be my bias.

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Give Me Everything Tonight- Cover by Henry



Look at this hunk of pure talent ]’:
His singing and rapping. *A*

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111229 SBS Gayo Daejun 2011

K.Will & Tiffany (SNSD) – A Whole New World

OH. MY. GOD. <3333 This song!!
And yayy for another K.Will and Tiffany collab! K.Will has such a handsome, strong voice and he pulls anything off well. And although Tiffany has some weaker moments, I’m impressed with her ;_; <3 I love her vibrato. She’s gorgeous too~

Ga In (BEG), Sunhwa (Secret), Hyorin (SISTAR), G.NA, Jiyeon (T-ara), Fei (Miss A), HyunA (4minute) – Run the World

Oh my goshh *___* they are all so fierce.
I’m kind of unimpressed by Hyuna though ;w; she really doesn’t need to dance like that to be sexy. Ga In, Jiyeon, G.NA, and Fei were able to be sexy but still classy. I was especially wowed by Jiyeon O A O I didn’t know she had it in her. And she’s able to be sexy, but strong and yet innocent.

IU & Yoseob (BEAST) – What I Want to Do Once I Have a Lover

SOOO CUTE. Yoseob must be so happy! HAHA. They’re both naturally adorable and are both great singers.

FT Island & f(x) – Don’t Cha

“Radies let’s go!”

SNSD & Super Junior – Technologic; We Can Make the World Stop; Moves Like Jagger

They’re all so fierce <3
But this video was definitely made by awkward SeoKyu couple at the end LMAO LMAO I LOVE THEM ♥♥♥♥

2NE1 – Ugly + I Am The Best

Admittedly, I kinda don’t like that CL just shouts everything during lives, but I was pretty impressed with her singing the chorus during Ugly [: it was powerful but on pitch and full of passion. Although she skipped the “pretty”s =w= haha. They’re such good performers.

Super Junior – Mr. Simple

KYEEE thank you SBS for that awesome opening VCR segment!

C.N. Blue & Wonder Girls – Tainted Love

Somewhat an awkward collab but they’re all good. xD I’m surprised Yoobin sang. Yonghwa looked kind of afraid of them LOLLL. I think Wonder Girls pulls off rock pretty well though.

Kim Hyunjoong & After School

This is really cool, with the flashlights and choreography. *w* So many people must be envious of Hyunjoong right now lolol, almost got to kiss both Kahi and Nana.

[alternative LQ but SBS official link if embedded is deleted] 

Hip Hop Stage Part 1

Gary (Leessang), Dynamic Duo +
Taecyeon (2PM), Junhyung (BEAST), Hoya (Infinite), Mir (MBLAQ)

WOW I LOVE THIS. The hip hop stage is my second favorite of all of the gayo daejun performances this year, I think. [: There is so much passion and energy here.
First of all, I’m really happy for all the idol rappers that they got to do a stage like this. ^^
GARYY <3333 I’m used to Running Man and it’s sooo weird seeing a fierce Gary haha! LOOK AT SEOHYUN at 1:48 though lmao she’s just awkwardly clapping even though it’s a hip hop stage, and then she follows Hyoyeon and G.NA with their gestures, and she’s soo awkawrd… hahaha.

[alternative LQ but SBS official link if embedded is deleted] 

Hip Hop Stage Part 2

This part though is the shit.
Yoon Mirae aka Tasha comes out and SLAYS ALL OF THEM. GIIIIRL, I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU. Holy fudge. Yoon Mirae = all of the rest of their swag added up.
I loved her after Running Man’s hip hop special because she was really sincere and she and her husband were really cute, but I had no idea she was this badass. <3

SMTOWN – The Sound of Hanlyu

Holy fuck. This is what my life is about. Fuck. Can I just marry all of SMTown? SMTOWN ORCHESTRA IS LIKE THE BEST THING OUT OF ALL POSSIBLE BEST THINGS THAT EXIST. O A O

These 9 minutes of your life are worth it. First you’ll be impressed.. then you’ll be impressed even more.. and then even more blown away and even more and more!!! It never ends O A O They are all amazing as fuck and they just keep throwing more and more spazz-worthy awesomeness at you.
SMTown is really, truly talented… ;_____; Not only are they the best on variety and have great personalities and hearts and are all really superior-looking people, but.. talent in instruments, singing, rapping, dancing.. All that charisma and stage presence and beauty and wonder and. Wow. I’m really happy.

HENRY VIOLINNN <3 Siwon drums!! Seohyun and Ryeowook keyboard!! Sunday and Jungmo guitar!! VICTORIA’S SOLO DANCE. All of the fierce dancing! TIFFANY’S BEAUTIFUL FLUTE.
And… The Devil’s Cry…………. Taeyeon and Changmin. how. how did they do that.

Anyway, wow, watch this! They are all really talented ♥
Gayo daejuns were really boring this year, but this performance was definitely the bestttt<3 Made the gayo daejuns worth it.

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Skip Beat (Drama) – Ep 1

Credit: manto033 and SuperSmacky1315

Uhh……. so I’m watching this drama for Donghae and Siwon.
The dubbing is terrible. The quality of Donghae and Siwon’s dubbed voices don’t match the situational circumstances at all.
Some things are awkward…
Her hair after she cut it to “look like a star” looks like an animal some predator vomited up.

But I loved Skip Beat the anime ;w; and I love Super Junior. So I shall watch~


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111119 Super Show 4 Zhou Mi solo – Because of You (Kelly Clarkson)


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Happy 22nd Birthday, Henry Lau! ♥

A day late but whatever.

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Strong Heart – Ep 66 – Henry Lau


Something I watched a really long time ago [in March, I think LOL], put aside because I was too lazy to blog, and then forgot about. But I just wanted to blog it and have the link here in case I ever want to rewatch~

I don’t remember much but I remember this was hilarious. And Henry is precious.

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JoonJiyeon is one of my OTPs but I’d have to say that Henber is probably my other OTP. xD

Henry giving Amber a piggyback ride at SMTown Tokyo 110905 <3

Henry talking about Amber and Zhou Mi talking about Victoria. :D Both pairs are so compatible.

September 5, 2011. f(x), Super Junior, Super Junior-M. 3 comments.

SJM’s Henry Lau – Everytime I Close My Eyes (BabyFace)

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