Donghae, Eunhyuk, Henry, Siwon – So Cold

@ 130324 Super Junior Super Show 5

I really wish this had a studio version, because I can so see this being my jam.<3


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Two X – “Ring Marks”

The song’s from Two X’s first single, Double Up, but I just discovered it and fell in love.

To be frank, I’m not impressed by the vocals in Two X.. especially the main vocal, whose nasally/strained/slurred voice I didn’t notice until Ring Ma Bell (their MV that just came out). But the group has some of the better female rapping that I’ve seen!

And it’s not even because of bias for Eunyoung due to The Romantic & Idol. She sounds so good and from seeing her personality, I never would’ve expected her to produce that kind of voice and fierceness in rapping.

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IU – “I Don’t Like Her”

This is my first time hearing of this song, but it really caught me in its charm immediately. While the lyrics spawn from an attitude of somewhat childish jealousy, I like them because they’re quite relatable. IU’s emotional, controlled, but pure voice works perfectly<3

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Lyn ft. Hae Geum (BeBe Mignon) – Teddy Bear

Given such an innocent-sounding title–Teddy Bear–I didn’t expect the song to be this sad. The lyrics hit you a bit in the heart. ;A; Such a good song! I love the mellow feel and the piano. Lyn has such an emotional voice<3

Hae Geum’s “narration” part is entirely unnecessary, but.. xD I guess otherwise, the song would feel very repetitive and long, with nowhere to take a breath at? I’m very happy for Hae Geum though since BeBe Mignon is rather inactive as far as I know. :< It’s good exposure for her.

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Epik High – It’s Cold (춥다) Feat Lee Hi (이하이)

Loving this song so much. ♥
The more I listen to it, the more I fall into it.

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As One ft. Super Junior’s Donghae – Only U

I checked this out for Donghae, but .. as soon as the song started… I fell in love with As One. =w=

I will have this song on replay for forever ;________; It’s a really, really, really nice song. It has such a pleasant feel, coupled with As One’s sweet and soulful vocals. It’s the kind of song that relaxes you and makes you smile.

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My playlist right now:

Various AKB48 songs
Maeda Atsuko (AKB48) – Flower
After School Blue – Wonder Boy
Yuka Masaki – Last Kiss; Strawberry
All of SNSD’s “The Boys” album
All of Morning Musume’s “12, Smart” album
All of Secret’s “Love is MOVE” album
All of Kara’s “Winter Magic” mini-album
All of Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby” album

wae i’m such in a girlgroup mode these days ;w;

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tbh this is what I’ve been addicted to lately


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Secret – Neverland ; Together

Tracks I’m loving from their new Love is MOVE album.


THIS ONE. THIS. THIS SONG. I fell for it immediately. I was hella like, “Wow if this is a dance track, I want a mashup with U-Kiss’s Neverland” but it turned out to be this gorgeous and uplifting song!

Tbh I’ve been going through a Peter Pan phase ever since I rewatched the live action Peter Pan movie and I’m a huge Disney/princess/fairytale/magic freak and I DON’T EVEN KNOW. I LOVE THIS. I’ve been watching House of Mouse and loving whenever Peter Pan characters–especially Peter Pan himself–make cameos. ♥ ;w; And since the songs from Peter Pan suck, I’ve been replaying U-Kiss’s Neverland LOLL. So you can imagine how delighted I am with this song.

I’m going to cover it. =_= I don’t even care if there’s no official instrumental.


I looove when Secret does these kinds of songs <3

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Yuka Masaki ft. KG – Last Kiss

Liking this song <3

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Morning Musume – Silver no Udedokei

My favorite track off Morning Musume’s new album “12, SMART.”
I’m really surprised I actually like this album O__O For once, a H!P album with good songs..

I believe this song is Reina and Riho singing, then Risa and Aika rapping.

Reina sounds perfect for this song! I love her vibrato. Thank you for being one of the few people in H!P with vibrato!! ;w; Riho’s voice though.. does not work at all for this kind of song ;_; She can sing well but.. not this song.
And wow I actually kind of like it when H!P songs have rapping because it’s kind of rare. Like Nanchatte Renai was a good one.  Risa and Aika sound pretty good. *w*

Morning Musume – Kono Ai wo Kasanete

Another song I liked from the album! It’s very easy-going~

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JASMINE – Only You

A nice song I found today!

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Hyuna (4minute) ft G.NA & Junhyung (BEAST) – A Bitter Day

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1Sagain ft Ju Bora – Last Christmas

Wow, totally the wrong season, but

Korean version of Last Christmas with rapping! <3

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Super Junior – “Superman”

I LOVE IT. And I love the lyrics! Super Junior deserves a strong power and self-confident song like this.

“Already totally drunk on us, you’re a Superholic.”

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