Performances from MBC Gayo Daejun 2013 (that I enjoyed)

MBC’s was definitely my favorite gayo daejun this year.

B1A4 – What’s Going On? (Band ver)

SNSD/Girls’ Generation – Dance Intro + I Got a Boy
THAT.. DANCE…… they’re so fierce dayum. SOOYOUNG DAYUM.

A Pink & B1A4 – Love Song Medley

Miss A – Hush


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Gag Concert – Ep 680

Guest Cameos:
Lee Gwangsoo
Yoona (SNSD)

Certain parts were pretty funny (Father & Son, Dignity of a Beggar) but overall the episode was dry and confusing.. A lot of these segments were new to me—might I just mention that I really miss Brave Guys—and they obviously need a lot of work.

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Gag Concert – Ep 646

Guest Cameos:
Girl’s Day
Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo
Kim Yoojung (child actress)

While I never feel that any episode is extraordinarily spectacular, every episode of Gag Concert is still pretty damn entertaining and I wasn’t let down by this episode.

For some reason, while they were kind of stupid, the Father and Son (appa wa.. AH DEUL!!!) jokes had me cracking up.

I like Kim Yoojung but I haven’t really seen much of her acting.. While she seemed so serious, I think she’s really good LOL. She doesn’t look like much of a joker, but she played her part well.

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Radio Star – Ep 312 (SNSD)

Credit: soshisubs

Guests: All 9 members of SNSD (Sooyoung leaves midway for another broadcast)

DEFINITELY a must-watch if you like SNSD. This show had me grinning the entire time and sometimes laughing out loud like a hyena because both the girls and the MCs are so hilarious and likable. Not to mention, Kyuhyun from SuJu is one of the MCs so there’s a lot of teasing back and forth between the SMTown-mates and they have dirt to spill on each other. Some parts were awkward, but I can’t blame them since it’s a talk show and you can’t always be hilarious or sentimental. My only complaint is that some of the members didn’t talk much/didn’t have much spotlight.

But oh man, the way they tried to pair up Kyuhyun and Seohyun, the awkward maknaes, was gold…

I love these girls though. :> They have some of the best personalities in the industry.

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Gag Concert EP 680 – Yoona Cut [2013.01.13]

Credit: ssfsubs9

Oh man, I love Gag Concert even though some of its jokes are lame.

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SNSD – “I Got a Boy” MV

I’m linking an English subbed version and not the official SMTOWN-uploaded MV because THE SUBS ACTUALLY MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

I used to be really confused by the song, because it lacks flow. Not only do different parts of the song sound like different songs entirely, but some of the transitions were weak as they consisted of just a speaking part? But understanding the lyrics really opens up an entire world!!

It seems like they kind of mock themselves as at first they play the gossiping girls that sassily comment on how a girl has changed, probably because of a boy? And then they find themselves in the shoes of this girl, boasting about how she’s GOT A BOY MEOTJIN she’s GOT A BOY CHAKHAN but still shows insecurities in not wanting this boy to be put off by her flaws.
The part that still kind of confuses me is the bridge, with Tiffany and Taeyeon at the mics–but I’m guessing that they’re kind of showing the dark side of their relationship where she’s now upset at him. But they don’t give up on the relationship, “bring it back to the 140,” and go back to being loving and proud? LOL

The dancing is powerful and they all sound really great! I kind of like that they get to show off their hip-hop rapping side, as well as their cute side, and ballad’ish vocals. Although that leads to the clash that surmises 90% of the complaints about this song.

I guess it’s sad because when a song comes out with a stereotypical format and concept, that seems one-dimensional, people complain that the song’s too generic and predictable.

But now here’s a song that’s unique, and there are still complaints.

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SNSD – All I Want for Christmas is You

This was for their SNSD’s Fairytale Christmas special last year, but revisiting it, I’m just as impressed as I was before!

I love hearing ALL of them having singing solos. <3 They sound great!

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120501 SNSD’s Sunny – “Fly Fly Away” in Catch Me If You Can

The start is a bit rocky, but by the middle, you think, “WOW her vocals are surprisingly strong!” and then by the end, it’s just “ALSDKFJISFJSLKFJSLK SUNNYYYY QAAAQ”

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SNSD – “Dancing Queen” MV


I actually really quite like this, and it’s fascinating to think that they recorded all of this 4 years ago–perhaps with the idea of releasing it much much later as a time machine concept in mind? Or perhaps they just decided it would be bad timing to release it, and kept it all this time.

Did Gee have a follow-up song/repackage? Because if not, it’s possible that this was intended to be their follow-up, except Gee was such a sensation that they decided to go with it until they accumulated 9 wins and then stopped promoting?

Anyway, they sound really good! I like that this song actually kind of shows their vocals. SEOHYUN IN THAT CHORUS THOUGH, DAYUM.

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090625 Lalala: SNSD – Sorry Sorry (Super Junior)

Rewatching this old video, but it’s still sooo goooodddd. They sound great!

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121026 SMTown – Hope (SMTown in Tokyo)

This makes me smile so much! SMTown truly seems like a family. <3

I love intermingling between groups hehe.

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Younique Unit – “MAXSTEP” MV

(SM’s dance unit in collaboration with Hyundai)

SNSD – Hyoyeon
Super Junior – Eunhyuk
Super Junior-M – Henry
SHINee – Taemin
EXO-K – Kai
EXO-M – Luhan


Other than Kai, all of them are really underrated imo so I’m REALLY happy for them that they get to participate in a group like this and have exposure. xD Especially glad for Henry (him being my ultimate bias aside, he really doesn’t get many activities). Taemin’s not exactly “underrated” but he’s often underestimated when it comes to his talent.

It’s interesting because when I listened to the mp3, I couldn’t tell who anyone was other than Hyoyeon. But now seeing faces with the audio, the voices are suddenly so obviously distinguishable and it’s like, “OH. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN IT WAS ___ SINGING/RAPPING.”

In general, this whole thing is pretty fierce. :>

I like that they kept Hyoyeon like their secret weapon. At the end, it was “Hyoyeon and her bitches” LOL. I felt as though her entrance could have been more impactful though.

I’m really pleasantly surprised that Henry got the one belt HAHA. GOOD FOR HIM!

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SNSD – All My Love For You @ Music Japan 121021

The lights in the back, along with the majestic feel of the song, gave me goosebumps. *A* They sound really good and there’s so little backtrack!

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120930 SNSD Taetiseo & EXO – DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again @ SMTown Seoul

Liking this stage a lot. They’re all fierce!

Tiffany really looks like she’s in her element and is having lots of fun. The girls all sound great. :’D I honestly didn’t recognize Seohyun though haha.

WOW I’M SO HAPPY FOR CHANYEOL who’s finally getting some spotlight with all of this rapping.

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120901 SNSD LOOK Concert – PSY – Gangnam Style

Credit: HeArTsDiESuBs

HAHAHA THEY’RE SO CUTE. Just disappointed that not all of them got up and danced but it’s okay!

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