Strong Heart – Ep 159

Guests include:
Park Shinhye
Yoon Siyoon
Kim Jihoon
Go Kyungpyo

Woooooo, it’s the Christmas special with the Flower Boy Next Door cast! I couldn’t resist watching this one after seeing its preview at the end of episode 158 and since I loved the drama. I highly recommend the drama if you haven’t seen it already. :’D

Overall a very lighthearted episode. Kim Jihoon is teased by everyone on set, Park Shinhye shows off even more of her perfection and prowess in sports, Yoon Siyoon demonstrates that his natural personality is surprisingly very different from the talkative and jumpy Enrique, and Shinhye and Jihoon’s offscreen chemistry is awesome.


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Strong Heart – Ep 158

This episode is a continuation of episode 157.

Guests include:
Kim Sohyun (13yo child actress from I Miss You, Moon that Embraces the Sun)
Park Minha (6yo child actress)
Lee Sangyup (Secretary Park from Nice Guy)
Hye Park (model)
+ surprise visit from Hwang Minwoo (“Little Psy” aka dancing boy in Gangnam Style)

Regulars and interns include Boom, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Rainbow’s Jisook, and ZE:A’s Kwanghee.

TOO MANY CUTE CHILDREN… SOB. AND ONE OF MY TOP GIRLCRUSHES, THE LOVELY AND TALENTED KIM SOHYUN. (In her talk, she mentions Kim Yoojung and the kiss scene with Yeo Jingu.)

It’s not too spectacular of an episode but they made it worth it for me!

There were some continuity issues with the editing though; for example, they’d show a reaction from Sohyun without the clothespin in her hair, and then right after, she’s in the background with the clothespin in her hair. =w=;; Nice try, SBS.

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Strong Heart – Ep 157
(It continues into episode 158 but I’ve yet to watch that!)

I watched this just for Kim Sohyun; she’s quickly become one of my favorite people as she’s so talented and sweet despite being only 13 years old. (She’s the child actress from I Miss You~)

Other guests include Lee Sang Yup (Secretary Park from Nice Guy) and Park Minha (6-year-old child actress).
Regulars + interns include Boom, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Rainbow’s Jisook, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, and Myname’s Insoo.

There’s a cuteness overload in this episode due to the presence of Kim Sohyun and Park Minha, who are different forms of cute, I suppose—seeing as how Kim Sohyun is twice the age of Park Minha.

This is my first time being exposed to Park Minha, and I already am loving her! ;u; Some people think she’s fake/shady, but COME ON. GIVE HER A BREAK. She’s 6 fucking years old. The things that she says might come off as fake because 1) she’s more mature than her actual age, 2) she says some pretty smart things that you might suspect to be scripted but who really knows, 3) she’s very careful about her words because SHE MIGHT BE 6 YEARS OLD BUT she has already gotten used to being a celebrity. She can already comprehend at this age that she has an audience and that she must watch her every action and word. She’s been on so many shows, has been acting, and has even been on the radio—so duh, she has experience and unexpectedly knows her stuff.
I personally think she’s brilliant. It’s surprising that she won 1000 Song Challenge because that requires having memorized the lyrics to a lot of songs, but furthermore, she sings an excerpt from Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” in this episode. OF ALL SONGS… she sings THAT song. In English. A 6-year-old Korean child actress. Wow.

Park Minha also shows her dancing (along with her two elder sisters who are also adorable, very smart and mature) and sings an old, sad Korean song to which she cries. .____. I can’t believe that she’s capable of expressing that much emotion when 6-year-olds shouldn’t even know of such deep emotions.

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The Romantic & Idol – Ep 8

And so ends a lovely season 1 of the show that grabbed me by the heart and strapped me down for a roller coaster ride for 8 weeks. Thank you for being entertainment worth gold that kept me anticipating each week’s episode. ;v;

BUT LUCKILY, season 2 has kicked off immediately with the end of season 1, so the ride continues! Admittedly, I’m not nearly as interested in the new participants (not to mention it feels a lot more dry now that we’ve ran through all these procedures once already) but I hope I end up liking it as much as the first season.

This is definitely not the most interesting episode, because nothing develops. Almost everything has been set somewhat in stone and at this point, all of the couples and everything are predictable EXCEPT FOR THE FATE OF TWO CERTAIN PEOPLE: Seungah and JB. Is there a twist? Is there a change of heart? Is it a tragedy?

But this doesn’t mean that it’s not still an enjoyable and sweet episode. They’re now at the end of the 4-day trip to Jeju Island and must make their “final choice.” Feelings are confirmed, couples are formed, and they get to be super lovey-dovey and adorable with each other. Picturesque pairs in a picturesque setting. ^^

I really fell in love with every member of The Romantic & Idol season 1. Even Mir, who I first thought to be a thoughtless douche, turned out to be a sweet and sincere person. The entire cast got along so well and was comprised of such genuinely good-hearted, adorable, pretty-inside-and-out people.<3 I’ll miss them~

The episode ends with the introduction of the season 2 participants. I REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE THAT SOME OF THE SEASON 1 COUPLES ARE ACTUALLY GOING OUT, or at least still keep in contact. I mean, look at what Kevin says about Hyungshik LOL. Also I have a feeling maybe Mir too, since those two were adamant about keeping connected when they get back to Seoul. =u=

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The Romantic & Idol – Ep 7

DID YOU HEAR THAT? That was the sound of my heart breaking for Seungah, who’s shown that she’s the most understanding, selfless, mature, strong girl with many appeals but no guys around fitting to see this. But you really can’t expect everything to work out or magically click together perfectly, so I guess this was inevitable. I just feel terrible for her despite how strong she acts.

I must say that I love how they talk to each other about staying in contact after getting back to Seoul, or gossiping about who might date for real after the show–it just makes it all seem so real. Like we’ve been watching real friendships, bonds, and budding romances form right in front of our eyes that actually mean something to these people, rather than just something fabricated for a show. The entire cast seems to have gotten pretty tightknit through these 4 days spent together, so I hope they stay in touch afterwards. (Jihyun and Hyungshik can go get married, justsaying–)


Also, special bonus:

Hyungshik’s Christmas present ///A/// HE’S SO ADORABLE AND PERFECT. This is incredibly sweet, just like his voice. That vibrato and those runs <3

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The Romantic & Idol – Ep 6


This episode is mostly about the second song shuffle where the girls choose a song, and the guys come out if they like it, then they go on a moonlit date.

Okay let’s just address each individual separately:

Jihyun – GO GET (I’m really glad she committed herself to him the entire time despite being the most popular)
Hyungshik – MARRIED ALREADY (ugh he’s cute and they’re perf together)
Seungah – :c I loveeee this girl and feel so sorry towards her.. I don’t see why nobody seems to see how amazing she is. And to deal with this, she’s been really strong and selfless too. I find her absolutely admirable<3
JB – I like him, I was somehow more impressed by his singing here than in DH2 and JJ Project, but he’s done a lot of inconsiderate things. ._. But at least he has the decency to feel guilty.
Jei – She’s adorbs and I don’t see her as shifty as others do, tbh. I just don’t understand why she seemed upset at that last part?
Mir – I didn’t expect to be rooting for him with Jei, but now I am~
Hyejeong – I LOVE HER; she’s so down to earth and pretty inside & out.
Jun.K – I’m glad they put him on this show because he truly IS the romantic idol.

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The Romantic & Idol – Ep 4

I forgot to blog this right after I watched it so now I don’t remember clearly what happened in the episode. OTL

This episode comes with good and bad news. On the bright side, ONE OTP IS SOLIDIFIED. It’s fate and they’re adorable with each other. ;u;<3
Unfortunately, the rest of the cast is in jumbles tbh LOL. It’s hard to reveal much without accidentally spoiling.

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The Romantic & Idol – Ep 3

OH SHIT. LOL. Everything’s getting all jumbled up now, pairs are being switched around, and hearts are changing!! Some ships are sinking and some are still tugging along, but at this point, for the most part you kind of can’t predict what’ll happen. ;^;

I can’t really talk about the episode without spoiling anything lol.

They go to the BEAUTIFUL (omg that ocean when the boys run in) Jeju Island and have another random pair-off where the girls choose necklaces prepared by the guys, and they go on dates.

This show is getting very interesting, complicated, and dramatic LOL. WHAT TO DOOOOOO.

(PS: Hyungshik is so awkward but he’s so endearing.)

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The Romantic & Idol – Episode 2

NOW I REALLY WANT EPISODE 3. This show is strangely addicting.

Still nothing set in stone. We find out who chose Stay and who chose Change, then they do this song shuffle thing to give them an opportunity to go on a date. Didn’t like the format though ;w; It’s kind of unfair.

Again, I don’t want to spoil anything.. but might I please just point out
how adorable everyone is
JB’s cuteness especially, my god, stahpppp

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The Romantic & Idol – Episode 1

OKAY. So I randomly started watching this show even though I’d never heard of it before because I was curious. NO EXPECTATION AT ALL to like to show or get attached, addicted, etc…………. ಠ___ಠ Now I’m REALLY yearning for the next episode.

Shit. I actually really like most of them. There are a couple though that I’m kinda mehhh about because of their attitudes or behavior.

Basically the concept of the show is that 8 idol group members (4 female, 4 male) are thrown on Jeju Island together–no managers or stylists allowed. While I guess there are missions, for the most part, they act on their accord. They are themselves (not an idol facade or a character) and they must take care of themselves. In this sense, it’s like a reality show.

This is the first episode though so they started with initial meetings. Each of them had to choose a location representing a stereotypical romantic scenario, and meet there with the person of the opposite gender who also chose this location, and it’s a date.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but some of them are really cute together LOL. TWO OF THE COUPLES HAVE A LOT OF CHEMISTRY. ;v; But we’ll see what happens as the show goes on! Some things may change.. or some things may endure and bloom.

(Honestly, I worry a bit for the idols because it does feel like they came with their REAL feelings. And I don’t know if anyone’s gonna be hurt, or if their agency and fans will be okay with everything.)

Anyway, these are the participants of the show:

Jihyun (4minute)
Seungah (Rainbow)*
Jei (Fiestar)**
Hyejeong (AOA)
Jun.K/Junsu (2PM)
JB (JJ Project)
Hyungshik (ZE:A)

*I don’t know why I haven’t heard much about SeungAh before when she’s so fantastic. She’s friendly, talkative, honest, and I’m very glad to see her on this show.
**WOAH. SHE JUST DEBUTED THOUGH SO THIS IS REALLY SURPRISING but I’m also really happy for her ;v; I’ve been really liking her and Fiestar.

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Invincible Youth 2 – Ep 8

This entire episode is basically a tribute to the girls’ mothers. ^^ Four of them come to visit their place, they play games, talk, and open up about their mother-daughter relationships. It’s kind of.. not a very eventful episode so some might find it boring, but I thought it was very meaningful and touching. It’s nice to not only just see G8 having fun, but also seeing their hearts, their emotions—what’s inside. A lot of them cried ;_;

Ngl I cried too. >w> Especially at Woori’s message to her mother, when she started choking up..

I LOOOOOOVE how even now, Suzy’s mom still likes Kim Soo Hyun LOLLLL. Although she never said Taecyeon’s name.. >w> but the production crew included him too, so that was cute. SUZY, DATE KIM SOO HYUN. ;_; YOUR MOM APPROVES LOL.
Yewon and her mom are exactly alike. 100%. 10000000%. Actually it was kinda irritating ’cause they tried to steal the show every time ;w; A lot of people are annoyed by Yewon and I can’t say I’m annoyed by her, but I do agree she tries too hard and she’s kinda noisy in a way? xD I don’t really mind, but having TWO Yewons on the same set is where the line is crossed for me..

Credit: HeArTsDiESuBs


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Invincible Youth 2 – Ep 7

Credit:  HeArTsDiESuBs

Invincible Youth 2 is definitely getting better. 8D I thought this episode was a bit more enjoyable than a lot of them so far. I’m also happy to see that they’re sincerely working hard ^^ because one of the unappealing things about this season is that they seem to play a lot more than work? and they don’t take things seriously? I know that it’s a TV show but they have to do well on their farm, help out the town, aid and be respectful to the elders, and be willing to get their hands dirty. ;_; But they’re learning, which is great.

Hyoyeon’s part where she was talking about “jong” ^^)b <3


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Invincible Youth 2 – Ep 4

[rest of parts at engsubkpopshow’s channel]

:D They go fishing to catch crabs! OH MY GOD. THE SASHIMI. THE FRESH SASHIMI FROM THE FISH AND RAY THEY JUST CAUGHT. ;____; -mouth waters-

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Invincible Youth 2 – Ep 3

[rest of the parts on engsubkpopshow’s channel]

My favorite part of this episode is definitely the Maknaes’ Talk Show where they solve everyone’s problems. ^^ Suzy and Jiyoung were really good MCs and they’re so adorable! It was really enjoyable.

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Invincible Youth Season 2 – Ep 2

Credit: HeArTsDiESuBs

SNSD – Sunny and Hyoyeon
f(x) – Amber [such a boss, this girl. but LMAOOO at the part where she looks at herself and calls herself sexy.]
Miss A – Suzy [she’s so adorkable and 4D]
Rainbow – Woori
Kara – Jiyoung
Jewelry – Yewon

So this episode is them playing and catching octopuses at a mud flat. =w=b Very messy. Not exactly.. a productive? episode but at least they’re all getting closer and closer with each other, and we’re seeing more of their personalities. ^^

WOORI AND EUNYOUNG [Amber..] WERE CUTE. HAHA. And Sunny is just a natural at anything and everything she does.


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