Henry Lau performing “Trap” on piano (130608 Sukira)

This is why this guy is my ultimate bias.


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miss A’s Suzy – Someone Like You (Adele) @ Younha’s Starry Night Radio 121026

I honestly did not expect Suzy to pull off an Adele song.

.. Yet surprisingly, I REALLY like this. She may not have the power and emotion of Adele, but this softer, sweeter version is really soothing. Suzy has this really pleasurable voice with a really nice middle-range tone. I was impressed by her high notes. They’re not full of power but they sound so effortless and sweet, when I was expecting straining.

I mean, it’s enough that she’s so dang beautiful and has an innocent cute charm at the same time. Then you add her talent in both singing and dancing. And she was an awkward actress at first before improving and becoming a decent actress. Then you add her sweet, easygoing, kind personality. And her modesty, down-to-earthness, and genuineness.

Oh gosh my girlcrush on her keeps growing HAHAHA

(The beginning of the 2nd chorus is so so so so cute.)

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120802 B.A.P – No Mercy (Almost Acapella) @ Shimshimtapa

For those who can’t differentiate the parts: http://kpoplyricscc.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/b-a-p-no-mercy/

OH GOD ///A/// DAEHYUN’S BELTING. HE SOUNDS PERFECT. I have so much respect for him, man, and especially considering the fact that he’s also arguably the best-looking member of the group LOL. Visuals and main vocal <3

The rest of them sound flawless too! Yongguk and Zelo rappinggg. I wish Youngjae, Himchan, and Jongup had more parts. .____. I especially wish Youngjae had more + more dynamic singing parts. It seems like ALL of the singing is done by Daehyun [who pulls it off perfectly though].

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SPICA – Potently (Live @ Shimshimtapa)

I AM SOOO IMPRESSED. O A O SPICA, how are you so amazing and flawless? Their power and harmonization.. I’m blown away.

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Block B – Tell Them @ Starry Night

Just ’cause I haven’t seen them much lately. ^^ Anxiously awaiting their comeback~

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Kyuhyun and Heechul singing “7 Years of Love”

LOL Kyu laughs at Heechul when he’s flat. xD And omg Ryeowook is such a distraction..

But they both sound really good. 8D I’m proud of Heechul for being able to sing well despite not being a member known for singing.

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Block B – Is It Only Me? (Live at Younha’s “Starry Night”)

Ballad + rap *________* <3

And wow D: so I guess U-Kwon, Jaehyo, and B-Bomb aren’t in this song.

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f(x) Amber’s English phone interview with DJ Isak


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SuJu Kyuhyun – That Man (Secret Garden OST)


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Super Junior’s Heechul Singing

Psh to those that think he can’t sing.

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SNSD Sunny – Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”

A REAAAAALLY old clip, and actually the thing that introduced Sunny to me when I was still learning about SNSD and weren’t familiar with their names yet.

But I still love this! ♥ She has such a fantastic and beautiful voice. <3333 She’s shaky at parts, but the parts where she’s really confident are just.. gorgeous and impressive. This is an EXTREMELY difficult song to sing and it’s amazing that she can pull it off.
[& this is one of my favorite songs~]

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2PM Wooyoung’s surprise call to IU [subbed]

Credit: 2pmkenzoreipd004

SOOOOOOOO CUTE. *_______* He is so full of praise towards her.

Dream High’s WooU couple~

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110119 Sukira cut – Ryeowook raps, Eunhyuk laughs

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100111 Sukira – Girl’s Day’s Sojin & Minah singing Davichi’s “8282”

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101213 S.M. The Ballad @ Park Kyunglim’s Starry Night Radio [Eng sub]

Must-watch for S.M. The Ballad fans! >:D

Now I see why Kyu and Jjong were “seducing”/teasing Jino throughout their “Miss You” performance. LMAOOOOO.

This show is ALL about Jino. >:] So so so cute. All of them seem to be really comfortable and enjoying it.
I LOVE how they framed Jino and made up the story of the origin of S.M. The Ballad! :D

“S.M. The Jino and seniors”

Credit: SMTBIFsubs <333


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