Love Me Not (Movie)

At the start of That Winter, the Wind Blows, I found out that it was based off of a Japanese drama which had previously been adapted into a Korean movie in 2006. Since the movie starred Moon Geunyoung, I thought I’d check it out after finishing the drama.

Not gonna lie.
Seeing this movie makes me appreciate the drama more, even though it’s flawed and left much unanswered.

Pretty much everything about That Winter was more captivating than the movie, which was pretty bleak in general although maybe more realistic(?). That Winter added a lot of plot elements and fleshed out more characters that made it much more compelling and complex; but then it did have the “privilege” of being a drama. I can’t really blame the movie for not being able to include a lot, but it just… didn’t go deep enough and didn’t have much spark.

Some people felt that they couldn’t really “connect” or have much sympathy for the main characters in That Winter but .. I think there’s even less of a connection in the movie.

Moon Geunyoung was surprisingly pretty good! I didn’t expect her to play such a role since she was so young and I thought she didn’t break out of her candy girl/baby image until Cinderella’s Sister. I think she pulled off the role pretty well though the transition from cold to warm and loving was awkwardly fast. However, Song Hye Kyo was better at portraying both the blindness and this character imo.

And .. I think Jo In Sung beats the movie’s main protagonist in every category. So sorry. It was also hard to see the chemistry between the movie’s main couple, and especially with the notable age difference (15 years!!). It was awkward to watch.


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Movie: A Werewolf Boy

Song Joongki and Park Boyoung Wolf Boy

After seeing how perfectly matched Song Joongki and Park Boyoung were on a Running Man episode 2 years ago, I’d been wanting to see them act together—and finally A Werewolf Boy has fulfilled my wish.

Watch with English subtitles HERE or HERE.

Song Joongki – Cheolsu
Park Boyoung – Suni/Soonee (young)

The movie is framed as an elderly woman Suni returns to the cottage in which she lived during her youth, recalling her tender but painful memories from 47 years ago. The young Suni’s family had just moved into the countryside due to problems with the introverted and cold teenager’s lungs. One day, she discovers a strangely-behaving boy who seems to have been locked up for a while; he neither speaks nor shows comprehension of human language. The family decides to temporarily care for him and name him Cheolsu. Over time, Cheolsu and Suni’s presences in each other’s lives induce transformations in both of them, as Cheolsu’s manner becomes gentle and protective over his newfound “trainer” and companion Suni, whose warmth grows to replace her dissipating loneliness. However, with Cheolsu’s bestial instinct provoked by the arrogant Jitae, the son of Suni’s late father’s businesspartner, he is suddenly in danger from the town that deems him a threat and must separate from the girl with whom he’d just fallen in love.

(Note: Don’t worry about being spoiled a bit if you’ve yet to watch this movie, because seeing the visual execution and the characters before your eyes has a completely different impact. They drive the story—not a complex plotline that requires written explanation.)

This record-breaking movie was exceptionally well received, and although I was initially slightly skeptical, I now can see why.

To be honest, the storyline isn’t all that original or impressive. Most of the movie and its elements are somewhat predictable, and you can’t help but feel a slight throwback to Twilight. The cinematography especially had me doubting if the movie’s success was deserved. The beginning of the movie was where the cinematographic flaws were the most prominent: the unnecessarily unstable camera, the blinding lighting which should’ve been toned down, the white objects practically glowing and bouncing light everywhere. It really irked me. DIRECTOR, WHY…?

But the acting, character development and interactions, and work of pathos drove it all home and easily snatched all of our hearts only to crush them singlehandedly and mercilessly.

Because everyone put so much heart into their acting, you can really feel the world of the movie come alive as you develop attachments to the main couple; the innocent children; and the hardworking, open-minded, caring, sincere, understanding, and kind mother.

Song Joongki and Park Boyoung

Suni and Cheolsu’s interactions especially make the movie. So naturally did they open up to each other, learn from each other, and fall into an unspoken forbidden but pure love. And it doesn’t help that Song Joongki and Park Boyoung are so cute together, with chemistry that ropes you aboard before you even decide that you want to ship it. Joongki is handsome and charming, Park Boyoung gorgeous in her adorable way, both have great complexion and babyfaces with perfect smiles, both are sweet and intelligent people, I have crushes on both of them, and life continues to be fucking unfair.

Park Boyoung did a wonderful job as the hurt and borderline-depressed teenager turned spirited and strong, but I really must applaud Joongki the loudest. His performance in every scene and every form was OUTSTANDING, and it might’ve had a little to do with the fact that he basically had no verbal lines to memorize. You can tell he worked really hard to learn how to express his character and the movements and behaviors required. Whether like a wild wolf, a lost puppy, or lovestruck and gentle teenager—Joongki pulled it off believably. Amazing. :D

Song Joongki HOW Song Joongki

But maybe their acting is a little too good.

I was incredibly confused for the first 2/5ths of the movie BECAUSE I COULDN’T TELL THAT THE TWO PEOPLE THAT WE WERE SEEING WERE SONG JOONGKI AND PARK BOYOUNG. I have to partially blame the fact that Boyoung plays BOTH the young version of the grandmother Suni, AND the granddaughter Eunjoo. WHY, DIRECTOR . . . ?!?!

So it was like, “Wait is this Boyoung aka the main girl then? Where did the grandmother go then? Or is this the grandmother when she was young? So that means it’s not actually Boyoung?! Come to think of it, she doesn’t really look  or act like Boyoung but at times she does… They did a great job at casting a girl with great resemblance to Boyoung! Oh, so if this girl isn’t Boyoung then this boy probably isn’t Joongki. UNLESS IT IS? But then it completely doesn’t look like Joongki either… WHAT’S GOING ON?

Turns out it really was Boyoung and Joongki the entire time. =_= And Boyoung plays two roles, which is dumb.

Anyhow, it’s scary how they acted and looked differently to the point that they couldn’t be recognized. Somehow they’re both talented(?) at seeming like different people just with different angles or expressions.

It’s also the make-up, but I can’t exactly pinpoint why I think Joongki especially looks like an entirely different person for the first half of the film. His face looks so fundamentally different. Perhaps it’s also due the disappearance of his signature milky skin and eyesmile? I still don’t know!!

Song Joongki and Park Boyoung 2

At times, I was wincing and closing my eyes (ㅠㅠ.. the scary and violent parts), at times squealing enthusiastically over the adorable couple and their awkwardly sweet antics, but at the ending… tears just came out on their own. And kept flowing.

There’s something magical about this movie—and I’m not talking about the werewolf fantasy element—in the way that it invokes emotion. You will enjoy the movie, yet your inevitable hanging feeling of dissatisfaction is what makes the movie complete. And it all lingers. It’s a film that makes a strong impact.
I highly recommend A Werewolf Boy.<3

Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, this story of eternal love shows that the world does move on and change, but even so, some things don’t have to. Some things can endure and wait.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Bonds Beyond Time – Abridged Movie

This is some fucking amazing shit. Okay I love LittleKuriboh/CardGamesFTW and it’s sucked that he stopped doing Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged episodes because those were always the best, but wow, suddenly he comes out with this big epic project and it is FLAWLESS.

The first 3 minutes of the movie weirded me out, tbh LOL. But after that opening sequence, things really got going and it’s the normal awesome LittleKuriboh hilarity that I’ve missed.^^ As always, the man is a genius. The writing and video and mixing and everything.. he is brilliant.

AND THE VOICE ACTING IS THE BEST. LittleKuriboh with his magical versatile chameleon voice, good god. And I reaaaaaaaaally loved ShadyVox’s and TheAzureCrow’s voices. Damn they are talented ;______; TheAzureCrow’s voice <33 “the serious one with a voice that makes the fangirls swoon.” LOL.

And then ShadyVox seriously impresses me…. He gets the annoying character but he pulls it off so well! He puts so much emotion and energy into his voice acting, it’s incredible. And then his singing/rapping in “Stronger” at the end credits… O A O <333333 YES.

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Peter Pan

The live action one, not the Disney animation. xD

I LOVE THIS MOVIE. ;_; I felt like rewatching it because I’m terribly a sucker for fantasy and fairies and mermaids and not having to grow up. Kind of sad though that it was only after I started watching that I realized that there would also be pirates, violence, and darkness–not just fairydust and flying. =w=

But anyway, this is a great movie. <3

A bit saddening though. Because as much as I would love to be like Peter Pan and as much as I despise growing up, I pity Peter who tries to avoid feelings and responsibility. He’s living his life to be forever young and to only have fun, but I think his life is sad too.

But wow I loved all the actors. Jeremy Sumpter (Peter) is adorable and Rachel Hurd-Wood (Wendy) is UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS. They were so cute together ;______; I wanted Peter and Wendy to be together! -tantrum-

But yeah, all of the acting was great and I really have to commend them all for all of the flying and fighting scenes. That’s definitely not an easy feat. The computer generated effects were great too, but the only complaint I have about that was that parrot… xD Um, no. No.

On another note.

THEY SHOULD’VE WENT OUTTTTTTT. They have so much chemistry!

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The Perfect Man

So my friend was talking about how she used to be a huge fan of Jojo so I started raving about how I used to really like Hilary Duff and that led me to rediscovering this movie. I totally forgot about its existence and the fact that I watched it in theatres so I read the synopsis and gave into temptation. =w=


But damn, I really should not watch romance chick flicks because it’s just like a sharp, painful reminder about how I’m forever alone. -corner-

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Lovely Complex (Live Action Movie)

I went to rewatch this movie today to feel better about my height, but DAMMIT I FEEL WORSE THAN EVER LOL.

Basically, the movie is about a tall girl Koizumi and a short guy Otani [played by WaT’s Koike Teppei <333] who are known as a bickering comic duo but eventually fall in love with each other, although the height difference remains a wall between them.
Since it’s a live action movie made after an anime and manga, it’s very.. anime influenced. xD Dramatic acting and faces. It makes it really cute and funny but..

Koizumi WHAT ARE YOU DOING ;_; the faces she makes are really, incredibly unflattering… She acts really awkward and unrefined and I’m actually a bit ashamed because I usually see myself in her place.

AND. O A O They make such a big big deal out of Koizumi’s height that I thought that she would be even taller than me, but she’s 170 cm…. O A O We’re the same height. This is DEVASTATING.
Oh and I was disappointed that Koizumi was wearing high heels. I’m pretty sure that a tall girl that’s very conscious about her height would not go around wearing high heels, which means that she wore them for the role… to make herself look taller… because in actuality, she’s not actually that tall. =______= So much disappointment. The actress for Koizumi was perfect for the role, yet not quite right at the same time. :/

Overall though, it’s a good movie. :] Very lighthearted and funny.
I think I enjoyed the anime more than the movie though. ;3

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Ella Enchanted

I excitedly saw this post on tumblr and was like O A O MOVIEEEEEESSSSSSS so I immediately went for Ella Enchanted! [because I’m a sucker for fairytales] Haha ^^ So nostalgic!

The scenes of Ella stealing things for her stepsisters and stuff frustrate me to no end because I hate those kinds of misunderstandings =_= It almost made me want to choose another movie but I’m still glad I watched this because it’s a good movie with a good message. Yay for free choice and nonconformity OwO


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How to Date an Otaku Girl – Movie

So I was looking at an article from aramatheydidn’t called “9 Hobbies Which Will Turn Any Man Off A Girl” which features a survey of some really douchebag, insecure, sexist Japanese men. A person in the comments was reminded of the movie How to Date an Otaku Girl and it seemed kind of interesting, so I watched it.

Okay, this was a REALLY sweet movie. :] It was pretty good other than the ending which was slow.

It’s basically about this girl named Yoriko who is a fujoshi, or otaku girl obsessed with yaoi/boy’s love.. xDD So this is about her and her boyfriend Hinata’s struggle because of her interests. He is really sweet and has a great personality ;w; He’s kinda weirded out by all the yaoi but he doesn’t judge her and still loves her, and she’s just like, “You think I’m a freak, don’t you?” But it’s a happy ending and overall an enjoyable watch. ^^

I feel bad for Hinata though because he does so much for her and is so selfless whereas I feel like she hasn’t done a single thing in return for him.

The beginning of the movie—OH GOD—was overwhelmingly awkward though! But it gets better. :D Her friends are pretty awesome and kind of scary but awesome nonetheless. I feel kinda bad for Yoriko because she is pretty but a lot of this movie was really.. unflattering for her. x: And then Hinata’s voice cracking like crazy whenever he got excited was a bit unattractive too. xD But I digress.

Sometimes I felt like Yoriko’s actress wasn’t right but at the same time, I feel like she was perfect for it because she was able to pull off a lot of different images. Sometimes she looked old, sometimes young, and she pulled off being the spazzy fangirl, the “OHOHOHO” manipulative ojousama type, the clean-cut and calm mature working lady, the fragile girl.. So I definitely have to commend her for that.

But why does she always wear that same white cardigan that makes her look old-fashioned?

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Legally Blonde

[there are 8 parts and you can just find them from the related videos on the youtube page.. xD]

Yep. LOL. Watched this movie for the first time ’cause I was forced to by my friend.

It turned out to be really good! :D I really enjoyed it. Reese Witherspoon is perfect for the part! I tried watching the musical too, after this, but I just liked the movie better. D; The actors were sooooooo talented but I just didn’t feel like they fit the parts well.

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I’ve been wanting to watch this for forever and I missed it while it was in theatres.. ;w; and I came across this link of the full movie on tumblr, so……….

But anyway, it was a really good movie!

But the old woman SCARED ME SO EFFING MUCH it’s not even funny. I must be crazy because I screamed and yelped and said “OH MY GOD” out loud so much. ;_; I even had to use the “Small Player” option because I was terrified of her close-ups… I know it’s Disney and I know it’s a cartoon, but… ;_________; -scaredycat-

But yeah. I screamed a lot. Especially during the climax. I actually didn’t know that was the climax until AFTER because I closed my eyes and was just screaming. =w=b

But it was a good movie! :] It was cute. Rapunzel was awesome.

Mandy Moore <3
A bit disappointed she doesn’t have as nice of a vibrato as the rest of the princesses though. ]:

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Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You) – Live Action Movie

I LOVE KIMI NI TODOKE. I loved the manga, then the anime was made and I loved that, and now I love this! Although I thought the live action would be reaaally bad. I was really skeptical about the entire idea when I first heard they were making one ’cause it seemed impossible to really portray it well. I didn’t think Sawako’s actress would be able to look scary yet be gentle and adorable…….. but to my pleasant surprise, they did this REAAALLY well. ^^b

You really must watch this. ]: And watch the anime. And read the manga. They’re all really good.
Kimi ni Todoke is basically about a kindhearted girl named Kuronuma Sawako,  yet she lives in a world of misunderstanding where everybody avoids her, thinking that she’s Sadako, the girl from The Ring, because of her appearance, the fact that she doesn’t smile a lot, and her social awkwardness.
But this all changes when she meets the  fresh, friendly, and popular Kazehaya who tries to befriend her, and you know how it goes~ It’s a love story~ ;D It’s an amazingly sweet and innocent story.

;__; I love Sawako so much. I can relate to her ’cause people used to tease me saying I was the girl from the Grudge. >__> So. Yep. I took to Kimi ni Todoke immediately. STORY OF MY LIFE!

Sawako’s actress did such an amazing job! I couldn’t believe it. She pulled off looking scary and she pulled off Sawako’s soft innocence and adorableness and awkwardness. Wow. I was impressed. :]
Kazehaya………. I thought he looked a bit too old for him. x_X He’s so obviously not a high school student, but he still did really well. I guess Kazehaya’s a hard one to pull off too. xD

I was pretty surprised at the actresses for Yoshida and Yano. They did pretty well! Yano was pretty suiting. I was impressed by Yoshida. ^^ She’s a hard one to pull off since she’s kinda got that “yankee” style. I kinda wish she was taller though. :/ And she doesn’t have the same feel as Yoshida, who’s more rough around the edges. She seems a bit too pretty and gentle, although that IS what Yoshida is, but I think that’s more of something you discover after you get to know her. xD But this Yoshida just looks too pretty and gentle to begin with.
I have a bit of a complaint towards the casting of Kurumi, Pin, and Ryu though. D: Pin just doesn’t really fit.. and I imagined Kurumi younger-looking and cuter. >w> Although they did Kurumi’s hair really well. And Ryu….. O_O is completely not how I imagined him.

Kind of disappointed they made a movie and not a drama though. ]: It moves too fast and they cut out a lot. We don’t really get to watch them all develop and there was no conclusion to the Yoshida/Ryu subplot. I was also disappointed they didn’t make more use of the symbolism with the soccerball and reaching each other. ]: “A pass won’t be received well by others… if you don’t seriously think for it to reach them.”


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Despicable Me (Super Bad) – Korean Dub Version


I’ve reaaaally been wanting to watch this movie, and then even MORE so when I found out that Taeyeon and Seohyun from SNSD were going to be voicing Margo and Edith in the Korean dub of it…..


;_; I enjoyed this so much. Although it’s not the whole movie, I feel like I watched the whole thing. SOOO HILARIOUSSSS. It was such a sweet movie. ^^ The end was sweet.

And omg Taeyeon and Seohyun are suuuuch great voice actors *___* They don’t even sound recognizable. Especially Seohyun! [:

But I REAALLY loved the voices of Agnes! SHOOOO CUUUUUTE. I was literally imitating her throughout the whole movie whenever she said anything. Although the “IT’S SO FLUFFY!” is a lot funnier in English, this was pretty darn adorable and funny. :D

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“Superbad” – Despicable Me (Kor dub) – SNSD Taeyeon & Seohyun cuts

[There’s also part 2 and part 3 but I didn’t watch them. xD]

Margo – Taeyeon (oldest girl)
Edith – Seohyun (middle girl)

OMG SO SO SO CUTE. LOL. They’re really good at voice acting! OOO: I was especially surprised by Seohyun. She is absolutely unrecognizable. I would’ve never guessed that that was her, ever.

Aw, now I REALLYYYYY wanna watch Despicable Me. ;_;

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