Performances from MBC Gayo Daejun 2013 (that I enjoyed)

MBC’s was definitely my favorite gayo daejun this year.

B1A4 – What’s Going On? (Band ver)

SNSD/Girls’ Generation – Dance Intro + I Got a Boy
THAT.. DANCE…… they’re so fierce dayum. SOOYOUNG DAYUM.

A Pink & B1A4 – Love Song Medley

Miss A – Hush


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Gag Concert – Ep 661

Guest Cameos:
Kim Bo Kyung (soccer player)
Miss A’s Suzy


I know I screamed though at the -ahem- other .. kiss in this episode. It just. Not to seem homophobic but ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Honestly, this episode is worth watching because of the Castle Gamsu skit. IT WAS JJANG. There was no guest, but Madam Jeong and “her” “daughter” Kim Daeseong crossed over into King Gamsu’s world, and it was absolutely hysterical. Eventually, Jeong Taeho and Kim Daeseong were forced to take off their wigs, WHICH IS SO WEIRD BUT FUNNY. The Brownie bit–I just exploded.
Definitely one of my favorite Castle Gamsu skits of all time.

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Suzy’s (Miss A) Board Breaking

She apparently has a black belt in taekwondo because her father was a taekwondo instructor.

:( The more I find out about Suzy, the more I feel like I have no accomplishments in life. She’s perfect.

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Running Man – Ep 94

iSubs Running Man Episode 94
Kshownow Running Man Episode 94

Miss A – Suzy
f(x) – Krystal
4minute – Hyuna
KARA – Gyuri, Seungyeon

This episode is coupled with episode 93, to which it slightly pales in comparison, but it’s still a fun ep!

It’s a couple wedding race, so they quiz battle over household appliance prizes, fight to have “wedding photos” captured, have a wedding march race, and a final war in which they must eliminate each other by snatching couple bracelets.

Out of all the pairs, Gary & Krystal won me over the most. :> They’re a great continuation of the previous Gary & Jessica couple haha. Like sister, like sister. I enjoyed how they basically went at their own pace and still succeeded.


  • the gazillion times that Krystal hits Gary
  • Commander couple’s “burning love” (or is it rage and aggression?)
  • “I dated him without knowing it’d be like this”
  • Gyuri’s unexpected caring side ^^

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Running Man – Ep 93
iSubs requires registration, but it’s worth it.
If not,

Guests (they have a smaller part in this part):
Miss A – Suzy
f(x) – Krystal
4minute – Hyuna
KARA – Gyuri, Seungyeon

OH MAN. I thought I would develop abs from this.
From beginning to end, this episode is HI-LARIOUS, dotted with heart attack-inducing frights (mostly at the cause of Jongkook). I really recommend it.

They engage in a survival game in which each member votes on “who they want to eliminate the most,” and this person becomes the target for the round. Chasing, one-on-one combat, and mistrust ensue.


  • the voting booth’s height
  • “the prey becomes the predator”
  • “ME….  ME?!?”
  • the “epic, intense” fight between the two Easy Brothers (Gwangsoo and Sukjin)
  • “Have you seen Lee Gwangsoo?!”
  • Suzy being perfect for her role

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121221 Music Bank – Year End Special

Ailee ft Infinite H – Heaven

WELL HELLO THERE, HEAVEN WITH A RAP. I’m ashamed that I didn’t see this coming. For some reason,  I was expecting Dongwoo and Hoya to only come in dancing, perhaps each having a classy couple dance with Ailee as implication of fighting over her–BUT NOPE. A FIERCE RAP. And they all sound fabulous! Ailee’s belting<3

Chunji (TEENTOP), Donghyun (Boyfriend), Zelo (B.A.P) & Sungjae (BTOB) – Loving U

There is always a performance of boygroup members trying to be cute and doing a girlgroup’s song. This time it’s SISTAR’s Loving U, with all members of pretty new or not yet blown up groups :D I guess this is the new generation of Wonder Boys!

But who I didn’t expect to see here was Zelo ._____________. B.A.P in general is very.. not.. that cute, even when they are being cute. Except somehow it fits a little because Zelo is so young and naturally cute, but he’s not…girly cute. I DON’T KNOW. THIS IS REALLY WEIRD.

Sohyun (4minute), Jiyoung (KARA), Suzy (miss A), Sulli & Krystal (f(x)) – Feliz Navidad + Santa Baby + Last Christmas + White

How can the ’94 line be so full of flawless and adorable girls, I don’t even. They’re all perfect.

I was worried a bit about their vocals (although I know Suzy and Krystal can defs hold up their end when it comes down to it) but I think they fared pretty well~ Slightly disappointed by Sulli though haha even though she’s my favorite. But I love seeing these girls collaborate, especially since they’re also known to be friends. ^^

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miss A’s Suzy – Someone Like You (Adele) @ Younha’s Starry Night Radio 121026

I honestly did not expect Suzy to pull off an Adele song.

.. Yet surprisingly, I REALLY like this. She may not have the power and emotion of Adele, but this softer, sweeter version is really soothing. Suzy has this really pleasurable voice with a really nice middle-range tone. I was impressed by her high notes. They’re not full of power but they sound so effortless and sweet, when I was expecting straining.

I mean, it’s enough that she’s so dang beautiful and has an innocent cute charm at the same time. Then you add her talent in both singing and dancing. And she was an awkward actress at first before improving and becoming a decent actress. Then you add her sweet, easygoing, kind personality. And her modesty, down-to-earthness, and genuineness.

Oh gosh my girlcrush on her keeps growing HAHAHA

(The beginning of the 2nd chorus is so so so so cute.)

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miss A – “I Don’t Need a Man” MV

Basically replicating what I’ve been saying in tweets and comments on this video haha. (I FEEL VERY ACCOMPLISHED because for a while, I was the top comment on this video with 48 thumbs ups. OwO)

Although the MV seems a bit shallow, I really like this song! I love that it’s a catchy pop song but still displays strong vocals. All of the members of Miss A sing really well, which is rather rare for groups, so I commend them. AND they all dance really well! I’m also liking the message of the song—it’s nice to a change of pace from the usual, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PLEASE BE WITH ME I’VE FALLEN FOR YOU” of generic K-pop songs.

Dude. When did Miss A get so hot–
Dude. Suzy is freaking perfect. (That mustache.) And and Fei is gorgeous. Dude. And Min is working that hair.

BUT WOW JIA I felt kind of owns this song. I never knew that she was so good at rapping. Imo, she’s improved! Also, I suddenly have quite a bit of respect for Jia for being the RAPPER of a Korean group considering she’s Chinese. She must have to practice a lot to perfect those tongue twisters.
Furthermore, it’s nice to see Min rapping alongside Jia!

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Dream High

I finally finished watching Dream High after.. much too long. I was actually watching the series as it was airing, and keeping up with all the news, and suddenly I got kind of busy and fell behind, and when I finished episode 14 [there’s 16 in total], I stopped watching entirely because I don’t like finishing dramas. ;_; I don’t want it to end.

But since Dream High 2 is airing soon, I figured I should at least finish the first series D: in case there are any spoilers.



I cried. >_> During Hyemi’s concert.. when she made that speech and when she dedicated her first song to Samdong. ;_________; I was so surprised and touched when I found out what the song was. That was definitely the perfect choice. And she sounded so beautiful. And then the kiss sceneee ;___; I’m really glad there was one. If there was no kiss, I would’ve been really unsatisfied with this ending, because the ending is already not very solid/entirely concluded.

All in all, I really loved this drama. The cast is perfect and I love the concepts and lessons. It really shows the importance of striving towards your dreams and following your heart.

P.S. the part with Hyesung was cute HAHA. I thought the directors were pretty creative with the ending.

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Invincible Youth 2 – Ep 8

This entire episode is basically a tribute to the girls’ mothers. ^^ Four of them come to visit their place, they play games, talk, and open up about their mother-daughter relationships. It’s kind of.. not a very eventful episode so some might find it boring, but I thought it was very meaningful and touching. It’s nice to not only just see G8 having fun, but also seeing their hearts, their emotions—what’s inside. A lot of them cried ;_;

Ngl I cried too. >w> Especially at Woori’s message to her mother, when she started choking up..

I LOOOOOOVE how even now, Suzy’s mom still likes Kim Soo Hyun LOLLLL. Although she never said Taecyeon’s name.. >w> but the production crew included him too, so that was cute. SUZY, DATE KIM SOO HYUN. ;_; YOUR MOM APPROVES LOL.
Yewon and her mom are exactly alike. 100%. 10000000%. Actually it was kinda irritating ’cause they tried to steal the show every time ;w; A lot of people are annoyed by Yewon and I can’t say I’m annoyed by her, but I do agree she tries too hard and she’s kinda noisy in a way? xD I don’t really mind, but having TWO Yewons on the same set is where the line is crossed for me..

Credit: HeArTsDiESuBs


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Invincible Youth 2 – Ep 7

Credit:  HeArTsDiESuBs

Invincible Youth 2 is definitely getting better. 8D I thought this episode was a bit more enjoyable than a lot of them so far. I’m also happy to see that they’re sincerely working hard ^^ because one of the unappealing things about this season is that they seem to play a lot more than work? and they don’t take things seriously? I know that it’s a TV show but they have to do well on their farm, help out the town, aid and be respectful to the elders, and be willing to get their hands dirty. ;_; But they’re learning, which is great.

Hyoyeon’s part where she was talking about “jong” ^^)b <3


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111229 SBS Gayo Daejun 2011

K.Will & Tiffany (SNSD) – A Whole New World

OH. MY. GOD. <3333 This song!!
And yayy for another K.Will and Tiffany collab! K.Will has such a handsome, strong voice and he pulls anything off well. And although Tiffany has some weaker moments, I’m impressed with her ;_; <3 I love her vibrato. She’s gorgeous too~

Ga In (BEG), Sunhwa (Secret), Hyorin (SISTAR), G.NA, Jiyeon (T-ara), Fei (Miss A), HyunA (4minute) – Run the World

Oh my goshh *___* they are all so fierce.
I’m kind of unimpressed by Hyuna though ;w; she really doesn’t need to dance like that to be sexy. Ga In, Jiyeon, G.NA, and Fei were able to be sexy but still classy. I was especially wowed by Jiyeon O A O I didn’t know she had it in her. And she’s able to be sexy, but strong and yet innocent.

IU & Yoseob (BEAST) – What I Want to Do Once I Have a Lover

SOOO CUTE. Yoseob must be so happy! HAHA. They’re both naturally adorable and are both great singers.

FT Island & f(x) – Don’t Cha

“Radies let’s go!”

SNSD & Super Junior – Technologic; We Can Make the World Stop; Moves Like Jagger

They’re all so fierce <3
But this video was definitely made by awkward SeoKyu couple at the end LMAO LMAO I LOVE THEM ♥♥♥♥

2NE1 – Ugly + I Am The Best

Admittedly, I kinda don’t like that CL just shouts everything during lives, but I was pretty impressed with her singing the chorus during Ugly [: it was powerful but on pitch and full of passion. Although she skipped the “pretty”s =w= haha. They’re such good performers.

Super Junior – Mr. Simple

KYEEE thank you SBS for that awesome opening VCR segment!

C.N. Blue & Wonder Girls – Tainted Love

Somewhat an awkward collab but they’re all good. xD I’m surprised Yoobin sang. Yonghwa looked kind of afraid of them LOLLL. I think Wonder Girls pulls off rock pretty well though.

Kim Hyunjoong & After School

This is really cool, with the flashlights and choreography. *w* So many people must be envious of Hyunjoong right now lolol, almost got to kiss both Kahi and Nana.

[alternative LQ but SBS official link if embedded is deleted] 

Hip Hop Stage Part 1

Gary (Leessang), Dynamic Duo +
Taecyeon (2PM), Junhyung (BEAST), Hoya (Infinite), Mir (MBLAQ)

WOW I LOVE THIS. The hip hop stage is my second favorite of all of the gayo daejun performances this year, I think. [: There is so much passion and energy here.
First of all, I’m really happy for all the idol rappers that they got to do a stage like this. ^^
GARYY <3333 I’m used to Running Man and it’s sooo weird seeing a fierce Gary haha! LOOK AT SEOHYUN at 1:48 though lmao she’s just awkwardly clapping even though it’s a hip hop stage, and then she follows Hyoyeon and G.NA with their gestures, and she’s soo awkawrd… hahaha.

[alternative LQ but SBS official link if embedded is deleted] 

Hip Hop Stage Part 2

This part though is the shit.
Yoon Mirae aka Tasha comes out and SLAYS ALL OF THEM. GIIIIRL, I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU. Holy fudge. Yoon Mirae = all of the rest of their swag added up.
I loved her after Running Man’s hip hop special because she was really sincere and she and her husband were really cute, but I had no idea she was this badass. <3

SMTOWN – The Sound of Hanlyu

Holy fuck. This is what my life is about. Fuck. Can I just marry all of SMTown? SMTOWN ORCHESTRA IS LIKE THE BEST THING OUT OF ALL POSSIBLE BEST THINGS THAT EXIST. O A O

These 9 minutes of your life are worth it. First you’ll be impressed.. then you’ll be impressed even more.. and then even more blown away and even more and more!!! It never ends O A O They are all amazing as fuck and they just keep throwing more and more spazz-worthy awesomeness at you.
SMTown is really, truly talented… ;_____; Not only are they the best on variety and have great personalities and hearts and are all really superior-looking people, but.. talent in instruments, singing, rapping, dancing.. All that charisma and stage presence and beauty and wonder and. Wow. I’m really happy.

HENRY VIOLINNN <3 Siwon drums!! Seohyun and Ryeowook keyboard!! Sunday and Jungmo guitar!! VICTORIA’S SOLO DANCE. All of the fierce dancing! TIFFANY’S BEAUTIFUL FLUTE.
And… The Devil’s Cry…………. Taeyeon and Changmin. how. how did they do that.

Anyway, wow, watch this! They are all really talented ♥
Gayo daejuns were really boring this year, but this performance was definitely the bestttt<3 Made the gayo daejuns worth it.

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Invincible Youth 2 – Ep 4

[rest of parts at engsubkpopshow’s channel]

:D They go fishing to catch crabs! OH MY GOD. THE SASHIMI. THE FRESH SASHIMI FROM THE FISH AND RAY THEY JUST CAUGHT. ;____; -mouth waters-

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Invincible Youth 2 – Ep 3

[rest of the parts on engsubkpopshow’s channel]

My favorite part of this episode is definitely the Maknaes’ Talk Show where they solve everyone’s problems. ^^ Suzy and Jiyoung were really good MCs and they’re so adorable! It was really enjoyable.

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Invincible Youth Season 2 – Ep 2

Credit: HeArTsDiESuBs

SNSD – Sunny and Hyoyeon
f(x) – Amber [such a boss, this girl. but LMAOOO at the part where she looks at herself and calls herself sexy.]
Miss A – Suzy [she’s so adorkable and 4D]
Rainbow – Woori
Kara – Jiyoung
Jewelry – Yewon

So this episode is them playing and catching octopuses at a mud flat. =w=b Very messy. Not exactly.. a productive? episode but at least they’re all getting closer and closer with each other, and we’re seeing more of their personalities. ^^

WOORI AND EUNYOUNG [Amber..] WERE CUTE. HAHA. And Sunny is just a natural at anything and everything she does.


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