Lovelyz on Knowing Bros (Ask Us Anything) Ep 34

It’s an hour and a half long, but EEEEEEEEE THIS IS MY FAVORITE EVER LOVELYZ VARIETY APPEARANCE. ♥ It’s so much fun and everyone is hilarious!

The concept is that everyone there is classmates and can speak informally to each other, regardless of age/seniority. Lovelyz and the guys go on a retreat!

I love how much freedom the informal speech gives Lovelyz to be themselves and be more fearless than ever without worrying about repercussions ;u; Everybody is merciless with each other and extremely comfortable, so there’s plenty of teasing and shameless image-ruining all around AND IT’S GREAT. Silly and feisty Lovelyz is best!

Baby Soul is usually the most stiff (debatably most boring on variety?) but she’s let go of herself a bit here and showed off some really unexpected charms LOL! She was hilarioussss. She and Soogeun made such a fantastic pair.

Tbh I was squealing with laughter over and over during this episode. So much goodness!!! I wish that they were regulars ;A; I’ll probably rewatch this sometime.

Some highlights:

  • Sujeong plays guitar and sings Super Junior’s Bonamana while Heechul dances to it!!!! My two favorite groups aaaaa
  • Yein’s touching moment reading the letter to her parents
  • Kei’s epic aegyo
  • “HA!”

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