Running Man – Ep 87

Guest: Han Ga In

Okay, had to watch this episode since the guest was Han Ga In and the theme was the drama Moon that Embraces the Sun, which I’m currently loving despite its many flaws.

The premise of the game is to find the first loves!
And I kind of don’t understand.. how you can win the game if you’re not in the “first love” couple? Because if the purpose was to attain 5 nametags, then there’s no point in finding out who the first loves are. I DON’T GET IT.

But either way, I loved this episode. :D It was hilariously entertaining and really sweet and touching at parts. You don’t have to know the drama to enjoy this.

ALSO, they got kids to act as the “young version” of the RM cast and Han Ga In, which was TOOOOO TOO TOO ADORABLE. There were so many references. Mini!Gary’s “STRESS” was too cute.


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Running Man – Ep 139

Lee Yeonhee
Go Ara

I REALLY like the guests. Yeonhee and Ara are both gorgeous girls who are decently-esteemed actresses and definitely satisfy what the RM guys look forward to when there are female guests on the show. But the big difference is that instead of being a pretty decoration, THEY ACTUALLY TRY TO HELP. They were still a bit reserved and shy and are still kind of watching their images, but they ended up being more proactive than I expected them to be. And they were naturally cute at the same time! What’s not to like? 8D

Yeonhee was so great in dodgeball, Ara wasn’t afraid to be noisy and let loose, and both were rather competitive. And I swear, I was just fawning over how pretty they were the entire episode OTL.. It’s not fair HAHAHA.

About the episode though. It’s essentially a parody (kind of) of the melodrama That Winter, the Wind Blows which just ended last week. Having watched the drama myself, I enjoyed that the parody LOL. Basically, the cast first plays some games in couples and for the finale, they have to find the 2 people who are secretly “long-lost siblings that are in line for the inheritance of a large company.”

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Running Man – Ep 138

C.N.Blue’s Jonghyun
Kim Woobin
Lee Jongsuk
Min Hyorin
Kim Sooro

Pretty great episode! Some intense action and competition, laughs all around, and adorable people.

Wow that they invited both Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk LOL. They’re pretty popular nowadays for starring in the drama School 2013 together and having ~*bromance*~ which they display a lot in this episode too haha. They seem like really cool people though :’D

I can see why people like their friendship so much, and I can see why they have that bromance going for them too tbh. Jongsuk is quite touchy; it was cute how he kept holding Hyorin’s hand and grabbing her arm. SO MUCH SKINSHIP.

I really liked all of the guests! All of them gave their all. Even if Jonghyun is known for being kind of weak, and Woobin was a bit of a wimp at first… in the end, they showed their strength, agility, wit, and perseverance. Jongsuk and Woobin were SO INCREDIBLE in the last flag stealing game. *A*

Kim Sooro really lives up to his title of Game Devil. I love that man.

And Min Hyorin! I honestly didn’t expect all of that out of her. I always considered her a pretty high-up well-known actress, and she looks kind of cold too.. But she ended up being so naturally cute without even trying to be cute. Unlike many other female guests that’ve been on this show, she puts herself out there. She’s chatty, she fights back, and doesn’t need rescuing. Plus, she seems down to earth. ;u;

Not to mention, I loved the comic book/high school/activity clubs concept of the episode. Really cutee.

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Running Man – Ep 135

Jackie Chan
Siwon (Super Junior)

Definitely a milestone episode for Running Man. Finally dreams have been fulfilled of having Jackie Chan guest on the show! And he’s absolutely perfect for the environment: genius, active, quickwitted, easygoing, strong, and hilarious. He’s seriously a living legend.

I’m not even disappointed that the actual premise of the episode was kind of boring/lacking. They basically just play games/missions and each team accumulates darts. At the end, they throw the darts and try to get it into the ~*golden*~ bullseye. If it were any other guest, it wouldn’t be too interesting an episode.

But Jackie Chan really sweeps the entire show off of its hypothetical feet, turns it upside down, and makes it fun.

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Running Man – Ep 118

Park Boyoung
Choi Minsoo

This episode is bipolar as fuck.

Cute couple selection games with THE NATURALLY ADORABLE AND TALENTED Park Boyoung who recently starred in the movie A Werewolf Boy with Song Joongki.

And heart-stopping, horrifying Running Man hunting with hunter Choi Minsoo, who’s back for more revenge on Grasshopper Jaesuk. (Tip: don’t watch alone in the dark.)

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Running Man – Ep 115

Moon Geunyoung
DBSK (Yunho, Changmin)

LOVE THESE GUESTS. They’re all so competent, strong, fearless, and just are fantastic people.
And the Jongkook-Geunyoung love line continues huhuhu.

This episode is the bell race. They break up into 5 pairs and battle it out—with a picture-taking game at a mud flat, dodgeball, and chicken fighting—with each last-placing team being eliminated and having their bells removed. At the end, they play hide & seek and the ones still with bells left are the seekers.


  • When Gwangsoo and Sukjin first enter the mud flat, and it looks like they’re wrestling
  • Geunyoung being awesomely capable during Dodgeball
  • The little kid with the INCREDIBLE high-pitched scream
  • The DBSK duo being completely perfect matches (as in, in competition) to each other
  • “The Giraffe meat that got delivered to the Tiger’s house” LMAO

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Running Man – Ep 114

The theme of this episode is X-Man, which is a former and very renowned variety show which was also MCed by Yoo Jaesuk, and whose staff are now working for Running Man. One person out of the 8 is secretly the X-Man, who must carry out his or her mission without being found out. They split into 2 teams and play games, then the winner of each gets a chance to switch a member with the other team. At the end, the team without the X-Man wins.. but if the X-Man fulfills his/her mission, he/she is the sole winner.

[Really recommend this btw.]

Guest: Moon Geunyoung

AWWWWWWWWW this is such a great episode! I love and am accustomed to Moon Geunyoung as the respected actress, but this is my first exposure to her real personality. She’s naturally so adorable while not actually trying to be cute. She’s truthful, has a bit of shyness while not being afraid, is soft and bright, is down to earth, and is really ambitious. She’s a wonderful female guest because unlike many others that are weak and incapable, she shows SO much competence and strength. ;u;
On top of all that, (although she’s not very chatty at first) she’s HI-LA-RIOUS. She says and does some of the funniest things the entire show.

What really makes this episode special though is the Jongkook-Geunyoung love line. Even though he hasn’t had many love lines on Running Man (huhuhu Eunhye~), Jongkook is so forward in his crush towards Geunyoung hehehehe. And Gwangsoo and Haha are the hysterical teasing, troublemaking duo. -covers ears- DANGYUNHAJI!

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Running Man – Ep 79 (Sherlock Holmes)

iSubs Running Man Episode 79
Kshownow Running Man Episode 79

Hao & Chao
Kim Jaedong
Yoon Dohyun

Watched this episode because apparently some people had it down as their favorite Running Man episode. But honestly, I think that these people prefer thrill and mystery over comedy… because I was really freaked out and didn’t entirely enjoy it HAHAHA.

It’s definitely a stand-out episode because it’s unpredictable and stirring. Suspicions arise from every corner, and even as a viewer, you don’t know who to trust. They are all detectives who are roaming this gigantic cruise ship and looking for clues (in the form of green cards) to find the treasure. However, the members are mysteriously disappearing one by one without explanation… How is this happening and who is the culprit?

The aftermath scene in the jail after everything was revealed was hilarious though!

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Running Man – Ep 130

Guest: None

Definitely one of the most brilliantly mind-warping episodes of Running Man that I’ve seen thus far. From the beginning (which will have you thinking, “wait is it supposed to start here?!”) all the way until the end, YOU WILL BE PLAYED LIKE A FOOL AND AMAZED WITH EVERY REVELATION AND ACTION.

I want to say more, but honestly, half of the fun is being completely and utterly confused. Enjoy!!

Anyway, the premise of this episode is that the Running Man members are in 1938, and must collect the 7 keys to a treasure chest. Back to the present, they are reincarnated… but why? Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth? What secrets lay hiding around the corner? Who will be the ultimate winner?

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LeeSSang (ft The Seeya’s Yoojin) – “Tears” MV

(LeeSSang is a hip-hop duo composed of Gary and Gil.)

I’m terribly addicted to this song. <3

I think I have a problem with the fact that I also really like the MV. It features Dalmatian/DMTN’s Daniel and NS Yoon-G, who did wonderful jobs at acting their parts. I LOVE that the split screens make it seem as though they’re interacting—but they’re really not. They’re in different settings, different times, with different feelings. It’s kind of genius and really portrays the bittersweetness of the relationship.
But because the MV’s great, it takes away from the song. On my first watch, I paid no attention to the song and subconsciously wrote it off as a song I wasn’t interested in.

Then after listening to the song without an MV for distraction, I realized that the song has its own brilliant merits and that I loved it to bits—maybe even more than I loved the MV. There’s so much emotion in all of the parts that contrast so much yet tie together well! And I must admit that I’m extra biased towards the lyrics because Gary wrote them.

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Running Man – Ep 74

iSubs Running Man Episode 74
Kshownow Running Man Episode 74

Guest: None

Very interesting episode. :’D It’s Christmas and each of the members are granted one supernatural power:
Jaesuk is the space controller. At his command, everybody can be relocated anywhere he wishes.
Jongkook has sixth sense. With an earpiece, he receives information about others and his surroundings.
Haha is the time controller. He can turn back time to an hour earlier.
Gary is the duplicator. He controls and is protected by “clones” dressed just like him.
Jihyo is the mind controller. She knows all of the others’ abilities and has an extra secret ability.
Gwangsoo has the death note. He can eliminate another member by writing their name down.
Sukjin is the phoenix. He has 3 lives.

They duke it out for the second time to find out who the strongest Running Man member is, armed with their new superpowers.


  • The Gary clones “lol lol lol lol”

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Running Man – Ep 129

CNBlue – Yonghwa + Jonghyun
Infinite – L
MBLAQ – Lee Joon
SHINee – Minho
ZE:A – Kwanghee
f(x) – Sulli

Really enjoyed this episode! I just watched the other Olympics episode from last year recently, and it’s nice to see the changes, good and bad. When the PDs called this year’s cast an “upgrade,” I was worried because of Kwanghee’s addition–and my skepticism was right: he slowed down the idol team. Jonghyun is also worrisome but idk, because of that, he’s so cute LOL. I feel like he’s similar to EXO’s Suho in that he’s like a cheery little old man HAHA! But I still loved him for how sweet and nurturing he was.

However, the rest of the idol team was incredible. Yonghwa is THE ace guest of Running Man–he kills it every single time he comes on the show.<3 Joon was a black hole last year, but he improved tremendously and did quite well in Hide & Seek! Minho is competitive and competent as ever; he’s really one of the few that pose a challenge on Jongkook. And it was such a pleasure to see L, who’s not only perfect eyecandy, but really tried his best (other than that fatal mistake) and had great reflexes.

Mostly, I’m impressed with Sulli. :D I love Eunjung but last year, she was completely useless as the team’s female member. Especially in hide & seek, she did /NOTHING/.
Sulli, on the other hand, was absolutely fearless and amazing during hide & seek! Not to mention, she’s adorable, dorky, gorgeous, perfect, etc.

  • L is REALLY unbelievably cute. ;//A//;
  • Jongkook and Minho’s intense, unpredictable sleigh race
  • Sulli’s adorable “DON’T MESS WITH ME D:<“
  • Kwanghee being scolded by Sulli in the hockey game
  • Monday Couple (Gary taking care of Jihyo really well during hockey)
  • Jonghyun’s sweet gesture in helping Sulli sit
  • Kwanghee’s walrus swimming
  • “We’re doing Running Man, but you’re doing Dream Team right now”
  • Antholes of hell in hide & seek
  • Sulli’s awesome bravery in the last round of hide & seek ;u;

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Running Man – Ep 85

iSubs Running Man Episode 85
Kshownow Running Man Episode 85
Yaongsub Running Man Episode 85

Big Bang

Okay, this episode imo is more entertaining than its coupled episode, 84 because Big Bang is better on the offensive than defensive. Plus, it’s fun to see the almighty Sparta Jongkook cowering and hiding.

T.O.P is really……… like another Sohee. He’s so awkward, quiet, clueless. He follows the other members around like a cute, innocent little kid. And then has this silent scariness, like with how he just grabbed that walkie-talkie without mercy.


  • “t.o.p…….”
  • How scary Seungri is with his passive .. taunts
  • The situation with Haha under the desk
  • G-Dragon’s “Where is Haha?” game
  • “My last name is Kwon”
  • Saying the embarrassing magic spell of the ring in front of the summoned victim
  • “Your screw fell out”

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Running Man – Ep 72 & 73

Ep 72:  iSubs Running Man Episode 72
Kshownow Running Man Episode 72

Ep 73iSubs Running Man Episode 73
Kshownow Running Man Episode 73

C.N. Blue – Yonghwa
Lee Minjung (actress)

A few things about these episodes that make them really special for me. They take place in Hong Kong!!! JACKIE CHAN reads all of the missions for them in Cantonese!

And I love both of the guests. Yonghwa has long been cemented as “the guest that’s like part of the cast” and aside from my blatant bias towards him and his perfection, he is GREAT at this show. Most definitely fulfills his title of being an ace, alongside Jihyo.
Lee Minjung I already liked as an actress, but we get to see some other sides of her here and I like that she gets pretty into it. She’s also ridiculously pretty.. :( Every damn shot of her is naturally gorgeous and flattering, like what even.

So the ultimate goal is to “solve the mystery of the 9 dragons.” They split up into 3 teams and do missions to earn halves of medals. Finally, it becomes an individual challenge, and ONE person yields the real medal. But who?


  • Jackie Chan because it’s fucking Jackie Chan okay
  • How awesomely badass Red Team is (although they ended up not showing them much..)

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Running Man – Ep 74

iSubs Running Man Episode 74
Kshownow Running Man Episode 74

Super Junior – Siwon
SHINee – Minho
f(x) – Sulli
Wonder Girls – Sohee
SISTAR – Hyorin


They form 4 teams and have a math race, doing missions to eventually accumulate numbers and math symbols, and at the end, the first team to use them to make the number 1 wins.
It’s a fun episode but I feel like it slightly fell flat although certain parts were hilarious. I feel like there were people that were hardly even shown (there’s a lot of Hyorin at first but later she disappears). And Sohee……. is BEYOND awkward HAHA.


  • Jongkook’s violent dancing
  • Team Sulli’s songs
  • Sohee’s silent .. fear-inducing ability

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