Strong Heart – Ep 158

This episode is a continuation of episode 157.

Guests include:
Kim Sohyun (13yo child actress from I Miss You, Moon that Embraces the Sun)
Park Minha (6yo child actress)
Lee Sangyup (Secretary Park from Nice Guy)
Hye Park (model)
+ surprise visit from Hwang Minwoo (“Little Psy” aka dancing boy in Gangnam Style)

Regulars and interns include Boom, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Rainbow’s Jisook, and ZE:A’s Kwanghee.

TOO MANY CUTE CHILDREN… SOB. AND ONE OF MY TOP GIRLCRUSHES, THE LOVELY AND TALENTED KIM SOHYUN. (In her talk, she mentions Kim Yoojung and the kiss scene with Yeo Jingu.)

It’s not too spectacular of an episode but they made it worth it for me!

There were some continuity issues with the editing though; for example, they’d show a reaction from Sohyun without the clothespin in her hair, and then right after, she’s in the background with the clothespin in her hair. =w=;; Nice try, SBS.


April 8, 2013. Kim Sohyun, Kim Yoojung, Park Minha, Rainbow, Super Junior, Variety/Talk Shows, ZE:A. 2 comments.

Gag Concert – Ep 646

Guest Cameos:
Girl’s Day
Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo
Kim Yoojung (child actress)

While I never feel that any episode is extraordinarily spectacular, every episode of Gag Concert is still pretty damn entertaining and I wasn’t let down by this episode.

For some reason, while they were kind of stupid, the Father and Son (appa wa.. AH DEUL!!!) jokes had me cracking up.

I like Kim Yoojung but I haven’t really seen much of her acting.. While she seemed so serious, I think she’s really good LOL. She doesn’t look like much of a joker, but she played her part well.

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MBC Drama Awards 2012 – Kim Yoojung, Yeo Jingu, Kim Sohyun

ALL OF MY OTP FEELS. Despite I Miss You ending up being kind of a flop, the first 6 episodes starring the child/teen cast Kim Sohyun and Yeo Jingu are just….my favorite thing ever.

I love this performance and just the idea of it so much. I’d assume there to be a bit of OTP-fanwar going on about who Yeo Jingu’s better paired with: his partner Kim Yoojung from The Moon that Embraces the Sun, or Kim Sohyun his partner from I Miss You who had an unrequited love with him in Moon/Sun.
While I’m rooting more for Yeo Jingu and Kim Sohyun, I have to say I do like Kim Yoojung and that she and Yeo Jingu worked really well together. I DON’T KNOW.

But anyway, this performance plays on this era-crossing love triangle among the three actors as Jingu goes from his Moon/Sun character to Han Jungwoo from I Miss You. IT’S ADORABLE.

Props to Kim Yoojung for showing that she’s a lovely singer on top of cute girl and brilliant actress. :’D Kim Sohyun sounded really nice on the lower notes, but to be fair, her song was more difficult and encompassed more high notes so I can’t mark her down too much for being shaky.

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