MAMA 2012

There were some other performances I wanted to see but I can’t find them on youtube and mnet hasn’t uploaded them (yet??). :c Will update later if possible.

Honestly I wasn’t too impressed by MAMA this year, performance-wise haha.

+ Mirotic (by DBSK)
+ Lucifer (by SHINee) ft SHINee

They performed MAMA at MAMA.
LMAOOO IT’S PERF. Anyway, none of this is sung live, and I guess I don’t mind too much since most of the MAMA perfs didn’t really focus on live singing. Plus their dances for the most part are demanding.

It was nice seeing all 12 of EXO performing together. :D Although it’s kind of weird because seeing Super Junior (back when they performed as 13) was so natural, but when it’s 12 of EXO, it feels like so many people LOL. Like the stage is cluttered and overcrowded.

Then they split up for Mirotic and Lucifer! 8DDD I enjoyed those ’cause they didn’t use the original audio but actually covered them. Kai and Kris switching off the raps in Mirotic was awesome. (KRIS RAPPING IN KOREAN YUSSSS.) Baekhyun ACEDDDDD the Changmin belt!
It was also great to hear Luhan and Chen singing in Korean for Lucifer. ^^ When SHINee came out, it was like, “oh cool!” but they didn’t do anything big with it.

f(x) were ADORABLE cheering so enthusiastically for EXO too ;u; so cuteeeee.

Super Junior – Sexy, Free, and Single

I’m an ELF and I hate to say it, but SuJu’s performances weren’t particularly interesting at MAMA. xD THAT LED SHOW PRIOR TO THIS PERFORMANCE HOWEVER WAS AWESOME AND BRILLIANTLY CHEOREOGRAPHED.

PSY ft Hyuna – Gangnam Style

Yaaayyyyy :D It’s really nice seeing all of the other k-pop stars (and just basically the entire audience) enjoying this performance and supporting PSY so much!! They were all really passionate about it.


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121026 SMTown – Hope (SMTown in Tokyo)

This makes me smile so much! SMTown truly seems like a family. <3

I love intermingling between groups hehe.

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Younique Unit – “MAXSTEP” MV

(SM’s dance unit in collaboration with Hyundai)

SNSD – Hyoyeon
Super Junior – Eunhyuk
Super Junior-M – Henry
SHINee – Taemin
EXO-K – Kai
EXO-M – Luhan


Other than Kai, all of them are really underrated imo so I’m REALLY happy for them that they get to participate in a group like this and have exposure. xD Especially glad for Henry (him being my ultimate bias aside, he really doesn’t get many activities). Taemin’s not exactly “underrated” but he’s often underestimated when it comes to his talent.

It’s interesting because when I listened to the mp3, I couldn’t tell who anyone was other than Hyoyeon. But now seeing faces with the audio, the voices are suddenly so obviously distinguishable and it’s like, “OH. I SHOULD’VE KNOWN IT WAS ___ SINGING/RAPPING.”

In general, this whole thing is pretty fierce. :>

I like that they kept Hyoyeon like their secret weapon. At the end, it was “Hyoyeon and her bitches” LOL. I felt as though her entrance could have been more impactful though.

I’m really pleasantly surprised that Henry got the one belt HAHA. GOOD FOR HIM!

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Kris & Chanyeol – Two Moons – EXO SHOWCASE in Seoul

I am so late to this song and this performance, but.

THIS MAKES ME FEEL SO AWKWARD HAHAHAHAHAHA THAT “ayo whuddup krees” “ayo whusseeuup” PART MAKES ME FEEL AWKWARD but I think my heart is weak for Kris and I actually really like this performance.

Roll like a buffalo!

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Okay so I never thought I would like EXO [I’m really late to the scene ’cause I’ve really been out of touch with entertainment in general lately as any possible followers of this blog might have noticed from my complete lack of updates….] BUT MAN I AM HOOKED.

I KEEP REPLAYING “MAMA” BECAUSE IT IS JUST EPIC AS HELL. This is the new Rising Sun, except creepier and more demonic. It’s kind of scary and very angsty, but for some reason I just really like this song.


Let’s just ignore that entire opening sequence because ._. that.. yeah. Let’s ignore that. I’m sorry, ~*~Tree of Life~*~.

KAI’S SHARPIEFACE GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK THE FIRST TIME, OH MAAAN. He STILL freaks me out ’cause the way he moves just isn’t.. human LOL. On another note, D.O’s first solo [first line of song] impresses me so much! That belting! The singing in general is just awesome though. QwQ Really powerful. Baekhyun’s beltinggg.
Their dancing is also really sharp and in sync. ^^


For some reason, I actually think I’m slightly biased towards M over K.
I think what kind of disappoints me about M though is the fact that they rely so much on just one vocalist, Chen. :c And the ironic part is that he’s not even Chinese, although his voice is <33. K seems to be relying on Baekhyun, D.O. and Suho, whereas in M, it’s only Chen holding up the fort while the others aren’t as strong vocally? However, I think the rapping in general in M is better!

I like Kris :’D his rapping <3333. ALSO he is the only one that’s not scary with sharpieface LOL. It actually looks cool on him.


EXO-K – History/MAMA (Debut Stage) @ Music Bank 120413

Objectively speaking, History was a weak performance. They were off tune everywhere, out of breath, didn’t blend, and it was just really messy in general although I know they worked hard and put a lot of effort.

MAMA, HOWEVER, WAS AMAZING. This definitely showcased how good they can be live.

D.O, BAEKHYUN, AND SUHO *_____________* were really incredible, vocally. I was extremely impressed by Baekhyun who was pretty much nearly flawless and very fierce. I was also really impressed by D.O, although that one run that he did just.. did not work ;n; but I still have to give him a LOT of credit because he has some of the hardest parts of the song.

KAI’S SCREAMO PART WAS AWESOME. YES. I worry a lot for his vocal chords, but like.. surprisingly he actually sounded really good and pulled it off!
Chanyeol rapping *u* He’s pretty good and I hope he gets more/bigger chances to rap in the future!

.. :c I want to see what Sehun can do. I can’t really judge from the ONE rap solo he has.

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