130127 Gag Concert – CNBlue cut

I really appreciate how they gave all of the members (Jungshin wasn’t present) distinct and more prominent roles this time.

The part where Yonghwa sings a parody of “Be a Dust” though oh my god those lyrics are so .. well, not quite inappropriate, but I was really surprised HAHAHA. Hilarious stuff~


Extra: CNBlue performing LaLaLa featuring AOA’s Yuna on piano. I CAN’T QUITE PINPOINT WHY BUT I LOVE THIS PERFORMANCE.


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Running Man – Ep 129


CNBlue – Yonghwa + Jonghyun
Infinite – L
MBLAQ – Lee Joon
SHINee – Minho
ZE:A – Kwanghee
f(x) – Sulli

Really enjoyed this episode! I just watched the other Olympics episode from last year recently, and it’s nice to see the changes, good and bad. When the PDs called this year’s cast an “upgrade,” I was worried because of Kwanghee’s addition–and my skepticism was right: he slowed down the idol team. Jonghyun is also worrisome but idk, because of that, he’s so cute LOL. I feel like he’s similar to EXO’s Suho in that he’s like a cheery little old man HAHA! But I still loved him for how sweet and nurturing he was.

However, the rest of the idol team was incredible. Yonghwa is THE ace guest of Running Man–he kills it every single time he comes on the show.<3 Joon was a black hole last year, but he improved tremendously and did quite well in Hide & Seek! Minho is competitive and competent as ever; he’s really one of the few that pose a challenge on Jongkook. And it was such a pleasure to see L, who’s not only perfect eyecandy, but really tried his best (other than that fatal mistake) and had great reflexes.

Mostly, I’m impressed with Sulli. :D I love Eunjung but last year, she was completely useless as the team’s female member. Especially in hide & seek, she did /NOTHING/.
Sulli, on the other hand, was absolutely fearless and amazing during hide & seek! Not to mention, she’s adorable, dorky, gorgeous, perfect, etc.

  • L is REALLY unbelievably cute. ;//A//;
  • Jongkook and Minho’s intense, unpredictable sleigh race
  • Sulli’s adorable “DON’T MESS WITH ME D:<“
  • Kwanghee being scolded by Sulli in the hockey game
  • Monday Couple (Gary taking care of Jihyo really well during hockey)
  • Jonghyun’s sweet gesture in helping Sulli sit
  • Kwanghee’s walrus swimming
  • “We’re doing Running Man, but you’re doing Dream Team right now”
  • Antholes of hell in hide & seek
  • Sulli’s awesome bravery in the last round of hide & seek ;u;

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Running Man – Ep 72 & 73

Ep 72:  iSubs Running Man Episode 72
Kshownow Running Man Episode 72

Ep 73iSubs Running Man Episode 73
Kshownow Running Man Episode 73

C.N. Blue – Yonghwa
Lee Minjung (actress)

A few things about these episodes that make them really special for me. They take place in Hong Kong!!! JACKIE CHAN reads all of the missions for them in Cantonese!

And I love both of the guests. Yonghwa has long been cemented as “the guest that’s like part of the cast” and aside from my blatant bias towards him and his perfection, he is GREAT at this show. Most definitely fulfills his title of being an ace, alongside Jihyo.
Lee Minjung I already liked as an actress, but we get to see some other sides of her here and I like that she gets pretty into it. She’s also ridiculously pretty.. :( Every damn shot of her is naturally gorgeous and flattering, like what even.

So the ultimate goal is to “solve the mystery of the 9 dragons.” They split up into 3 teams and do missions to earn halves of medals. Finally, it becomes an individual challenge, and ONE person yields the real medal. But who?


  • Jackie Chan because it’s fucking Jackie Chan okay
  • How awesomely badass Red Team is (although they ended up not showing them much..)

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130115 CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012~COME ON!!!


2) THEY FINALLY GET TO PLAY THEIR INSTRUMENTS LIVE. And the sound system is so good that I kept having to wonder if it was really live.

3) ……IT’S CNBlue. They honestly sound so good, and this is quality entertainment for an entire hour and a half.


  • 0:30:52 – Yonghwa plays keyboard
  • 1:12:34 – Jungshin sings. Like, he actually SINGS and even goes into a controlled head voice. I was surprised enough to see him with significant rapping parts, but he can sing too…

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Running Man – Ep 127


C.N. Blue – Yonghwa, Jonghyun
BEAST – Kikwang
Supreme Team – Simon D
Choi Jiwoo (actress)

This is the first episode of the new year (of the snake), featuring the Busan-originated F4.
Basically, each of them chooses an animal of the zodiac, and one person is the snake. They form two teams and compete against each other. The winners of a relay, a game where they must find the other team’s “yogurt queen,” and dodgeball are rewarded hints about the snake. Finally, they land on Snake Island and must remove the nametag of the snake or protect him/her if on the same team.

DAMMIT. I want pretty boys in a box too.


  • Jongkook’s aegyo
  • “you look like their manager”
  • blinding the giraffe + Jihyo’s antics against Jongkook
  • how comfortable and hilarious F5 were with each other (SO CUTE)
  • icy roads

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Running Man – Ep 104

http://www.isubs-squad.com/download/episode?e=214 (registration required)

Super Junior – Eunhyuk (this boy is amazingly nimble)
MBLAQ – Lee Joon (he’s so hilarious LOL although smh at the volleyball part, aiyah)
BEAST – Doojoon (defs lives up to his name of former soccer player)
ZE:A – Siwan (he’s adorable. those dives though wtf.)
T-ara – Eunjung (seeing as how she was Jihyo’s counterpart, there were some expectations but I feel let down..)

Basically, Running Man Team and Idol Team compete against each other in faux-Olympics.
Honestly, I thought there was no way the Running Man team could fare well against the fresh-blooded, athletic, young idols. BUT OH BOY did we underestimate the Running Man cast… It’s an intense episode in the sense that the two teams are constantly at each other’s necks and the result is unpredictable.

I looove how chatty, comfortable, and active the idol team was! I felt like for a team that was thrown together for the first time (unlike RM who have been together for 2 years), they have pretty good coordination and teamwork.


  • the French introductions
  • Gwangsoo’s entrance with piano
  • Jongkook’s face during the relay
  • Joon and Siwan on the trampoline (OMGGGGGG)
  • Gwangsoo in the hurdle game
  • Siwan’s “death”
  • Joon in the box
  • Joon’s face of true fear
  • “Let me borrow 200 million won”

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SBS Gayo Daejun 2012

MBC Gayo Daejun has yet to arrive, but I already think that SBS Gayo Daejun will be my favorite one this year.


Simon D, Epik High, Dynamic Duo – Cypher (MV)

I do like me some rapping hip hop every so often and THIS IS SO AWESOME YOU WILL BE FLAPPING AND HOPPING AT THE END–oh wait no Tablo had that covered, sorry.

S.M. The Performance (aka dancing pretty boys)
SHINee’s Taemin & Minho, EXO’s Kai & Lay, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & Donghae, DBSK’s Yunho

HOOOOOOOOO BOY THEY ARE ALL SO POWERFUL I had to watch this multiple times to contain my feels even though I’m usually not a sucker for dancing. This is just /THAT/ impressive.

Taemin was outstanding, and that move with putting on the jacket was great.
Kai has always been an established dancer but Lay finally gets some spotlight too! Except not really because they don’t film him as much, but I’m just glad he’s there! I LOOOOVE the trade-offs between these two, as if they’re battling it out but still somewhat mirroring each other and in sync.
Of course, who doesn’t already know that Eunhyuk’s an incredible dancer? :D (HIM AT 3:52 WOOOOW)
Yunho’s entrance is beyond hot. Dayummmm.
Donghae’s dancing was never that “powerful” but his moves always look so fluid! (I was SO impressed by his jump and flip part later.)

With the exception of Minho, they couldn’t have picked a more flawless line-up because these are truly some of SM’s finest dancers. No but srsly what is Minho doing there because they have enough pretty boys anyway; I never quite thought of Minho as the strongest dancer. Makes sense that he didn’t get a solo dance.

CN Blue & FT Island

Okay I have to say that I LOVE that these two groups are not only collabing but MIXED TOGETHER as if they’re one group but in two teams.
Furthermore, all of them look like they’re having soooo much fun! Look at that smile on Jonghyun’s face LOL. I really do feel like these two groups are brothers, both on and off stage. My only complaint is that they never filmed the drummers so we don’t get to see Minhyuk and Minhwan rocking out :c


I’m not very observant so I didn’t even notice that EXO-M had come up to join their other half, so I literally SCREAMED aloud when I saw Kris filling in for the second half of the screamo bit LOL. IDK HOW I DIDN’T NOTICE THAT THE GROUP DOUBLED IN SIZE, BUT YEAH. Allkpop only labelled the video as EXO-K so I wasn’t anticipating the twist hahaha. OT12 <3

The standout here was Chen imo, who not only got to finally sing in his native language Korean, but belted his guts out and was fabulous.

Park Jimin (15&), Baek Ah Yeon, Lee Hi

For some reason, this is one of my favorite stages of SBS Gayo Dajun even though I have complaints. Something about it just sparkles.
While I feel kind of bad that the three of them (where is Yerin ;AA; ?) are crammed together into one performance, I like that all three of them were brought together because they’re (+ Yerin) JYP/YG’s fresh rookie but powerhouse singing girls who can defs hold their own just with their voices.
I must say that Lee Hi owned the solo perfs; she had the perfect attitude and hit all the right points. Meanwhile, Jimin was strong but veery pitchy, and Baek Ah Yeon lacked the power and spark to stand up to the other girls. I did hold my breath at Baek Ah Yeon’s long high note though. :’D

Then they come together to sing Mercy.
.______. which is just.. really.. very awkward because SNSD just came back with Dancing Queen, a remake of the same song. Of all songs they could’ve chosen, why…

Jimin aced this one with her belting and attitude. Baek Ah Yeon REALLY surprised me by shining here too with her high notes and runs! She was soft at first so I didn’t expect much, but dayumm. Lee Hi’s voice on the other hand seemed somewhat one-dimensional in this song.



Mystic White – Mermaid Princess
KARA’s Jiyoung, Secret’s Sunhwa, SISTAR’s Bora, 4minute’s Gayoon, After School’s Lizzy

This is the only Colors of K-pop performance that I’ve seen so far, and I do have to commend SBS for pulling all the stops for this Gayo Daejun! They did a great job imo. I mean, it’s awesome to be pulling members of a bunch of different groups, but they also had FULL NEW SONGS composed for each group. And then the members had to learn and record the songs, and learn the choreography that was come up just for this. The commitment that was put into this by both the members and production team can almost match that of what is put into a real group’s single (okay not really, but it is still admirable that they go through the entire process).

Watching this, it feels like we’re watching a new group’s debut LOL except without the rookie feel. The members of Mystic White compliment each other really well and I can see why they were put into this group.

I do kind of feel as though they wasted Bora’s rapping potential though, or maybe it’s just because I’m not too big a fan on that cutesy rapping style.

I LOVE THE TRANSITION from the underwater VCR to the performance, with the way it seems like they’re rising out of the water and onto stage; it’s brilliant!

Dramatic Blue – Tearfully Beautiful
Infinite’s Woohyun, BEAST’s Yoseob, Teen Top’s Niel, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, MBLAQ’s G.O

…….wow. I’m only now realizing that they literally casted all main lead vocals. Interesting.
While they sound pretty solid as a group, I guess they kind of lack that spark haha. Unlike Mystic White, it’s pretty easy to tell that this is a collab and not a real group because I don’t see them complimenting each other or making up for each other’s weaknesses? Not to mention because they’re all mostly trained in vocals, some of the dancing felt really awkward LOL.

The animation at the beginning was really cute. But then I think, WAIT.. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS STAND IN FRONT OF A GREEN SCREEN and Mystic White was freaking submerged in water LOL.

I did however enjoy how carefree this performance felt!

Dynamic Black – Yesterday
2AM’s Jinwoon, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, BEAST’s Kikwang, Infinite’s Hoya, Teen Top’s L.Joe

WOW! This is arguably the best group and performance of Colors of K-pop, and I’m not surprised. They truly are dynamic.. AND dramatic, dazzling, and even somewhat mystic/romantic.
That opening sequence was way too long and overdone though. But the actual performance is kick-ass!

They have great group chemistry! Saying that they’re a real group would actually be believable.
And I’m realizing that I guess they intended for Dramatic Blue to be the vocalist group and for Dynamic Black to be the dancing group, but it’s interesting because Dynamic Black’s vocals are actually…pretty..really good. Although a complaint would be that there’s a lot of backtrack and sometimes I couldn’t tell if they were lipsyncing. All in all, they got some of the most versatile boygroup members for this group. I mean, Joon, Kikwang, and Hoya (ESPECIALLY this boy) are all usually known for their dancing, but they also can hold up their end with their vocals. And Jinwoon is rockin’ for a member of a ballad group.

I also think that this group got some of the better choreography. THAT PART WHEN L.JOE RAPS AND THE CUBES START ASCENDING and it’s like a flight of stairs.. THAT IS AWESOMEEE. And the part where it’s like Hoya’s breaking free from the other guys’ grasp.
Not to mention, the line distribution is pretty equal all across the board. And they are all charismatic. GOOD FOR YOU, DYNAMIC BLACK. I THINK YOU WIN.

Dazzling Red – This Person
SISTAR’s Hyorin, 4minute’s Hyuna, After School’s Nana, Secret’s Hyosung, KARA’s Nicole

…uh. Okay, I really liked the opening sequence–I thought it was classy and befitting for the group. But the actual performance was kind of disappointing and dull all-around. :’c

The song and line distribution were reaaally repetitive. I have to say that the only things that changed the song up and made it have more depth were Hyuna’s raps but I wasn’t very fond of her rapping here. None of them got to show off their vocals; not even HYORIN, the queen of singing. The dancing was also repetitive and had no outstanding points. Most of the time, they were swaying and trying to be sexy.

They do, however compliment each other pretty well and are in sync. :’D

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C.N. Blue – “Hey You” MV

Aww I wanted a rap segment LOL. I was so excited when Yonghwa started rapping but it was only for a couple lines. :c

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111229 SBS Gayo Daejun 2011

K.Will & Tiffany (SNSD) – A Whole New World

OH. MY. GOD. <3333 This song!!
And yayy for another K.Will and Tiffany collab! K.Will has such a handsome, strong voice and he pulls anything off well. And although Tiffany has some weaker moments, I’m impressed with her ;_; <3 I love her vibrato. She’s gorgeous too~

Ga In (BEG), Sunhwa (Secret), Hyorin (SISTAR), G.NA, Jiyeon (T-ara), Fei (Miss A), HyunA (4minute) – Run the World

Oh my goshh *___* they are all so fierce.
I’m kind of unimpressed by Hyuna though ;w; she really doesn’t need to dance like that to be sexy. Ga In, Jiyeon, G.NA, and Fei were able to be sexy but still classy. I was especially wowed by Jiyeon O A O I didn’t know she had it in her. And she’s able to be sexy, but strong and yet innocent.

IU & Yoseob (BEAST) – What I Want to Do Once I Have a Lover

SOOO CUTE. Yoseob must be so happy! HAHA. They’re both naturally adorable and are both great singers.

FT Island & f(x) – Don’t Cha

“Radies let’s go!”

SNSD & Super Junior – Technologic; We Can Make the World Stop; Moves Like Jagger

They’re all so fierce <3
But this video was definitely made by awkward SeoKyu couple at the end LMAO LMAO I LOVE THEM ♥♥♥♥

2NE1 – Ugly + I Am The Best

Admittedly, I kinda don’t like that CL just shouts everything during lives, but I was pretty impressed with her singing the chorus during Ugly [: it was powerful but on pitch and full of passion. Although she skipped the “pretty”s =w= haha. They’re such good performers.

Super Junior – Mr. Simple

KYEEE thank you SBS for that awesome opening VCR segment!

C.N. Blue & Wonder Girls – Tainted Love

Somewhat an awkward collab but they’re all good. xD I’m surprised Yoobin sang. Yonghwa looked kind of afraid of them LOLLL. I think Wonder Girls pulls off rock pretty well though.

Kim Hyunjoong & After School

This is really cool, with the flashlights and choreography. *w* So many people must be envious of Hyunjoong right now lolol, almost got to kiss both Kahi and Nana.

[alternative LQ but SBS official link if embedded is deleted] 

Hip Hop Stage Part 1

Gary (Leessang), Dynamic Duo +
Taecyeon (2PM), Junhyung (BEAST), Hoya (Infinite), Mir (MBLAQ)

WOW I LOVE THIS. The hip hop stage is my second favorite of all of the gayo daejun performances this year, I think. [: There is so much passion and energy here.
First of all, I’m really happy for all the idol rappers that they got to do a stage like this. ^^
GARYY <3333 I’m used to Running Man and it’s sooo weird seeing a fierce Gary haha! LOOK AT SEOHYUN at 1:48 though lmao she’s just awkwardly clapping even though it’s a hip hop stage, and then she follows Hyoyeon and G.NA with their gestures, and she’s soo awkawrd… hahaha.

[alternative LQ but SBS official link if embedded is deleted] 

Hip Hop Stage Part 2

This part though is the shit.
Yoon Mirae aka Tasha comes out and SLAYS ALL OF THEM. GIIIIRL, I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU. Holy fudge. Yoon Mirae = all of the rest of their swag added up.
I loved her after Running Man’s hip hop special because she was really sincere and she and her husband were really cute, but I had no idea she was this badass. <3

SMTOWN – The Sound of Hanlyu

Holy fuck. This is what my life is about. Fuck. Can I just marry all of SMTown? SMTOWN ORCHESTRA IS LIKE THE BEST THING OUT OF ALL POSSIBLE BEST THINGS THAT EXIST. O A O

These 9 minutes of your life are worth it. First you’ll be impressed.. then you’ll be impressed even more.. and then even more blown away and even more and more!!! It never ends O A O They are all amazing as fuck and they just keep throwing more and more spazz-worthy awesomeness at you.
SMTown is really, truly talented… ;_____; Not only are they the best on variety and have great personalities and hearts and are all really superior-looking people, but.. talent in instruments, singing, rapping, dancing.. All that charisma and stage presence and beauty and wonder and. Wow. I’m really happy.

HENRY VIOLINNN <3 Siwon drums!! Seohyun and Ryeowook keyboard!! Sunday and Jungmo guitar!! VICTORIA’S SOLO DANCE. All of the fierce dancing! TIFFANY’S BEAUTIFUL FLUTE.
And… The Devil’s Cry…………. Taeyeon and Changmin. how. how did they do that.

Anyway, wow, watch this! They are all really talented ♥
Gayo daejuns were really boring this year, but this performance was definitely the bestttt<3 Made the gayo daejuns worth it.

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111231 MBC Gayo Daejun 2011

I’m late on catching up on the 2011 gayo daejuns but I’m finally doing it LOL

SNSD – Diamond

I’m so proud of these girls ;w; they’re so strong vocally and finally some of them, like Sooyoung especially, get to show that. YES, YOU ARE SHINING AND GLEAMING!!

After School & Infinite vs. T-ara & MBLAQ

As a big fan of Joon/Jiyeon and Seungho/Soyeon and just MBLAQ/T-ara in general as pairings, I was very happy to find out they collabed. =w= Although I was kinda disappointed in their stage ’cause it wasn’t very exciting and my OTPs weren’t there, and obviously when it comes to dance, of course they lose to After School and Infinite, which are both DAMN POWERFUL. I was impressed. Kahi especialy rocked it but I kinda wish the cameraman didn’t focus on her so much.

Adam Couple (2AM’s Jo Kwon & BEG’s Ga In) – Troublemaker

O m g.. they did Troublemaker LOLLL. Well.. this was slightly awkward but they actually pulled it off quite well! Yayy I’m so happy to see Adam Couple ;w;!! [I want YongSeo too please >w<] In any case, they’re both very talented people so of course they did well.. xD;; I really wish we could see the BTS/rehearsing though because I imagine that must’ve been quite awkward.

CNBLUE, FT Island, K.Will, 2PM & Super Junior – rock stage

YES. I LOVE ALL OF THEM SO MUCH. Yonghwa<3 Kyuhyun<3 and DAAMN K.Will absolutely killed it with those killer high notes!

Wonder Girls – Me, in

Ew, technical problems. >_> MBC, wae ireoni?!
But these girls can be so fierce. They definitely rocked this. I wish they’d show this side of them off more often. ^^

Jiyeon (T-ara), Luna (f(x)), and IU – I’m Your Girl

Awww ;__; these three are definitely my favorite BFF’s in the k-pop industry. <3 They’re so cute and I’m so happy they got a stage together! They’re all really pretty and sing well too. >w>

Super Junior – Mr. Simple


Super Junior – BONAMANA

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We Got Married – Chuseok Horror Special


Rewatched it for fun. ;3 It was VERY entertaining.

This was definitely the best WGM line-up in the history of the show. ]: Adam couple, Yongseo couple, and Khuntoria couple. <3


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00 Orange Caramel – Bangkok City
02 Rainbow – A
03 BEAST – Breath
04 KARA – Mr.
05 miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
06 4minute – Mirror Mirror
07 BIGBANG – Lie
08 T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep
09 SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
10 Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
11 U-KISS – Man Man Ha Ni
12 2NE1 – Go Away
14 f(x) – Pinocchio(Danger)
15 少女時代(SNSD) – Oh!
16 CNBLUE – I’m A Loner
17 FTIsland – Flower Rock
18 2PM – I’ll Be Back
19 東方神起(TVXQ) – Rising Sun

This is adorable <3

The video is amazingly clever too! I love that at the Mr. Simple part, they added three extra mini chibis at the top–one in uniform–to represent Kangin, Hangeng, and Kibum. ♥ And then the tiny dancing dot during Bo Peep Bo Peep which I’m assuming is Boram LOL. And then the gigantic one during Pinocchio (Danger) which is Sulli, the giant baby..

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Petition for YongSeo DVD

This video is epic. *w*


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C.N. Blue’s Yonghwa & SNSD’s Seohyun – “Banmal Song” @ K-POP All Star Live in Niigata


Ahhh I’m so happy they came together for a performance again! <333 They must be real. Just saying. LOL. But yeah, this is a wonderful performance! They sound great and are definitely a beautiful couple. Seohyun is such a princess~

Hehehe the ending though when the lights go out. xD They bump into each other and Seohyun’s like, “oh!” and then he puts his hand on her waist and escorts her off stage..! ♥

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Wooyoung and Yonghwa speak English – “Is it my turn already?”


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