121221 Music Bank – Year End Special

Ailee ft Infinite H – Heaven

WELL HELLO THERE, HEAVEN WITH A RAP. I’m ashamed that I didn’t see this coming. For some reason,  I was expecting Dongwoo and Hoya to only come in dancing, perhaps each having a classy couple dance with Ailee as implication of fighting over her–BUT NOPE. A FIERCE RAP. And they all sound fabulous! Ailee’s belting<3

Chunji (TEENTOP), Donghyun (Boyfriend), Zelo (B.A.P) & Sungjae (BTOB) – Loving U

There is always a performance of boygroup members trying to be cute and doing a girlgroup’s song. This time it’s SISTAR’s Loving U, with all members of pretty new or not yet blown up groups :D I guess this is the new generation of Wonder Boys!

But who I didn’t expect to see here was Zelo ._____________. B.A.P in general is very.. not.. that cute, even when they are being cute. Except somehow it fits a little because Zelo is so young and naturally cute, but he’s not…girly cute. I DON’T KNOW. THIS IS REALLY WEIRD.

Sohyun (4minute), Jiyoung (KARA), Suzy (miss A), Sulli & Krystal (f(x)) – Feliz Navidad + Santa Baby + Last Christmas + White

How can the ’94 line be so full of flawless and adorable girls, I don’t even. They’re all perfect.

I was worried a bit about their vocals (although I know Suzy and Krystal can defs hold up their end when it comes down to it) but I think they fared pretty well~ Slightly disappointed by Sulli though haha even though she’s my favorite. But I love seeing these girls collaborate, especially since they’re also known to be friends. ^^


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THIS IS SO CUTE. The song makes me bounce up and down.

It’s nice to see more of Youngjae :’D but I feel like I didn’t see/hear much of Jongup haha.

[Tbh I didn’t realize that that was a devil’s tail until I read the comments.]

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120802 B.A.P – No Mercy (Almost Acapella) @ Shimshimtapa

For those who can’t differentiate the parts: http://kpoplyricscc.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/b-a-p-no-mercy/

OH GOD ///A/// DAEHYUN’S BELTING. HE SOUNDS PERFECT. I have so much respect for him, man, and especially considering the fact that he’s also arguably the best-looking member of the group LOL. Visuals and main vocal <3

The rest of them sound flawless too! Yongguk and Zelo rappinggg. I wish Youngjae, Himchan, and Jongup had more parts. .____. I especially wish Youngjae had more + more dynamic singing parts. It seems like ALL of the singing is done by Daehyun [who pulls it off perfectly though].

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110210 Music Bank

Ailee – Heaven

THIS GIRL. She is too talented. ;____; She was made to sing and to perform. Her voice is so strong yet sweet and emotional, and it is just GORGEOUS. Her endurance is amazing as well. Her vocals are stellar, but somehow the stage felt lacking. ;_; Probably because of the set-up. It would’ve been nice to have some fog or something to make everything look not as..cheap.

SPICA – Russian Roulette

.. *____* My god, these girls are talented too!! Not a single one of them was weak, and I’m REALLY impressed by that. This is fierce and powerful until the end. Flawless performance~ *A*

B.A.P – Warrior

Do I even need to say anything? LOL. It’s B.A.P. They’re awesome as hell.

Block B – Nanlina

Same thing for B.A.P applies for Block B too. *____* But something about this song feels kinda lacking.. I think it’s an AWESOME song to listen to, but it’s not fun to cover [aha I tried] and it’s not that great for live performances either. ;w; I really wish that the vocalists got more spotlight…

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TAH-DAH! It’s B.A.P – Ep 2

Credit: frustratedcollegekid

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B.A.P – Warrior

YES. B.A.P has finally debuted. *________* This is incredibly badass and fierce, and they pull it off perfectly. Although I don’t see the point in smashing cars, but that’s beside the point. =w=

I already really love this group~

Debut stage @ Music Bank
Burn it Up + Warrior

A.MA.JJING. And to think, they’re rookies! So much charisma all around.

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Ta-dah! It’s B.A.P – Ep 1

Credit: frustratedcollegekid

I’m not sure how I feel about this show LOL. I’m soooo looking forward to B.A.P’s debut, but the show is just.. okay? xD I have to blame the writers/PD lol. It’s like the whole thing is scripted and they don’t really do much other than work on their slogan, and I feel like the show didn’t sufficiently.. actually INTRODUCE the members. ._. I had to look into the comments of the video to find out that the striped shirt guy is Jongup, the masked guy is Daehyun, and the orange vest guy is Youngjae. =.= The show itself isn’t that amusing because it’s so painfully obviously scripted. ;w; But the guys look like fun. I hope Jongup is really that dorky without a script.

Hyosung’s part was HILARIOUS LOL

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B.A.P Introductions

Oh god, the manriness LOLL. I’m really surprised all of them are blond…. o_o

I’m quite looking forward to this group though!

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Bang Yong Guk & Zelo – “Never Give Up” MV

I really love how this is unexpectedly a cute, fun, uplifting song rather than a fierce and dark one. :D Although their rapping is still fierce. <3 Love it~

My only complaint though is the chorus.. =w= I feel like it would’be been better if they used this song as a collab… Instead of it being only Bang Yong Guk and Zelo’s song featuring an invisible, soulful chorus. It’s so awkward when they lipsync to the chorus because it’s obviously not them singing ;w; lol.

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110401 Music Bank

Song Ji Eun (Secret) ft Bang Yong Guk – Going Crazy
[Goodbye Stage]

NOOO. ;__; It’s already their goodbye stage! Although Ji Eun deserves a break after working so hard…

I’m always amazed at how they can rap and sing while making such solid eye contact… xD And that part where he touches her face and she pulls away, with that great expression, wow. [Although there was that one performance where he touched her hair and started smiling. xD]

Orange Caramel – Bangkok City

….. They actually brought that horrid hair onto stage. ;______________;
Idk, I usually love these girls and part of the reason is because all three of them are such great singers, but omg in this song, way too distracted to say anything about that.

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110325 Music Bank




C.N. Blue – I Don’t Know Why

AKSDLJFKJ I really liked this song of theirs already from when I think they released it on a Japanese single? Sooo happy they performed it!


C.N. Blue – Intuition

They sound reaaally good~
Why is there so little Jonghyun? ]: And for some reason I really loved Minhyuk in all these.

Dance Battle – Infinite + Dalmatian + ZE:A

This isn’t just bias but I think Infinite did the best. xD But they all dance so well, omg. Very fierce.

Infinite – Nothing’s Over

Ever since L’s voiced cracked during his first solo [first part of the song~] on last week’s MuBank, I’ve been like DDDD: -anxious- when he gets to that part LOL but fortunately, he hasn’t cracked once since then! He sounds SOOOOOOOO good here! He actually sounds/looks more confident and natural with the high part. ^^
They all sound reaaally really good <3

But omg. Maybe it’s because of the adorable background with the petals, but I found them ALL especially REALLYYYY cute in this performance ;__; They’re so endearing!

Dalmatian – That Man Opposed

;_; Waah couldn’t find any HD videos of the perf, and I’d link UnknownnCarrot’s but I think the videos get privated after a while.

Ji Eun (Secret) ft. Bang Yong Guk – Going Crazy

]: I feel like Ji Eun isn’t at her best condition still. ;__; She JUST got better from being sick so I wish they could just let her take a short break..

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110318 Music Bank

Infinite – Shot + Nothing’s Over [Comeback]

INFINIIIIIIIITEEE!! :DDD  I LOVE Nothing’s Over. And they’re always such great performers. Eiyooo what a great performance. ^^ Although poor L’s voice cracked during the first line of the song.

Girl’s Day – Twinkle Twinkle [Comeback]

I love them and I love the song and I know they’re talented [Yura and Hyeri still have to prove themselves to me though x: although I love them] but I didn’t find the stage impressive. D: And there was a lot of backtrack..

Secret’s Ji Eun ft Bang Yong Guk – Going Crazy

POOR BABY. TT_____TT She’s sick and should not be on stage. You can tell she’s not in her best condition. Just wth? :/ Why not just cancel promotions for one week and then come back when she’s feeling better?

On another note, I love Bang Yong Guk. I didn’t know he wrote the rap lyrics :D

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Song Ji Eun – Going Crazy [110311/110312]

110311 Music Bank

:DDD I love how they filmed a special MV instead of having a live performance! It was a good idea. This really is a pretty good production for something made just to air on one show.

I really love this. *___* I love Bang Yong Guk. But he was so creepy LOL. He pulled it off well.

“Song Ji Eun acted out a scenario where she was being stalked by an obsessive man played by her guest rapper Bang Yong Guk who also plays as a police investigator – leaving the idea that perhaps Song Ji Eun’s character tried to free herself from the manic clutches of her stalker in a less-than-legal manner.”
-from Allkpop

110312 Music Core

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Song Ji Eun (Secret) – “Going Crazy”

Ji Eun is amazing and the rapper–Bang Yong Guk, a newbie–is so good. *__*

The MV freaks me out though D: Omg the ending.


Performance @ Music Bank 110304


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