[15& SOUND] I Didn’t Go to School (ft. San E)

I’ve found my new jam. I can’t explain why I love this so much but I just do—San E’s rapping and 15&’s singing are just so flawless.

For some reason, I don’t know how I feel about the fact that this is the only 15& SOUND video that’s not sung live, but instead done in a studio and then just lipsynced. It feels like it takes away from the initial premise of the 15& SOUND series which showed their flaring talent in the raw, but at the same time, it gives us a cleaner sound and something we could probably rip off the video to listen to as a mp3.

While it’s a bit awkward, I do like that both of the girls rapped a bit in this video! It’s cool to see that side of them too since they’re mostly ballad singers.

Poor Yerin though HAHAHAHA She’s so quiet, stiff, timid, and awkward. I feel like I would ttly be Yerin if I were a 15-year-old amazing and adorable vocalist. :c I FEEL YA GURL. I’m stanning this duo so hard now.

I really love the song choice though!<3 I just wish that JYP had subtitled the entire song because the lyrics are different from the original. It’s such a fun, hilarious, and easygoing song!!

English Translation:

Sch x9 I didn’t go to school! Why?

Now let me introduce myself, I’m teacher San.
I heard that one of the JYP kids didn’t go to school
I thought it was obviously the devils, JJ Project
But wait this was unexpected, it was them, 15&
Say it truthfully, if you lie you’re gonna get in trouble
Are you not going to tell Jinyoung hyung. I’m a scary rapper oppa
San E, 15& cosmic sound,
Should we start it now? If you feel it, put your hands in the

Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)
Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)
Eh Oh Eh Oh (Put your hands in the)
Eh Oh Eh Oh (What’s your excuse?)

What should we do, we didn’t go to school.
No, no it’s not because purposefully didn’t go. We accidentally didn’t go.
It’s true, please believe me, please just listen to me.
We didn’t do it purposefully, listen to what I have to say.

I actually did go to school
I wore my uniform and I was the first one there.
Proud of myself for coming early~ Yeah
I opened my notebook and danced~ Yeah
I actually did study
Like my singing, I was number 1 at studying, yes sir.
I was feeling good~ so I said
Yes, I’m Kpop Star’s Park Jimin.

I got praised by my teacher
So I was feeling so good, but
I heard my mom’s voice in my ears
Jimin, aren’t you going to school?
Ah~ What it was a dream?!

Sch Sch Sch Sch I didn’t go to school
Sch Sch Sch Sch I didn’t go to school
Sch Sch Sch Sch I didn’t go to school
Sch Sch Sch Sch I didn’t go to school

I have sweet Double K oppa as my morning alarm.
I’m a good kid, I was brushing my teeth and I went to go look at my face to wash my face but
Oh my god, You can see the ramen I ate last night.
The v-line is gone, my eyes are puffy, what should I do? I cry in frustration.

Yo teacher, I’ll tell you by rapping.
I have so many things to tell you that singing it won’t be enough.
I didn’t want to hear the guy that I like in my class
call me ugly so I’d rather not go!

So that’s why I didn’t go to school,
and the next day I made myself look pretty
then went to the guy but
ah~ he transferred schools!

That’s that’s that’s why you didn’t go to school? (Aigoo)
That’s that’s that’s why you didn’t go to school? (Seriously, ah~)
That’s that’s that’s why you didn’t go to school? (Wow)
That’s that’s that’s why you didn’t go to school? (Guys)

Hey guys, excuse you.
That’s an excuse? No no? Where’s good excuse?
*Lyanghyun and Lyangha’s reasons were better,
anyways I can’t just let this go
What should we do?
Uhh aegyo?
Ok well that won’t do, I better go tell Park Jinyoung-PD

Jinyoung hyung~ Yerin and Jimin~
No no no~ oppa look
1+1 is cutie,
2+2 is cutie

*Note: Lyanghyun and Lyangha is the original singers of this song

Translation: ahyeonnie


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15&’s Baek Yerin (10 years old) – Listen (Beyonce)

I officially give up on life.

It’s kind of interesting though because she had more power and attitude in her voice than she currently does, 5 years later.

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SBS Gayo Daejun 2012

MBC Gayo Daejun has yet to arrive, but I already think that SBS Gayo Daejun will be my favorite one this year.


Simon D, Epik High, Dynamic Duo – Cypher (MV)

I do like me some rapping hip hop every so often and THIS IS SO AWESOME YOU WILL BE FLAPPING AND HOPPING AT THE END–oh wait no Tablo had that covered, sorry.

S.M. The Performance (aka dancing pretty boys)
SHINee’s Taemin & Minho, EXO’s Kai & Lay, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & Donghae, DBSK’s Yunho

HOOOOOOOOO BOY THEY ARE ALL SO POWERFUL I had to watch this multiple times to contain my feels even though I’m usually not a sucker for dancing. This is just /THAT/ impressive.

Taemin was outstanding, and that move with putting on the jacket was great.
Kai has always been an established dancer but Lay finally gets some spotlight too! Except not really because they don’t film him as much, but I’m just glad he’s there! I LOOOOVE the trade-offs between these two, as if they’re battling it out but still somewhat mirroring each other and in sync.
Of course, who doesn’t already know that Eunhyuk’s an incredible dancer? :D (HIM AT 3:52 WOOOOW)
Yunho’s entrance is beyond hot. Dayummmm.
Donghae’s dancing was never that “powerful” but his moves always look so fluid! (I was SO impressed by his jump and flip part later.)

With the exception of Minho, they couldn’t have picked a more flawless line-up because these are truly some of SM’s finest dancers. No but srsly what is Minho doing there because they have enough pretty boys anyway; I never quite thought of Minho as the strongest dancer. Makes sense that he didn’t get a solo dance.

CN Blue & FT Island

Okay I have to say that I LOVE that these two groups are not only collabing but MIXED TOGETHER as if they’re one group but in two teams.
Furthermore, all of them look like they’re having soooo much fun! Look at that smile on Jonghyun’s face LOL. I really do feel like these two groups are brothers, both on and off stage. My only complaint is that they never filmed the drummers so we don’t get to see Minhyuk and Minhwan rocking out :c


I’m not very observant so I didn’t even notice that EXO-M had come up to join their other half, so I literally SCREAMED aloud when I saw Kris filling in for the second half of the screamo bit LOL. IDK HOW I DIDN’T NOTICE THAT THE GROUP DOUBLED IN SIZE, BUT YEAH. Allkpop only labelled the video as EXO-K so I wasn’t anticipating the twist hahaha. OT12 <3

The standout here was Chen imo, who not only got to finally sing in his native language Korean, but belted his guts out and was fabulous.

Park Jimin (15&), Baek Ah Yeon, Lee Hi

For some reason, this is one of my favorite stages of SBS Gayo Dajun even though I have complaints. Something about it just sparkles.
While I feel kind of bad that the three of them (where is Yerin ;AA; ?) are crammed together into one performance, I like that all three of them were brought together because they’re (+ Yerin) JYP/YG’s fresh rookie but powerhouse singing girls who can defs hold their own just with their voices.
I must say that Lee Hi owned the solo perfs; she had the perfect attitude and hit all the right points. Meanwhile, Jimin was strong but veery pitchy, and Baek Ah Yeon lacked the power and spark to stand up to the other girls. I did hold my breath at Baek Ah Yeon’s long high note though. :’D

Then they come together to sing Mercy.
.______. which is just.. really.. very awkward because SNSD just came back with Dancing Queen, a remake of the same song. Of all songs they could’ve chosen, why…

Jimin aced this one with her belting and attitude. Baek Ah Yeon REALLY surprised me by shining here too with her high notes and runs! She was soft at first so I didn’t expect much, but dayumm. Lee Hi’s voice on the other hand seemed somewhat one-dimensional in this song.



Mystic White – Mermaid Princess
KARA’s Jiyoung, Secret’s Sunhwa, SISTAR’s Bora, 4minute’s Gayoon, After School’s Lizzy

This is the only Colors of K-pop performance that I’ve seen so far, and I do have to commend SBS for pulling all the stops for this Gayo Daejun! They did a great job imo. I mean, it’s awesome to be pulling members of a bunch of different groups, but they also had FULL NEW SONGS composed for each group. And then the members had to learn and record the songs, and learn the choreography that was come up just for this. The commitment that was put into this by both the members and production team can almost match that of what is put into a real group’s single (okay not really, but it is still admirable that they go through the entire process).

Watching this, it feels like we’re watching a new group’s debut LOL except without the rookie feel. The members of Mystic White compliment each other really well and I can see why they were put into this group.

I do kind of feel as though they wasted Bora’s rapping potential though, or maybe it’s just because I’m not too big a fan on that cutesy rapping style.

I LOVE THE TRANSITION from the underwater VCR to the performance, with the way it seems like they’re rising out of the water and onto stage; it’s brilliant!

Dramatic Blue – Tearfully Beautiful
Infinite’s Woohyun, BEAST’s Yoseob, Teen Top’s Niel, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, MBLAQ’s G.O

…….wow. I’m only now realizing that they literally casted all main lead vocals. Interesting.
While they sound pretty solid as a group, I guess they kind of lack that spark haha. Unlike Mystic White, it’s pretty easy to tell that this is a collab and not a real group because I don’t see them complimenting each other or making up for each other’s weaknesses? Not to mention because they’re all mostly trained in vocals, some of the dancing felt really awkward LOL.

The animation at the beginning was really cute. But then I think, WAIT.. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS STAND IN FRONT OF A GREEN SCREEN and Mystic White was freaking submerged in water LOL.

I did however enjoy how carefree this performance felt!

Dynamic Black – Yesterday
2AM’s Jinwoon, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, BEAST’s Kikwang, Infinite’s Hoya, Teen Top’s L.Joe

WOW! This is arguably the best group and performance of Colors of K-pop, and I’m not surprised. They truly are dynamic.. AND dramatic, dazzling, and even somewhat mystic/romantic.
That opening sequence was way too long and overdone though. But the actual performance is kick-ass!

They have great group chemistry! Saying that they’re a real group would actually be believable.
And I’m realizing that I guess they intended for Dramatic Blue to be the vocalist group and for Dynamic Black to be the dancing group, but it’s interesting because Dynamic Black’s vocals are actually…pretty..really good. Although a complaint would be that there’s a lot of backtrack and sometimes I couldn’t tell if they were lipsyncing. All in all, they got some of the most versatile boygroup members for this group. I mean, Joon, Kikwang, and Hoya (ESPECIALLY this boy) are all usually known for their dancing, but they also can hold up their end with their vocals. And Jinwoon is rockin’ for a member of a ballad group.

I also think that this group got some of the better choreography. THAT PART WHEN L.JOE RAPS AND THE CUBES START ASCENDING and it’s like a flight of stairs.. THAT IS AWESOMEEE. And the part where it’s like Hoya’s breaking free from the other guys’ grasp.
Not to mention, the line distribution is pretty equal all across the board. And they are all charismatic. GOOD FOR YOU, DYNAMIC BLACK. I THINK YOU WIN.

Dazzling Red – This Person
SISTAR’s Hyorin, 4minute’s Hyuna, After School’s Nana, Secret’s Hyosung, KARA’s Nicole

…uh. Okay, I really liked the opening sequence–I thought it was classy and befitting for the group. But the actual performance was kind of disappointing and dull all-around. :’c

The song and line distribution were reaaally repetitive. I have to say that the only things that changed the song up and made it have more depth were Hyuna’s raps but I wasn’t very fond of her rapping here. None of them got to show off their vocals; not even HYORIN, the queen of singing. The dancing was also repetitive and had no outstanding points. Most of the time, they were swaying and trying to be sexy.

They do, however compliment each other pretty well and are in sync. :’D

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15& – I DREAM @ INKIGAYO 121007

THEY SING REALLY WELL LIVE. WOW how are they 15 years old?

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15& – “I Dream” MV

WAIT. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY’RE BOTH ONLY 15 when they sing this well….?!

I’m not sure how I feel about this exactly. It feels like they overplay the whole, “We’re so young but we came a long way just to get here and we worked so hard and look, here are our old audition singing clips!!” The song is a bit…not that dynamic and it doesn’t sound like a hit. In fact, it sounds just like a drama OST song: mellow, kind of nostalgic sounding, and needs more action (i.e. drama scenes) to make the song more memorable and as a crutch? I find the song that isn’t standing up all that well just on its own like this. And it doesn’t help that the MV is slow and easy to get distracted from.

HOWEVER. I got chills. You still can’t deny that the song is beautiful, and that the lyrics are highly inspirational. Plus, you can’t help having a lot of respect for these two because they’re so young but really sing so so so well and powerfully.. ;;

But srsly what’re they gonna do with this duo name when they’re not 15 anymore–

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