140409 Weekly Idol – A Pink

Been a while since I’ve watched variety other than Running Man!! hehe

This further cements why I LOVE A PINK like crazy HAHAHA. A lot of people don’t realize just how hilarious they are because Naeun (who’s the most reserved member) is the one put on shows, but they do so well on variety.

In fact, they might be some of the most embarrassing female idols LOLOL….. I enjoyed it though! I love how it doesn’t feel like they’re faking their lovely cute “fairy” image, but it’s in fact just one side to them, and when they’re off stage, they have no problem bringing out their unruly and loud traits.

(Can I also mention that I love all of their outfits here?)


  • A LOT of Bomi hilarity. Homequrl owned this :D
  • Their high note battle (see part 2 – 7:32 IT’S A MUST WATCH LOL) aka screeching like dolphins and pterodactyls
  • Awesome dancing (Bomi’s “hyperbulia” dance and taekwondo dance, Namjoo’s “sexy” dance)
  • … “rapping” LOL
  • Eunji singing Let It Go



April 24, 2014. A Pink.

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