A Pink & B1A4 – Love Song Medley (@ MBC Gayo Daejun 2013)

THIS IS SOOOOOO CUTE. One of the few collab stages for 2013’s gayo dajuns that I actually really enjoyed and wanted to rewatch over and over. I like that they paired A Pink and B1A4 who’re both very endearing, “innocent,” sweet-natured, and adorable groups.

Highlights for me:

  • Chorong and Jinyoung pairing is super cute because leaders! (They look comfortable holding hands; soooo cute)
  • CNU AND NAMJOO during “We Fell in Love” (3:36) are so lovely together! They match really well, look and sound good together, and seemed to have chemistry. ;v; They’re both pretty dorky, blunt, but cool people too.
  • One of the songs was H.O.T’s “Candy” though I reaalllyyy wish they could’ve featured Eunji in that because of Reply 1997.. ;3;
  • All the girls are super cute and they sound pretty good. ^^ (B1A4 always sounds good, so no surprise.)
  • Eunji at 0:33 fucking slayin’ errthang being the cool unnie HELL YEAH


  • I wish there could’ve been more of Gongchan. ;A; ..Only after rewatching did I realize that he DID have a part at 1:58… and he’s styled/dressed so much like Jinyoung that I got confused at times.
  • Baro had no parts….

January 7, 2014. A Pink, B1A4, Performance.

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