Love Me Not (Movie)

At the start of That Winter, the Wind Blows, I found out that it was based off of a Japanese drama which had previously been adapted into a Korean movie in 2006. Since the movie starred Moon Geunyoung, I thought I’d check it out after finishing the drama.

Not gonna lie.
Seeing this movie makes me appreciate the drama more, even though it’s flawed and left much unanswered.

Pretty much everything about That Winter was more captivating than the movie, which was pretty bleak in general although maybe more realistic(?). That Winter added a lot of plot elements and fleshed out more characters that made it much more compelling and complex; but then it did have the “privilege” of being a drama. I can’t really blame the movie for not being able to include a lot, but it just… didn’t go deep enough and didn’t have much spark.

Some people felt that they couldn’t really “connect” or have much sympathy for the main characters in That Winter but .. I think there’s even less of a connection in the movie.

Moon Geunyoung was surprisingly pretty good! I didn’t expect her to play such a role since she was so young and I thought she didn’t break out of her candy girl/baby image until Cinderella’s Sister. I think she pulled off the role pretty well though the transition from cold to warm and loving was awkwardly fast. However, Song Hye Kyo was better at portraying both the blindness and this character imo.

And .. I think Jo In Sung beats the movie’s main protagonist in every category. So sorry. It was also hard to see the chemistry between the movie’s main couple, and especially with the notable age difference (15 years!!). It was awkward to watch.


April 11, 2013. Dramas, Movies.

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