130408 We Got Married (Global) – Ep 1


Thank you for:
1) uploading this episode onto your official youtube account, and
2) providing English subtitles.

Way to go!!!

Ok Taecyeon (2PM) x Gui Gui

THIS COUPLE IS WAY TOO CUTE… (Also, Gui Gui has way too many names LOL. Emma Wu?) I loved how natural they were with each other and how they were just always silly, fun, smiley, and energetic.

Listening to Taecyeon speak English was unexpectedly attractive, and Gui Gui’s Engrish is actually not too bad and it’s cute. There’s more of a language barrier here but it doesn’t seem like they’re having trouble with that seeing as how they’re both so expressive. They’re so hilarious ;u; I’m going to enjoy watching this couple a lot.

Lee Hongki (FT Island) x Fujii Mina

This couple was a lot more calm, shy, and awkward. Hopefully they’ll have lots of chemistry once they warm up to each other! I was really impressed by Fujii Mina’s Korean; she seems so surprisingly fluent. It doesn’t seem like they’ll have much trouble communicating. :’D ..It’s just that I don’t know if these two have much to communicate to each other.


April 9, 2013. 2PM, FT Island, Reality Show.

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