Running Man – Ep 139

Lee Yeonhee
Go Ara

I REALLY like the guests. Yeonhee and Ara are both gorgeous girls who are decently-esteemed actresses and definitely satisfy what the RM guys look forward to when there are female guests on the show. But the big difference is that instead of being a pretty decoration, THEY ACTUALLY TRY TO HELP. They were still a bit reserved and shy and are still kind of watching their images, but they ended up being more proactive than I expected them to be. And they were naturally cute at the same time! What’s not to like? 8D

Yeonhee was so great in dodgeball, Ara wasn’t afraid to be noisy and let loose, and both were rather competitive. And I swear, I was just fawning over how pretty they were the entire episode OTL.. It’s not fair HAHAHA.

About the episode though. It’s essentially a parody (kind of) of the melodrama That Winter, the Wind Blows which just ended last week. Having watched the drama myself, I enjoyed that the parody LOL. Basically, the cast first plays some games in couples and for the finale, they have to find the 2 people who are secretly “long-lost siblings that are in line for the inheritance of a large company.”


April 8, 2013. Kim Jongkook, Leessang, Variety/Talk Shows.

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