That Winter, the Wind Blows aka This Drama, Things with No Point Happened

[This post contains spoilers.]

I finished the melodrama That Winter, the Wind Blows. It was a beautiful drama that I, for whatever reason, really liked/enjoyed/was invested in even though it’s, well, a MELODRAMA and is out to cause you pain. It was intense; now I’m left wondering why I even put myself through all that.

Overall, I must say that it was a good drama though; it’s really mostly the ending that disappointed because it could have been SO MUCH MORE. I’m satisfied with all of the actors/actresses because they were brilliant and all such eye-candy. The cinematography for the most part was impressively done and aesthetically pleasing.

But the ending frustrates me so much. It may be ultimately a happy ending, but too much was left unanswered, unjustified, or unexplained. It seems like nothing that happened actually HAD to happen.. so what was the point?!

Some issues I have with this show:
(oh boy, here we go)

  • What was the point of the whole con if Boss Kim could’ve let Soo win the money back through gambling?
  • Why exactly did Soo talk Boss Kim into joining the game? Boss Kim isn’t losing anything from it. He has all to gain if Soo wins and pays the debt back.
  • I also question the wanting Jinsung to stab Soo despite Soo paying his debt back, but I suppose Boss Kim’s ultimate motive was to torture/kill Soo rather than gaining money. BUT STILL WHY??
  • Why did Jinsung have to really stab Soo? To save his family? There’s no saying that Boss Kim might attack them regardless of whether or not Jinsung follows accordingly. I mean, he just pulled another sneaky one on ya.
  • No one’s even watching the rooftop stabbing scene so how can Boss Kim know for sure that Jinsung did it? idk stupid minor detail though
  • Also what was the point of showing that picture of Jinsung’s stupid little sister? That proves nothing.
  • Jinsung’s stupid little sister never learns her fucking lesson.
  • It seems like Jinsung’s family was really attacked though so I’m very confused.
  • I thought Boss Kim wanted to kill Soo. But Soo doesn’t die.
  • HOW IS SOO NOT DEAD but magically healed and alive and well? Just for the sake of the ending?
  • I don’t see the point in Soo never contacting Young during their year apart.
  • I’m not sure how chemo works…but did it really take a year for Young to finish?
  • Why does Young seem to be treated as though she’s blind and behaves this way until she’s alone? Does nobody know that the surgery was successful???
  • If Young is a regular at that restaurant and has been served tea by Soo countless times, how did she not realize that it was him? If the surgery was successful, even if she had to go through chemo.. I would think her improvement would be gradual rather than just ONE DAY MAGICALLY OMG SHE CAN SUDDENLY SEE. Also, he wears his bell bracelet and she has strong senses after being blind.
  • Young’s suicide attempt. They don’t really address it or her issues and suicidal tendencies. Then she’s completely fine the next morning and still is going to do the surgery.
  • The doctors were completely against the surgery at first because she was determined to be inoperable and might die in the process, etc. Suddenly they warmed up to the idea overnight and were like, “JK guise it might actually work!” ..?
  • Moochul’s death was completely unjustified. His character and motives as a whole were completely unjustified and unexplained. Is it because he knew he was going to die anyway that he started working for Boss Kim in order to keep Soo and Jinsung away from Boss Kim’s grasp? ……..then he goes and stabs Soo though.
  • Soo and Jinsung seem to never actually find out what Moochul did to “protect” them.
  • There was too much stabbing in this drama.
  • YOU KNOW.. if Boss Kim wanted to kill Moochul and Soo, he probably could’ve just done it. I mean, it seems so simple to just hire someone to walk up to them and stab them senseless.
  • Jin Sora was completely forgotten. Was her only role to get Soo into debt and then reveal the truth to Young? Her deal with Soo was never concluded. Her deal with Boss Kim was never concluded either.
  • Secretary Wang is still unexplained. No matter what, no matter that she raised Young for 20 years and really cares for her.. she /WAS/ the one that purposefully made Young BLIND. She stripped a child of her eyes and then one day magically changes her mind and urges her to go get surgery to fix what SHE CAUSED.
  • Secretary Wang let Young go blind and was the one that confined her to the house with no freedom for so long. What makes her suddenly the best person to take care of Young?
  • What happens to the company? I thought it was a big deal?
  • How do the shareholders react to finding out that Soo isn’t actually Young’s brother, because I thought that would’ve been a big deal too?
  • Does Myungho actually end up taking over the company without being Young’s fiance or husband?
  • I guess Myungho and Young remain friends somehow even though they don’t get along at all??
  • Jinsung and Heesun’s relationship was super cute at first but later on, it lost its magic and entire point.
  • Boss Kim is never actually punished for all that he’s done. In fact, he gets what he wants in every situation. Moochul dead, his money back, Jin Sora for himself, and Jinsung hurting Soo. WHY DO WE HAVE A VILLAIN THAT GOT AWAY WITH EVERYTHING AND NEVER LEARNED A SINGLE LESSON?!

April 5, 2013. A Pink, Dramas.

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