Running Man – Ep 138

C.N.Blue’s Jonghyun
Kim Woobin
Lee Jongsuk
Min Hyorin
Kim Sooro

Pretty great episode! Some intense action and competition, laughs all around, and adorable people.

Wow that they invited both Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk LOL. They’re pretty popular nowadays for starring in the drama School 2013 together and having ~*bromance*~ which they display a lot in this episode too haha. They seem like really cool people though :’D

I can see why people like their friendship so much, and I can see why they have that bromance going for them too tbh. Jongsuk is quite touchy; it was cute how he kept holding Hyorin’s hand and grabbing her arm. SO MUCH SKINSHIP.

I really liked all of the guests! All of them gave their all. Even if Jonghyun is known for being kind of weak, and Woobin was a bit of a wimp at first… in the end, they showed their strength, agility, wit, and perseverance. Jongsuk and Woobin were SO INCREDIBLE in the last flag stealing game. *A*

Kim Sooro really lives up to his title of Game Devil. I love that man.

And Min Hyorin! I honestly didn’t expect all of that out of her. I always considered her a pretty high-up well-known actress, and she looks kind of cold too.. But she ended up being so naturally cute without even trying to be cute. Unlike many other female guests that’ve been on this show, she puts herself out there. She’s chatty, she fights back, and doesn’t need rescuing. Plus, she seems down to earth. ;u;

Not to mention, I loved the comic book/high school/activity clubs concept of the episode. Really cutee.


March 29, 2013. Kim Jongkook, Leessang, Variety/Talk Shows.

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