Gag Concert – Ep 660

Shin Suji, Yang Huigyeong, Nam Hyeonhui

I watched because I thought it’d be interesting to see an older lady as Junggeun’s new “girlfriend” on Discoveries in Life haha.

Overall a pretty well-rounded, good episode. None of the skits screamed DESPERATE or DRY, and I did laugh out loud several times.

Tbh, I like this line-up with Brave Guys, Four Men, Father & Son, Castle Gamsu, Best Friends, School of Mental Breakdown, Madam Jeong, Female Comedian, The Elder, [and admittedly even The Uncomfortable Truth because of Jimin and Giri’s cheesy part]. The Big Arrest I can do with or without. But if you took out Are You Afraid and put in Full House instead, it would be the perfect line-up for me!
I miss some of these segments. ;A; Come baaack!


February 24, 2013. Variety/Talk Shows.

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