The Human Condition – Ep 4

Kim Junhyeon (4 Men’s fat man)
Yang Sangguk (4 Men’s unsophisticated man)
Kim Junho (King Gamsu)
Heo Gyeonghwan (4 Men’s short man; flower beggar)
Jeong Taeho (Madam Jeong; leader of Brave Guys)
Park Seongho (Gyaru-san)

Shin Bora (female vocalist from Brave Guys and Discoveries in Life)
Ailee (the PERFECT AMAZING ADORABLE idol solo vocalist)

I’m on a Gag Concert roll tonight!

This is the first time I’ve heard of this show, and the first episode I’ve watched, but it’s the last episode of the series LOL. You can basically figure everything out though:
6 comedians have been living analog lives together for a week—banned from cell phones, most technology, and the internet—and by the end of it all, they’ve become a family and have mended bonds.

I’ve been really interested lately in the comedians’ real personalities as I got to know them from their GagCon characters, so it’s nice to see them in an offstage environment—like real people, with conflicts and flaws, but it’s all still so sweet.

Aww, I love when they reference their characters though; it’s so cute. Especially Jeong Taeho’s “Hi, hello~ What’s the problem?” in his Madam Jeong voice. They’re all naturally hilarious and brilliant people.

I wasn’t expecting much, but it turned out to be a really sentimental and heartwarming show.

Parts I was especially touched by:

  • “We have to be good to our parents. We don’t do that until they get sick.” – Kim Junho
  • When Kim Junhyeon developed his disposable camera’s pictures and ordered 6 copies of each, for each member.. ;_____; awwwwwwwww…
  • The entire ending<3

February 21, 2013. Reality Show.

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