The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 6

Finally, we’ve reached the final episode of season 2!

-takes a deep breath-

Sorry, there’s just so much to express, but I’ll keep the spoilers under the cut.

In this episode, they go on a free date (as in they can choose who to go with) and then is the Final Selection—plot twists aplenty. Prepare yourself.

I have to say though that Eunyoung is like a diamond in the rough; she has such an awesome spunky, but sincerely understanding personality that is more lovable than anything, and such a rare find. I’m really glad that she was discovered more through this show, and she really shines especially in this episode. She says and does THE MOST HILARIOUS THINGS LOL! And I may be a cynic, but I love love love love her “curses.” Eunyoung is perfect.

And so ends another season of crack/fangirl-food (whatever you wanna call it), The Romantic & Idol. Truthfully, the second season is a bit of a disaster and didn’t live up to its predecessor, season 1, at all. But hey, what’s important is that we got the chance to get to know 8 astounding people and watch their interactions as they made friendships they’re not likely to forget!

The Bad

  • Wow I can’t believe they only ended up with 1 couple for this season LOL. Well maybe that’s not exactly “bad” since it’s showing that things don’t ALWAYS work out so perfectly, and it’s proof that the program isn’t fake. They’re really choosing as their hearts desire and things don’t always fall into place.
  • This is just one person’s opinion, but I honestly feel like N and Minhyuk made the wrong choices. Maybe not so much N because while I do love what was going on between N and Eunyoung, he did seem attracted to Jiwon… And she is more of his ideal type since he likes SNSD’s Seohyun so much. But although Minhyuk and Yewon were really comfortable, their relationship to me felt more like a friendship. Minhyuk and Jiwon were awkward, but there was some genuine chemistry and attraction. You can tell Jiwon was the factor that threw him off more than anything, and I think he chose Yewon just to stick to his initial commitment.
  • I feel so so so bad for G.NA, Eunyoung, and Kevin…
  • Kevin especially hardly even EXISTED during this season. Yet he was so lively and funny during the pre-filming interview to the point that I assumed that he would be the new comic relief character. But not only did he not get a chance to show how hilarious and awesome he is, he just kind of strung along shyly not knowing what to do.. and ended up being the good best guy friend that wasn’t seen as a love interest ;; BUT HE IS SO CARING AND SO AMAZING. I know thousands of girls would choose him, but just not these 4.
  • I really wish they would’ve spent less time on the Yewon love triangle and showed more of Kevin and N. The editing was unfair.
  • I also wish that Jonghoon could’ve shown a bit more manners towards G.NA when he got her hopes up by staying behind. Even if it’s just a little bow and mouthing, “sorry.”
  • The Final Selection process is really humiliating for those that don’t get chosen.
  • To be frank, I’m dissatisfied with this ending, and season 2 as a whole.

The Good

  • Kevin was such a gentleman to Eunyoung<3 THAT’S THE WAY TO GO, KEVIN! You da best.
  • I have to appreciate the fact that Kevin didn’t stay behind for Eunyoung just because he saw that nobody else was choosing her. He could’ve easily done that, but he comforted her and then stuck with his heart’s plan.
  • Jonghoon really tried his best so I hope he’ll be able to let it go because he has no regrets.
  • G.NA, Eunyoung, and Kevin are the most amazing people……… The things they said are absolutely true.  It’s okay that they didn’t end up in a “couple” because what’s truly important is that they had a really good time and made some great friends. ^^
  • There are a lot of complaints about the format for the Final Selection regarding how the girls have no choice, but NOPE. Jiwon beat the system! I am so so so so so proud of her. She went with her heart; she made a choice and had a say instead of feeling obliged to pick what was in front of her. There’s no need to force or fake it—you can tell that those are her genuine thoughts.
  • N imitating Eunyoung was cute xD
  • It’s really a shame that Eunyoung is the most hilarious and expressive when she’s by herself; she’s so great. I LOVE HER. She made everything better.

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