Gag Concert – Ep 657

Guest Cameo:
2PM’s Jang Wooyoung

Another all-around good episode!

Discoveries in Life with Wooyoung could’ve been a lot better though. Most skits that I’ve seen of this segment have been better than this one. (For starters, Wooyoung seemed ttly uncomfortable and was not convincing as Bora’s “boyfriend.”)

I’ve been having some strange inexplicable fascination with Jeong Taeho and Kim Daeseong, the daughter and “mommy” from Madam Jeong. They’re in dresses and wigs, but aren’t exactly feminine and their voices and faces are obviously male, YET THEY’RE SO PERFECT FOR THE ROLES. It’s like they’re not really trying, but it WORKS. I don’t know! When I found out that Jeong Taeho was both Madam Jeong and the long-haired rapper dude from Brave Guys who is the manliest of the group, I was /so/ mind-blown. Completely opposite sides of the spectrum. Additionally, Taeho’s wig falls off during Brave Guys in this episode which kind of breaks the character, so you’re like, “Oh.. so it is him…”

And then it doesn’t help my fascination that Kim Daeseong and Park Seonggwang are the kid duo in Best Friends (I LOVE this segment and find it genius) but they’re… so… different from the characters that they usually play. The fact that the “DON’T DO IT DON’T DO IT I’M SO EMBARRASSED” babo kid Park Seonggwang is the same rapper in Brave Guys with an afro just doesn’t register for me, not to mention he raps with Kim Daeseong’s Madam Jeong “mommy.” .-. Plus, I have a hard time recognizing him without his afro.

I love Four Men, but it’s getting ridiculously long… This episode’s was, I think, about 11 minutes? o_o Don’t segments usually average around 4-5 minutes long? Yet just Kim Junhyeon’s part alone took up about 4-5 minuters.


February 11, 2013. 2PM, Variety/Talk Shows.

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