Running Man – Ep 115

Moon Geunyoung
DBSK (Yunho, Changmin)

LOVE THESE GUESTS. They’re all so competent, strong, fearless, and just are fantastic people.
And the Jongkook-Geunyoung love line continues huhuhu.

This episode is the bell race. They break up into 5 pairs and battle it out—with a picture-taking game at a mud flat, dodgeball, and chicken fighting—with each last-placing team being eliminated and having their bells removed. At the end, they play hide & seek and the ones still with bells left are the seekers.


  • When Gwangsoo and Sukjin first enter the mud flat, and it looks like they’re wrestling
  • Geunyoung being awesomely capable during Dodgeball
  • The little kid with the INCREDIBLE high-pitched scream
  • The DBSK duo being completely perfect matches (as in, in competition) to each other
  • “The Giraffe meat that got delivered to the Tiger’s house” LMAO

February 10, 2013. Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kim Jongkook, Leessang, Variety/Talk Shows.

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