Running Man – Ep 114

The theme of this episode is X-Man, which is a former and very renowned variety show which was also MCed by Yoo Jaesuk, and whose staff are now working for Running Man. One person out of the 8 is secretly the X-Man, who must carry out his or her mission without being found out. They split into 2 teams and play games, then the winner of each gets a chance to switch a member with the other team. At the end, the team without the X-Man wins.. but if the X-Man fulfills his/her mission, he/she is the sole winner.

[Really recommend this btw.]

Guest: Moon Geunyoung

AWWWWWWWWW this is such a great episode! I love and am accustomed to Moon Geunyoung as the respected actress, but this is my first exposure to her real personality. She’s naturally so adorable while not actually trying to be cute. She’s truthful, has a bit of shyness while not being afraid, is soft and bright, is down to earth, and is really ambitious. She’s a wonderful female guest because unlike many others that are weak and incapable, she shows SO much competence and strength. ;u;
On top of all that, (although she’s not very chatty at first) she’s HI-LA-RIOUS. She says and does some of the funniest things the entire show.

What really makes this episode special though is the Jongkook-Geunyoung love line. Even though he hasn’t had many love lines on Running Man (huhuhu Eunhye~), Jongkook is so forward in his crush towards Geunyoung hehehehe. And Gwangsoo and Haha are the hysterical teasing, troublemaking duo. -covers ears- DANGYUNHAJI!


February 8, 2013. Kim Jongkook, Leessang, Variety/Talk Shows.

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