ZE:A5 – “She’s Gone” PV

The song didn’t capture me at once, but it’s very nice!

I now like the idea of this sub-unit because it’s easier to appreciate all of their vocals. I’m not so big on ZE:A songs, but I noticed that many of them have extremely unfair line distribution because Dongjun (0:36) gets, like 60% of the lines. SO WE ALL KNOW DONGJUN CAN SING.
Hyungsik (0:40) usually gets a pretty significant amount of singing time too but it’s still nice that he gets to shine more! Siwan (0:50) I’ve only ever known as the pretty boy actor but he sounds pretty nice too! Could work on his Japanese though. Minwoo’s (1:39) rapping part was small but good.

The one that really impressed me was Kevin (1:01) though. DAMN. I’ve never heard him sing, and I’m really pleasantly surprised by both his voice and the fact that HE GOT SO MANY LINES. Good for him!! He sounds great!

Now I understand that the PV is half behind-the-scenes…but it’s all in all very drably done LOL. Nothing special about the cinematography.. Nothing interesting done, worn, used, or shown.

As for the execution by the members themselves, some of the dramatic parts suffered from “I’M TRYING REALLY HARD TO LOOK EMOTIONAL BUT BY DOING THAT I’M GOING OVERBOARD OMG LOOK AT ME I’M IN SO MUCH PAIN.”

Also, maybe it’s just my speakers but the mix could’ve been improved too because the background vocals/harmonies sometimes were slightly distracting. ;x;


February 7, 2013. ZE:A.

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