The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 5

Sorry, I was misinformed before and thought that episode 5 would be the last one, but it’s not! I’m trying to find out how many eps there are total but no results.. :c The next one is most likely the last one though.

ANYWAY, THANK YOU EPISODE 5. You are by far the best episode, in my opinion, of season 2. :D
Things in this season have been continually frustrating, disappointing, confusing, awkward or otherwise kind of boring in the negative way.

But finally this episode gives a bit more closure and truths come out!

Basically, they all go on their song shuffle dates (filming themselves and thus without any staff around) and complete another mission. Then, it’s the Midnight Truth Room where they each choose one person with whom to talk, in an isolated room for 3 minutes: they ask questions, apologize, reveal their feelings, confirm what the other person is thinking.

(The rest of this post has spoilers.)

(Stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled, silly)

DAMMIT JONGHOON FINALLY. FINALLY!!!! There’s a little hope because he FINALLY has a 2nd preference! Yeah, he’s a good guy for being committed to Yewon and not wanting to lead on other girls at first, but it’s still a dating show. You only have 4 days, hearts and minds change easily, things will shift around, and to be fair, you should open your mind a little to others too because that’s how a program like this works.

And I think Yewon fails to understand this as well—even if she’s been struggling in deciding between 2 people—because she keeps expressing her disappointment that Minhyuk isn’t committed to her. BUT THAT’S KIND OF HOW IT WORKS..?

Anyway, I’m glad that Minhyuk and Jiwon finally get time to get to know each other because I honestly found their truth room talks REALLY cute. They were tense and awkward, but that’s because you can tell they’re very wary of each other and there’s a spark of attraction that neither of them can define or deny, although they’re both still uncertain about each other. They were really sweet, and Jiwon’s totally understanding about him being confused. ;u;
(Can I just say that YESSSS FINALLY they’re going to have a date, and I’m so excited! That last bit they showed in the preview of their date, with them posing together is tooooo too too tooo too cute.)

I also have to give a hand to G.NA for being incredibly understanding, caring, and considerate (well other than her little “I wanna throw up” when her song shuffle partner was revealed HAHA THAT WAS THE BEST because she finally stood up for herself a little).

My heart goes out to Eunyoung though. I wish she could’ve gotten more chances to show her true self because she’s so dorky, hilarious, hyperactive, and cute. But in front of others, she becomes timid. Thankfully, her personality does leak out enough for the rest of the cast TO ALL TALK ABOUT HER AND IMITATE HER DURING THEIR INTERVIEWS LMAO. Definitely daebak. I love that girl.

Unfortunately, the same could go for Kevin because he didn’t get to show much of himself on this show… He has charms, but is too softspoken and timid, and in the end just became the nice best guy friend.. ;n; I’m skeptical of him having a happy ending on this show, but he seems great so I’m sure he’ll find someone just fine in his life. :)


February 7, 2013. BTOB, FT Island, G.NA, Jewelry, Reality Show, Spica, TWO X, VIXX, ZE:A.

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