Kim Jongkook & Yoon Eunhye

Was looking up old Kim Jongkook-Yoon Eunhye things because the love-line gets referenced so much in Running Man, and SHIT. I THINK I SHIP IT.

(I looove Dangyunhaji/Of Course, so revisiting these moments was really enjoyable. It’s the most hilarious game sometimes.)

X-Man – Dangyunhaji

Game participants:
Stephanie (CSJH the Grace)
Hyunjoong (SS501)
Yoon Eunhye
Sung Sikyung
(all of these rounds are based around Jongkook)

I didn’t know Eunhye back then and really only got acquainted with her through I Miss You, the drama in which she starred, so I’ve always known her as “the actress from Coffee Prince” and never saw her in her idol days. WOAH. SHE REALLY WAS A YOUNG IDOL; this feels so strange. But I love this side of her! She’s so bold, snarky, and witty while still being naturally adorable in the raw.

Kim Jongkook’s “Saying I Love You” MV ft Yoon Eunhye

D’AAAWWW she even starred in his MV! And I heard that he gifted her a diamond ring and scooter (presumably the ones used in the MV) as “thanks,” which is honestly a bit suspicious…

Apparently, the reasoning behind Jongkook not showing his face in the MV was because he was to enlist in the army. Some people questioned whether the guy in the MV was even Jongkook at all due to the fact that the face of another guy is shown at the end, but NO I’M PRETTY SURE the guy in most of the MV is Jongkook. You can tell by the view of his back. And those arms! Who else is that muscular?!
My take on the plotline of the MV is that Jongkook and Eunhye are a happy couple, and Eunhye excitedly goes to meet up with Jongkook… only to have some other guy show up to inform her that he left for the army. I guess he couldn’t stand the thought of having to say goodbye so he left without a word? WHO KNOWS! But there’s gotta be some reason she looks so shocked and devastated.


February 4, 2013. CSJH the Grace, Kim Jongkook, Variety/Talk Shows.

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