Gag Concert – Ep 665

Guest Cameos:
Jang Yoonjung
Secret (all 4 members)

I personally hate the first segment, probably because I’m a scaredycat, but mostly because I don’t find it funny. It’s pretty much cemented now which parts I tend to skip over entirely LOL. That, and Gyaru-san’s part in School of Mental Breakdown.

A lot of the skits were kind of dry, to my disappointment. Discoveries in Life featuring Secret really lacked substance, and it was just the girls dancing all of their songs.

The Elder was pretty funny though! “Babo” Myeonghun’s puns had me cracking up.

And of course: Four Men was FABULOUS. I LOVED THIS EPISODE’S.
Kim Giyeol (unpopular man) with the Brownie bit was cute. YANG SANGGUK (unsophisticated man) DEFINITELY WON THIS EPISODE OVER. His story had me cracking up, and I even “awww”ed out loud because I’m so glad he reached his goals.
Heo Gyeonghwan’s (short man) blow to Kim Giyeol was funny yet sad because it’s true. Q___Q Kim Giyeol why don’t you have any trademarks or ANYTHING about you to stand out other than the fact that you’re adorably fail? Kim Junhyeon (fat man) is never a letdown; he always brings great stories with fantastic acting.

February 4, 2013. Secret, Variety/Talk Shows.

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