Gag Concert – Ep 671

Guest Cameos:
Kim Jongkook
Kim Janghoon

This is the first time I’ve ever liked Small Time Crooks (the first segment), which I don’t really think is funny.. It’s just dry and kind of unappealing, but THE REAL ESTATE DUDE’S PHONE CALL had me cracking up.

Father and Son (Appa wa… AH DEUL!!!) has quickly risen to being one of my favorite segments. I really appreciate how brilliant and warm but silly it can be just as a skit between two people (+cameos), mostly miming with hardly any props. I feel like this is the segment that really has never let me down. xD

I still haven’t entirely warmed up to The Elder but its unexpected twists are pretty genius. This episode’s was one of the funniest I’ve seen of this segment, although the babo Myeonghun part wasn’t as impressive as usual.

As for the Female Comedian, none of the stories this time were very strong. Jiseon’s especially was just like… wait are you boasting right now? because there’s no punchline.. but none of this is funny? and you’re not even suing anyone so what’s the point??

Pink Ladies… Okay, I must admit that I’m childish enough to really like the way they expanded the fire. But this segment in general just puts me off somehow. I get that it’s a parody mocking those overdone superhero antics such as useless transformation montages, but there’s not too huge a bank of humor to draw out of this premise…

Dignity of a Beggar imo was a letdown here.

“Can Suzy come out once more” LMAOO… I know that Discoveries in Life is mostly about its guests but it remains one of my favorites. This time, Kim Jongkook is the guest boyfriend and he is once again surprisingly very charming. “I think I saw you on TV. You were chasing after people.” THAT LINE ALSDFJKL. AND THEN HOW THEY MADE FUN OF HIS VOICE. AND WHEN KIM GIRI WALKED OUT, I JUST LOST IT COMPLETELY. Best segment of this episode, hands down.

I miss Seonggwang being in Brave Guys. I never really knew what happened. Anyway, they had a guest replacement: Kim Janghoon.

School of Mental Breakdown could use some work, but  Hong Nayeong’s parts are always gold HAHAHAHA. Gyaru-san creeps me out though ;A;

I always thought The Uncomfortable Truth was kind of lacking (for some reason I have a hard time liking Hwang Hyunhee’s segments), but it  fell short this time especially. I enjoy seeing Kim Giri though LOL.

Madam Jeong is kind of ridiculous but in the.. right, comedic way? While it’s not one of my favorites, I feel like the segment never lets down.

Four Men is awesome. Kim Giyeol (unpopular man) I have kind of a bias for. He’s pretty awkward, isn’t as good at acting, is always smiling even when he shouldn’t, doesn’t have as strong anecdotes, but all this fail is kind of cute HAHA. Yang Sangguk (unsophisticated man), Heo Gyeonghwan (short man), and Kim Junhyeon (fat man) are so perfect for their characters. Yang Sangguk was HYSTERICALLY HILARIOUS—definitely won this time.


February 2, 2013. Kim Jongkook, Variety/Talk Shows.

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