The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 4

Jewelry – Yewon
SPICA – Jiwon
TWO X – Eunyoung
FT Island – Jonghoon
BTOB – Minhyuk
ZE:A – Kevin

How to feel about this season. It’s really more bitter than sweet.
I can see why they decided to end this one after 5 episodes rather than extending to 8 like the last season did, and now I see why it feels like everything’s being rushed. There’s so much omitted because they just don’t have time to air scenes that don’t contribute too much to the concluding suspense.

(Edit: Sorry, I was misinformed and it doesn’t end after 5 episodes after all~)

After watching this, I feel like dipping my head into water and running around screaming with a bucket over my face. WHERE IS THIS ALL GOING………. IS ANYBODY GOING TO HAVE A HAPPY ENDING AT ALL?!

I feel really bad for Eunyoung, G.NA, and Kevin though…
I think things can still look up for Eunyoung but the way she was crying but still laughing and pretending to be fine and strong is kind of heartbreaking.

January 31, 2013. BTOB, FT Island, G.NA, Jewelry, Reality Show, Spica, TWO X, VIXX, ZE:A.

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