Radio Star – Ep 312 (SNSD)

Credit: soshisubs

Guests: All 9 members of SNSD (Sooyoung leaves midway for another broadcast)

DEFINITELY a must-watch if you like SNSD. This show had me grinning the entire time and sometimes laughing out loud like a hyena because both the girls and the MCs are so hilarious and likable. Not to mention, Kyuhyun from SuJu is one of the MCs so there’s a lot of teasing back and forth between the SMTown-mates and they have dirt to spill on each other. Some parts were awkward, but I can’t blame them since it’s a talk show and you can’t always be hilarious or sentimental. My only complaint is that some of the members didn’t talk much/didn’t have much spotlight.

But oh man, the way they tried to pair up Kyuhyun and Seohyun, the awkward maknaes, was gold…

I love these girls though. :> They have some of the best personalities in the industry.


January 28, 2013. SNSD, Super Junior, Variety/Talk Shows.

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