LeeSSang (ft The Seeya’s Yoojin) – “Tears” MV

(LeeSSang is a hip-hop duo composed of Gary and Gil.)

I’m terribly addicted to this song. <3

I think I have a problem with the fact that I also really like the MV. It features Dalmatian/DMTN’s Daniel and NS Yoon-G, who did wonderful jobs at acting their parts. I LOVE that the split screens make it seem as though they’re interacting—but they’re really not. They’re in different settings, different times, with different feelings. It’s kind of genius and really portrays the bittersweetness of the relationship.
But because the MV’s great, it takes away from the song. On my first watch, I paid no attention to the song and subconsciously wrote it off as a song I wasn’t interested in.

Then after listening to the song without an MV for distraction, I realized that the song has its own brilliant merits and that I loved it to bits—maybe even more than I loved the MV. There’s so much emotion in all of the parts that contrast so much yet tie together well! And I must admit that I’m extra biased towards the lyrics because Gary wrote them.


January 28, 2013. Dalmatian, Leessang, NS Yoonji, The Seeya.

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