Gag Concert – Ep 633

Guest Cameos:

  • F.T. Island (or just Hongki ft the rest of the guys that get no screentime)
  • Nine Muses
  • Yeo Jingu

Admittedly, I watched this just for Yeo Jingu AHEM COUGH ttly not a pedo fangirl or anything. I was way too excited to see him than I should’ve been. :( The kiddo’s 15 years old. But so charming and talented.. (Just fyi he plays the younger version of the male leads of Moon that Embraces the Sun and I Miss You)

Anyway, I LOVE GAG CONCERT. A lot of its jokes are really lame but that’s part of the show’s charm. It’s an hour (is the show an hour long? idk) of cleverness and hilarity that I personally think is worth the watch.

I’m sorry but the eunich joke during the Castle Gamsu segment had me cackling.

Credit: boosaysharingiscaring


January 28, 2013. FT Island, Nine Muses, Variety/Talk Shows, Yeo Jingu.

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