Running Man – Ep 74

iSubs Running Man Episode 74
Kshownow Running Man Episode 74

Guest: None

Very interesting episode. :’D It’s Christmas and each of the members are granted one supernatural power:
Jaesuk is the space controller. At his command, everybody can be relocated anywhere he wishes.
Jongkook has sixth sense. With an earpiece, he receives information about others and his surroundings.
Haha is the time controller. He can turn back time to an hour earlier.
Gary is the duplicator. He controls and is protected by “clones” dressed just like him.
Jihyo is the mind controller. She knows all of the others’ abilities and has an extra secret ability.
Gwangsoo has the death note. He can eliminate another member by writing their name down.
Sukjin is the phoenix. He has 3 lives.

They duke it out for the second time to find out who the strongest Running Man member is, armed with their new superpowers.


  • The Gary clones “lol lol lol lol”

January 26, 2013. Kim Jongkook, Leessang, Variety/Talk Shows.

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