Running Man – Ep 94

iSubs Running Man Episode 94
Kshownow Running Man Episode 94

Miss A – Suzy
f(x) – Krystal
4minute – Hyuna
KARA – Gyuri, Seungyeon

This episode is coupled with episode 93, to which it slightly pales in comparison, but it’s still a fun ep!

It’s a couple wedding race, so they quiz battle over household appliance prizes, fight to have “wedding photos” captured, have a wedding march race, and a final war in which they must eliminate each other by snatching couple bracelets.

Out of all the pairs, Gary & Krystal won me over the most. :> They’re a great continuation of the previous Gary & Jessica couple haha. Like sister, like sister. I enjoyed how they basically went at their own pace and still succeeded.


  • the gazillion times that Krystal hits Gary
  • Commander couple’s “burning love” (or is it rage and aggression?)
  • “I dated him without knowing it’d be like this”
  • Gyuri’s unexpected caring side ^^

January 12, 2013. 4Minute, f(x), Kara, Kim Jongkook, Leessang, Miss A, Variety/Talk Shows.

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