The Romantic & Idol Season 2 – Ep 1

And so starts our journey with the fresh new cast! I’m glad that we’re starting to get to know all of their personalities; I’m worried because of how much I loved all of the season 1 participants, but they’re growing on me.

They go on their first dates, which are really.. really awkward. Honestly, I think they’re more awkward than the first dates of season 1. It’s interesting because while I find that S2’s cast generally has more reserved people? Yet there’s also Yewon who’s on the other end of the spectrum and is more straightforward and hyperactive than most of S1’s cast. It’s like there’s a general lacking of personality, and then there’s Yewon who’s full of personality (kind of an overdose of it). I’m feeling a little uncomfortable with the fact that S2’s participants don’t seem like people that would take the lead. IT’S ALL SO AWKWARD……

I don’t want to spoil the pairings for the first date so I can’t talk too much about the episode. Q__Q (rookiecoupleIkindoflikesofar although they’re timid and awkward)

G.NA – I REALLY hope she doesn’t end up like Seungah from S1 who was seen as the comfortable noona that isn’t considered a love interest. She has so much more aegyo than expected ahaha.
Yewon (Jewelry) – omgah qurl plz chill LOL. Although I know it’s her personality..
Jiwon (SPICA) – Some people don’t like her so far, and I’m guessing it’s because she’s kind of boring and mature/quiet. BUT I’M BIASED TOWARDS HER because I love SPICA, and I understand she’s not used to variety.
Eunyoung (TWO X) – She has a fierce image but she seems kind of cute so far ;v; Hopefully she’ll break out of that nervous newbie mold and show more of herself later.
Jonghoon (FT Island) – As expected, he’s very charming.
Kevin (ZE:A) – I expected him to be like the comic relief among the boys but there hasn’t been much of him so far.
Minhyuk (BTOB) – I.. DIDN’T KNOW HIM BEFORE but I’m starting to kind of like him. He’s such a klutz; it’s kind of cute.

January 9, 2013. BTOB, FT Island, G.NA, Jewelry, Reality Show, Spica, TWO X, VIXX, ZE:A.

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