Taxi – Ep 271 (Reply 1997)

Guests: Jung Eunji (A Pink), Seo In Guk, Shin Wonho PD
MCs: Jun Hyunmoo, Kim Gura

“You succeeded with your skills; not with your name.”

“By looking at her face, you can tell she’s doing it for the passion rather than the money.”

“Just seeing the way you guys are explaining the drama just goes to show how much you loved doing it.”

AS SOMEONE WHO LOVED THE DRAMA REPLY 1997, I REALLY APPRECIATED THIS. Even though it’s not the most entertaining show.

As much as I ship Eunji and In Guk, this kind of makes me sad because it’s quite obvious that they’re not going out, and while I still think In Guk had a bit of real feelings for her, she’s not too interested in him. BUT they still make an adorable and perfect pair. Their chemistry is unmatchable.

But yeah this is an interesting episode, partially because they actually spend quite a bit of time talking about kissing and as the viewer you’re just like, “HAHAHA WAIT WTF IS THIS CONVERSATION ???”

I actually wasn’t aware that Eunji had wanted to become a vocal trainer instead of an idol, which really makes me respect her even more because she’s not someone that cares about the shiny coating or the fame, but from the start has been focused on the very core of her job: SINGING.

E: “There’s a group being formed called A Pink but they’re missing a lead vocalist and I recommended you. So come prepared.”
E: THAT’S SO INTERESTING because Eunji is like the only singer in that group.
C: ..
E: so it’s like they wanted to debut a group…….but all they had were all those OTHER girls
E: like, how do you
E: where
E: what substance do you see in this
C: “No really by lead vocalist we mean only vocalist SO YEAH”


January 7, 2013. A Pink, Dramas, Seo In Guk, Variety/Talk Shows.

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    Taxi – Ep 271 (Reply 1997) – The newest addition to my weekly read!

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