MBC Drama Awards 2012 – Kim Yoojung, Yeo Jingu, Kim Sohyun

ALL OF MY OTP FEELS. Despite I Miss You ending up being kind of a flop, the first 6 episodes starring the child/teen cast Kim Sohyun and Yeo Jingu are just….my favorite thing ever.

I love this performance and just the idea of it so much. I’d assume there to be a bit of OTP-fanwar going on about who Yeo Jingu’s better paired with: his partner Kim Yoojung from The Moon that Embraces the Sun, or Kim Sohyun his partner from I Miss You who had an unrequited love with him in Moon/Sun.
While I’m rooting more for Yeo Jingu and Kim Sohyun, I have to say I do like Kim Yoojung and that she and Yeo Jingu worked really well together. I DON’T KNOW.

But anyway, this performance plays on this era-crossing love triangle among the three actors as Jingu goes from his Moon/Sun character to Han Jungwoo from I Miss You. IT’S ADORABLE.

Props to Kim Yoojung for showing that she’s a lovely singer on top of cute girl and brilliant actress. :’D Kim Sohyun sounded really nice on the lower notes, but to be fair, her song was more difficult and encompassed more high notes so I can’t mark her down too much for being shaky.


January 2, 2013. Kim Sohyun, Kim Yoojung, Performance, Yeo Jingu.

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