SNSD – “I Got a Boy” MV

I’m linking an English subbed version and not the official SMTOWN-uploaded MV because THE SUBS ACTUALLY MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

I used to be really confused by the song, because it lacks flow. Not only do different parts of the song sound like different songs entirely, but some of the transitions were weak as they consisted of just a speaking part? But understanding the lyrics really opens up an entire world!!

It seems like they kind of mock themselves as at first they play the gossiping girls that sassily comment on how a girl has changed, probably because of a boy? And then they find themselves in the shoes of this girl, boasting about how she’s GOT A BOY MEOTJIN she’s GOT A BOY CHAKHAN but still shows insecurities in not wanting this boy to be put off by her flaws.
The part that still kind of confuses me is the bridge, with Tiffany and Taeyeon at the mics–but I’m guessing that they’re kind of showing the dark side of their relationship where she’s now upset at him. But they don’t give up on the relationship, “bring it back to the 140,” and go back to being loving and proud? LOL

The dancing is powerful and they all sound really great! I kind of like that they get to show off their hip-hop rapping side, as well as their cute side, and ballad’ish vocals. Although that leads to the clash that surmises 90% of the complaints about this song.

I guess it’s sad because when a song comes out with a stereotypical format and concept, that seems one-dimensional, people complain that the song’s too generic and predictable.

But now here’s a song that’s unique, and there are still complaints.


January 1, 2013. SNSD.

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