The Romantic & Idol – Episode 1

OKAY. So I randomly started watching this show even though I’d never heard of it before because I was curious. NO EXPECTATION AT ALL to like to show or get attached, addicted, etc…………. ಠ___ಠ Now I’m REALLY yearning for the next episode.

Shit. I actually really like most of them. There are a couple though that I’m kinda mehhh about because of their attitudes or behavior.

Basically the concept of the show is that 8 idol group members (4 female, 4 male) are thrown on Jeju Island together–no managers or stylists allowed. While I guess there are missions, for the most part, they act on their accord. They are themselves (not an idol facade or a character) and they must take care of themselves. In this sense, it’s like a reality show.

This is the first episode though so they started with initial meetings. Each of them had to choose a location representing a stereotypical romantic scenario, and meet there with the person of the opposite gender who also chose this location, and it’s a date.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but some of them are really cute together LOL. TWO OF THE COUPLES HAVE A LOT OF CHEMISTRY. ;v; But we’ll see what happens as the show goes on! Some things may change.. or some things may endure and bloom.

(Honestly, I worry a bit for the idols because it does feel like they came with their REAL feelings. And I don’t know if anyone’s gonna be hurt, or if their agency and fans will be okay with everything.)

Anyway, these are the participants of the show:

Jihyun (4minute)
Seungah (Rainbow)*
Jei (Fiestar)**
Hyejeong (AOA)
Jun.K/Junsu (2PM)
JB (JJ Project)
Hyungshik (ZE:A)

*I don’t know why I haven’t heard much about SeungAh before when she’s so fantastic. She’s friendly, talkative, honest, and I’m very glad to see her on this show.
**WOAH. SHE JUST DEBUTED THOUGH SO THIS IS REALLY SURPRISING but I’m also really happy for her ;v; I’ve been really liking her and Fiestar.


November 23, 2012. 2PM, 4Minute, AOA, Fiestar, JJ Project, MBLAQ, Rainbow, Reality Show, ZE:A.

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