miss A – “I Don’t Need a Man” MV

Basically replicating what I’ve been saying in tweets and comments on this video haha. (I FEEL VERY ACCOMPLISHED because for a while, I was the top comment on this video with 48 thumbs ups. OwO)

Although the MV seems a bit shallow, I really like this song! I love that it’s a catchy pop song but still displays strong vocals. All of the members of Miss A sing really well, which is rather rare for groups, so I commend them. AND they all dance really well! I’m also liking the message of the song—it’s nice to a change of pace from the usual, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PLEASE BE WITH ME I’VE FALLEN FOR YOU” of generic K-pop songs.

Dude. When did Miss A get so hot–
Dude. Suzy is freaking perfect. (That mustache.) And and Fei is gorgeous. Dude. And Min is working that hair.

BUT WOW JIA I felt kind of owns this song. I never knew that she was so good at rapping. Imo, she’s improved! Also, I suddenly have quite a bit of respect for Jia for being the RAPPER of a Korean group considering she’s Chinese. She must have to practice a lot to perfect those tongue twisters.
Furthermore, it’s nice to see Min rapping alongside Jia!

October 16, 2012. Miss A.

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