Hello Venus – Like a Wave (Live Perf)

I don’t really know much about Hello Venus, to be honest LOL. I can’tyet  name all of them by heart nor recognize all their faces, and I’ve only ever listened to their songs a few times. I’ve actually never seen the MV to this song although I’ve seen this performance a couple times because of friends.

The sound system here is kinda terrible but at least you can hear their live vocals rather clearly!

BUT UH WOW. I’M REALLY IMPRESSED BY LIME. :D Lime = the girl with short blue’ish green hair = main vocal = the best at belting high notes in the group = also the best rapper in the group

WOW. Talent is so unevenly distributed in this group QAQ You have Lime who can do everything… and then that one girl that doesn’t even get any solos. :< Haha. I’m curious though about her abilities, since she hasn’t gotten any opportunities to showcase them.

Surprisingly Yooara (long, straight black hair) isn’t too bad at singing. ^^ Pretty solid, and I heard some vibrato! ………. she can’t belt though. x_X haha. That voice crack.

I also like Alice (blond hair) :> She’s pretty good at singing! …but her belting was so awkward. QAQ As expected, Lime owned the belting at the end… (And I feel bad for the girl in pigtails because they let her rap too this time, but it’s still pretty obvious that she’s a weaker rapper in comparison to Lime. D:)


August 24, 2012. Hello Venus, Performance.

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